On Living the Higher Spiritual Path

Some Clear Sight for the New Year – to help set your compass towards the Heart and Capital L, Love!

In the early stages of the spiritual path, pristine clarity is not required, we only need to focus ourselves towards, or in the general direction of Love, Compassion, and Kindness. However, as we grow, gain greater degrees of self-control, and start awakening to the higher planes of perception, the need for precise seeing becomes ever greater. We must refine our ability to discern, and this requires “straight knowledge” and the ability to identify glamour, and to see beyond it. It requires the ability to discern light grey energies from white, rather than only being able to see the difference between black and white in their most gross and obvious forms. It requires awareness of subtleties and nuances seldom seen by most.

To live the Higher Spiritual Path, means seeing all of reality. It means seeing Darkness or Evil as it is, how it works, and choosing to live differently than its prescriptions. It means, living in Alignment with Luminous Love – to embody Heart-Based Values and Principles. And this means embracing Inclusive Universality, Dispassionate Compassion, Harmlessness, Humility, Detachment, Selflessness, Authenticity, Aspiration, and Love-Wisdom.

To know what aspects of life on earth are actually aligned to the Heart, requires knowing and seeing those that are not. For us limited humans, we generally learn what something is, by experiencing its opposite. We know Light through experiencing Darkness, and Love through experiencing Evil. This is, afterall, why this dense reality was created by the Divine – so it could know itself through knowing what it is not – even though all is in truth, Divine.

The following article will therefore explore many aspects of life in the modern world, particularly for the spiritual seeker, which are not driven by Love. As each topic is unpacked, it will reveal just how many qualities and practices are being sold or pushed by Dark Beings of Evil Intent.

And be aware as you read, and possibly react, that Darkness ever strives to dress itself in Light, as Light – wolves dressed as sheep or demons as angels; so, many are those genuine seekers who have been tricked into engaging in practices that do more harm than good. For those with eyes that see, no amount of false Love can truly disguise Evil! Therefore, it is wise to open to the insights of the true see-ers.

Evil Seeks to Control You

Hold clearly in mind as you read, the fact that Evil seeks to dominate, while Love seeks to support. Therefore, anywhere you see a practice that opens you to manipulation, Love is not present, no matter the promotional narrative or mental justifications. Anywhere you see support for equality, universal human rights, the slow and steady way, and for freedom of choice (with the exception for the need to oppose evil), know Love is present there.

Remember that a world full of stressed, distracted, fearful, and reactionary humans is easy to manipulate and control, by those of malevolent intent. And as such, there are many tools, focuses, and practices that, under certain criteria or in times long gone, were fine for humans to use, however, now they open you to dark control – such is the nature of evolution. We must keep growing upwards and forwards, for we stagnate to poisoning if we fixate upon perpetually living ancient ways. What was white practice for ancient humans, is now black practice for modern humans, due to the qualities we are collectively working to master, and those we should have long since evolved beyond.

Also note, that some practices mentioned below are used by Light as well as Dark Beings – the difference being in both intention and whether appropriate safety measures are being used. And so, if an incarnate fully enlightened Master of Wisdom is the one guiding you to use such practices, then know they will be guiding you how to use them safely. But I do specifically mean “fully enlightened.” A being having achieved “mystic union with the Divine” is not sufficient, as the lower reflection of this awakening happens at the 3rd Initiation and the full at-one-ment at the 4th. To become a Master of Wisdom one must have achieved their 5th Initiation – an accomplishment that is still extremely rare, with less than 50 such beings incarnate on the planet at this time, despite the grand claims of many about their own standing or Masterdom!

Reading what follows, you will see just how much Evil is present in our world, but do not choose to become disheartened. For you will also see, via some simple reasoning, how, through the great power of your own Freewill, you can choose with wisdom, to Align to High-Vibrational, Inclusive, Universal Love and Harmlessness – the hallmarks of the Divine – instead of Selfish Separative Greed and Violence – the hallmarks of Evil!

Let Us All Create a New Year where Evil is Seen, and we Choose Love Instead!

Topics of Deep Concern – Revealed

Common does not equal Healthy.
Common does not equal Good.
Common does not equal Right.
If our collective Common habits, values, and practices were all healthy, good, and right, our world would be a wonder to behold, instead of riddled with darkness.

Therefore, we may need to be more patient and seek out the uncommon. Remembering, it is better to stand alone in Heart-Based Living, than to be in a crowd Living in Destructive Stagnation.

Some Beliefs and Inner Patterns

Identifying as your Body desecrates your Spirit. Identifying as your lowest expression leads to objectification, denigration, separative othering, and hence, violence against all people and oneself – it thus thwarts your awareness of, and ability to live as, your Higher Self!
Your flesh is not who you are. The same is true of all people – all are Souls choosing a temporary human experience. When you open to who you truly are, you know you have been all sexes, all genders, all sexual orientations, and all nationalities or races. Therefore, all are family – there are no “others” – we are truly one.

