On Cultivating Joy

What is the Nature of Joy?

Joy is life, aligned to the Heart, living focused within the True Now.
Joy is collective – it never exists in separation or separativeness.
Joy is serving All – which includes the self.
Joy is not an emotion or passing phenomena, but a perpetual state that can be accessed any time we create the right conditions within ourselves.
Joy is one of the inherent states of the Soul – to feel greater Joy, we must become Soul-aligned.

Cultivating Joy is Cultivating Soul Alignment

To achieve alignment with our Soul, we need to work on every part of our personality vehicle, to bring each to their respective state of balance, to create the needed space within, and to achieve harmonious integration of each of these bodies or sheaths. A high-vibrational state like joy, just like all of the Soul’s qualities, cannot be experienced if we perpetually dwell in low-vibrational conditions. Therefore, if we wish to experience joy in anything more than fleeting moments, we must work to cultivate the values, qualities, and habits of living that naturally raise our vibration. Those that close the gap between our day-to-day consciousness and that of our Soul.

We Must Relax the Body

We need to bring the entire physical body into true balance – not over or under stimulated, not drugged, intoxicated, or manipulated with substances, not filled with the toxins of acidity or the prana of animals. We must clear all lower energies, addictions, cravings, aversions, and habits from it. We must clean it properly, feed it well, give it the right amount of exercise, stretching, and rest. We must cultivate physical wellness and balance.

While technically, joy can be experienced regardless of any passing states or conditions, it is almost impossible to ground and live joy when the body is in a state of chaos, imbalance, or distress.
The body is like a foundation or anchor. Without a solid foundation, everything we strive to build or achieve will falter and fall. Without an anchor, we drift all over the place, forever victim to all external forces. A founded anchored and relaxed body is the base we need for flourishing and grounding our joy.

When we remember and choose to honour the principle that the body is the Temple of The Soul, this orientation of surrender also opens us to the Joy of the Soul.

We Must Still the Emotions

The emotions and our entire desire nature must be stilled, as everything is distorted or denatured when it passes through a field of agitation. To achieve stillness requires mastery of duality, of balancing the pairs of emotional opposites. We must learn the difference between Love and Emotions, between the Heart and Solar Plexus centres, between that which originates beneath the diaphragm and that from above it.

Without clear discernment, mastery and stillness will be impossible. Controlled expression of the emotions allows them to be drawn up into the Heart and transmuted by the fires therein. And thus, emotional balance and stillness can be achieved.

With agitation ceased and stillness embraced, we have also created conditions that will help us discern where glamour or emotional illusion is present within us. When we liberate ourselves from glamour, we truly open the way to all feelings from the Soul, and the vibrational pattern we call joy now has the best chance of arising within us, uncorrupted and undistorted.

We Must Quiet the Mind

The lower concrete mind is a truly wondrous tool, with its conscious and subconscious parts making life in a dense body possible. However, how well these tools function, depends in great measure on what we feed them.

Many are the mental distractions in the modern world, and hence, many are the disturbed, over-stimulated, and unhelpful minds on earth at this time. Noise, especially mental noise, is all around us now – broadcast via the internet into our very hands. A great deal of what we experience is like being visually shouted at – a true assault on our senses – which our poor brains struggle to process.

Therefore, to actually achieve a quietening of the mind, we need to meditate, to cultivate inner quietude and stillness, we need to decompress through journaling, we need time alone in nature to open and expand safely, we often need the space and a non-judging ear to talk through and process our thoughts, and we especially need to consciously consider what we fill our minds with!

To make space for all of the above usually requires that we simplify our lives. But many folks are now so addicted, mentally, emotionally, and/or physically to all their various stimulations that when they make space, they get swallowed by depression and overwhelm, as all they suppressed through constant sensory gratification comes rushing back up – all at once! A sad state of affairs indeed. And certainly, a state of being that is utterly antithetical to experiencing joy.

We Must Integrate the Personality

To achieve integration is to bring coherency to and within all aspects of the reflection of our True Self. As we do this, we need to release all layers or aspects of “Identity” – we need space within the vessel to receive the Light and Love and Power of the Soul. Without space, aspiring upwards is nearly a waste of time!

Releasing the many layers of identity, attachment to, and investment in the incarnate self is no simple task – if it were, we would all be conscious joyous embodiments of our Souls on earth. Nevertheless, it is a task of the greatest import and the basis of the spiritual path.

The journey of release starts by realising we are not our bodies; therefore, we are not men and women, we are not of this race or that, we are not heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, or asexual – we are none of the monikers of this flesh suit we wear. It is simply a temporary and passing expression of the True Self that we are.

Along with the realisation of what we are not, comes the profound task of cultivating true Detachment, which is essential to the awakening process – from deep unconscious slumber in form, to the full embodied realisation that we are the Soul or Spirit using this form. This foundational orientation shift helps us filter out a great deal of the noise and bluster in the world – allowing space for Joy to alight.

While there are many more details I could add, achieving Personality Integration and Soul Alignment is a task that often takes lifetimes to achieve. But the reward of even an incremental increase in Joy makes every step forward truly worth the effort.

Living Joyously on The Path

As we must give what we wish to receive, and for all on a genuine spiritual path, we understand the essential need to offer Selfless Service, if we wish to receive Joy we must live and give joy. Therefore, let us consider a joy-focused service question, to orient our giving in alignment to Joy…
“In what area of human life would I like to bring more joy, and through what means?”

Once we have our answers, we may realise that there are aspects of our personality self that are not yet fit for the task, and perhaps, there are other aspects, qualities, or behaviours that are in the way, and these observations can help guide our needed work on body, emotions, and mind.

Considering how much better our collective existence would be if we all worked to activate joy, or cleared the obstacles to it, I believe seeking true and genuine joy is a worthy star to set our compass towards and actions in alignment with.

In Joyous Light
Azure Seer

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