Gem – Remarkable Beings

Are you Playing Small, or are you a Remarkable Being?

A Remarkable Being is one who stands out from the crowd by virtue of their complete embracing of their full powered selves – which they shine forth authentically, without censorship or dilution. A Remarkable Being Stands True, embodying their Wisdom in bold and visible ways.
A Remarkable Being can also be one who Stands True Within. Bold in still presence, but less visible to human eye.

Either way, the Remarkable Being always has that something about them…
That way they have risen above the mundane habits of general society.
That Strength of character.
That Courage against the odds.
That way they have of staying True to who they are, no matter the weather.
That Fearlessness in the face of potential adversity.
That Creative Inventiveness.
That Selfless Lovingkindness.
That embodying of Harmlessness and Dispassionate Compassion.
That Humility and Generosity of Spirit they are known for.

We all have within us, the possibility to grow beyond our limitations, to live large and authentic, to be truly Remarkable… How are you going on that journey? ♡

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