Your Thoughts Are Not Truth. Just because you think something, doesn’t mean it is true – though all thoughts you entertain will impact your experience of truth and reality. The thoughtforms in your mind may not even be your own! Therefore, do not believe everything you think. We are connected to and attract all thoughtforms from the collective consciousness that resonate with our energies – the vibrational frequencies of both the expansive and limited parts of ourselves. Hence, not all thoughts you experience within your mind will be aligned to your highest good or that of others – clear discernment is essential!

Excessive Self-Focus is a trauma response, a reaction to not receiving enough loving attention, or too much negative attention, when young. If left untreated or unhealed, these imbalances make your consciousness become all about “your brand”, your influence, your wealth, your importance, etc. In the end, they lead to judgement of self and others, and manifest as separatism – as me/mine, instead of us/ours.
As separative individualism is in opposition to unity, excessive self-focus directly enables darkness and violence – humans find it easy to attack those they are programmed to see as separated “others!”

Insufficient Self-Focus creates Projection – and you end up seeing everywhere, in everyone, all the things you truly need to see and address within yourself. Rather than embrace the humility and discomfort of working on yourself, you judge and reject others as “toxic” – thus, adding to the pain, horror, and suffering in the world. The cure is to take on full personal responsibility and do the needed work on yourself.

Sentimentality destroys Love. Sentimentality is kindness riddled with and corrupted by fear. Fear is a cancer that causes distortion of Heart-Based Values and Principles, leading to the condition where pleasant comfortable emotions are favoured over truth and authenticity. Where soft soothing water is perpetually given preference over the potency of transmutative fires. Nice does not equal Love.

Weak Moral Fibre, an expression of Fear, that creates a weakened energetic condition, and as such, makes a person vulnerable to psychological manipulation by all those who seek to control others, in the physical and subtle worlds alike. You must stand in your Heart, love without censorship, and embrace radical authenticity. Any layers of deception, hiding, and inauthenticity align you to the Dark Ones, who will work to keep you weak and subservient, instead of the Powerful Divine Being you truly are.

Sensory Gratification – one of the oldest methods to control a people – is to keep them distracted by forever desiring more, more new and exciting sensory experiences. Driven by amplified uncontrolled desire and a need for perpetual stimulation, distracted people do not see what is happening right in front of them. Your physical senses may help you navigate within the physical world, but they are the lowest part of who you are, and therefore, make a poor guidance and decision-making captain. And while you are focused on your lowest senses, you cannot cultivate your higher senses – which stops you from ever becoming a threat to Evil on Earth – or truly, a bastion of and for Love!

Over-Indulgence is a product of desire run rampant – uncontrolled desire creates suffering and turns anything into a poison. When poisoned by insatiable wanting you forever make selfish, unloving choices, always seeking what you can “get” rather than what you can give – another type of violence.

Some Habits and Practices

Acidity equals Sickness. All the things that reduce Alkalinity and increase Acidity are working to make you easy to manipulate – as sick people are too tired, too weak, and too distracted to fight an oppressive force seeking to control them. Hence, white flour and sugar, all animal products, coffee and black tea, alcohol, tobacco, chemicals, denatured or highly processed foods of all kinds, as well as fear, stress, and electromagnetic radiation, etc, all of these things and more, increase your contracted reactive sickness-producing vulnerability. And so, they are heavily promoted by evil, directly to your desire body.

Alcohol is a “downer” – it pushes down and suppresses the emotions, buries all that stresses you, which may feel great initially, but this process builds a timebomb of emotionally explosive force. It also corrupts the brain and reduces the capacity for clear thought. The suppressed emotions and stupefied mind inevitably express as active violence.

Marijuana is also a “downer” – while initially it may feel like it lightens your burdens, the aftereffects of moderate to heavy use are deadened emotions creating dull consciousness and chilled apathy. This muted dullness expresses as a lack of caring – as passive violence – which allows evil, by doing little to oppose it. “It’ll all be ok. Just chill.”

Animal Products lower your vibration back down into your animal nature – therefore, focusing you into the past and opposite direction to evolution. This aligns you with the intentions of the Dark Ones or Forces of Evil, which always like to cause stagnation by excessive backwards or downwards focus. Animal prana destroys Conscious Freewill by empowering your lower reactive instincts and the fight, flight, or freeze part of your nature – survival instincts for a violent world, but devoid of higher reasoning.

Fear begets Violence. While people are consuming the fear and violence inflicted upon the animal kingdom, we will never know peace on earth. “You are what you eat”, and animals experience profound pain, suffering, and fear at the end of, if not throughout, their shortened lives. If you perpetually fill yourself with these energies, Peace and Love will be impossible – as your actions always manifest from your energetic state.

Plant Medicines, as used in ceremony, crack or force open a person’s chakras, opening them to the astral plane and etheric part of the physical plane, and all the dangers therein. They put a person into an altered semiconscious or unconscious state, thus, taking away their ability to be a conscious chooser – that is, into a state of negative receptivity. The danger of possession or obsession by Low-Level Beings is great! These substances, and the energies you are forcefully opened to, can also damage or break your psychology, the consequences of which may last lifetimes before being fully healed – and you may be utterly unaware of the damage at the conscious level.

Note: I am not including in the above, the administering and use of plant substances as part of a healing plan by qualified medical practitioners – for example, in the form of micro-dosing psychedelics for PTSD. While the essential effect of shifting you out of your usual consciousness is still the way these substances work, it appears that in small or controlled dosages they can briefly give a person an objective vantage point, which if they follow this with work on the mind and emotions, the temporary relief from their symptoms can indeed help with recovery.
This topic is too vast to deal with in the context of this article, and so I will endeavour to do another soon – unpacking karma, healing, and substances – in far more detail.

Strong Breathwork also cracks open a person’s energetic system and aura – making them vulnerable to mental and emotional manipulation and control by external Low-Level and Dark Beings. As the motives for doing such practices are usually selfish – frequently about acquiring personal power – the inner beings attracted to your vulnerable open state will be those with malevolent or degraded intent, even if well-disguised as Benevolent Angels or Masters.

Focus on Kundalini is dangerous! Awakening the fires by focusing upon them, instead of trusting they will arise naturally, at the right time, means you will release energies into yourself you are not yet prepared to handle. The result will be energetic and psychological damage, uncontrollable power, or, in extreme cases, spontaneous combustion. You will also make yourself vulnerable to Dark Beings, as they seek empowered minions to work through. The problems created, and resultant karma, may take lifetimes to correct!
Do the slow and patient work of Self-Mastery and becoming fully Heart-Based first, then awakening will come naturally. Never seek power first – unless you yourself are striving to become a Dark Being!

Questioning, Control, Free Speech, and Truth

Religion or Unquestioning Devotion. “Do not think and question, have faith” – a mantra from those seeking to control you. Like with true science, the path to enlightenment is achieved not through blind faith or unquestioning compliance, it is through leaving no stone unturned, through Questioning Everything, through conscious collaboration – thus, bringing every aspect of beingness and behaviour into the full light of consciousness! Whenever you see the request to stop questioning and simply accept, follow, and comply – know that there too, is the Hand of Evil at work – seeking to perpetuate your Ignorance, by pushing you to ignore what they are doing, and usually, in exchange for some promise that speaks to your lower instinctive nature and desires, like “safety or security!”

Deception is Darkness. Illusion, glamour, maya, and misinformation used intentionally to deceive – all of these are the tools of evil. Twisting and distorting, colouring and sullying Truth and Love, to confuse genuine seekers, and make it near-impossible to discern Truth from Falsity – more evil.
When we see censorship of information, denial of the right to question, people being threatened to silence them, and the taking away of free speech – here we see unrestrained evil in plain sight – there is no Love present in such agendas.

“The Truth shall set you Free” – this means that Truth is the first casualty in plans and attempts to control us.

“The Truth attends to itself” – this means great efforts, great lengths, great energy must be expended to suppress Truth. And these excessive efforts, like any attempt to lie, eventually reveal themselves, as they cannot be sustained perpetually. The Light of Knowledge and Clear Sight will eventually shine forth and reveal all!

Tools for Transformation

Let us shift the centre of our identification upwards within and into the Soul, releasing all attachment to and investment in the transitory lower form. Honour it for the purpose and facility it provides, but keep our consciousness seated in the True Self.

Let us strive to know ourselves and master our minds, and not be a slave to them. Learn about the nature and power of thought, resonance, and the collective thought-o-sphere. Strive to master discernment.

Let us balance our need to work on ourselves with a healthy dose of selflessness. Seek to embody the midpoint of inner balance, and only focus on ourselves when self-work is truly needed – never go looking for things to heal, wait until they naturally appear within our awareness. Cultivate freely giving to others and the world, with wisdom.

Let us control our emotions rather than being controlled by them – seeking controlled expression, rather than suppression or over-expression. As desire is the cause of all suffering, desirelessness is the path to freedom. Learn to discern between desire and aspiration.

Let us balance our need for sensory gratification and stimulation with the higher ideals of balance, humility, and especially, co-measurement to living within the earth’s natural resources. If our desires cost the earth, cultivate simple joys instead. Choosing less over more, and living a more present, frugal, and simple life reduces stress. Let us share our resources as much as possible.

Let us choose to free ourselves from acidic fear, contraction, and violence – choose expansive alkaline-forming foods, drinks, lifestyle habits, and thoughts.

Let us choose to avoid all substances that alter or reduce our consciousness. Instead, do the work of transmuting our lower natures and vices into the virtues of spiritual gold.

Let us cultivate patience with our spiritual growth, build solid Heart-Based Foundations within our personalities, and stop seeking shortcuts. Let us realise the value in doing the work of self-mastery at a conscious steady pace, giving us resilience and fortitude through time.

Let us choose to love and respect life in other kingdoms of nature, and no longer see them as commodities or things that we can treat or do with as we please. Let us truly love our animal kin, using Harmlessness as our moral compass. Let us access the lifeforce in the plant kingdom with conscious respect and genuine care, using only what we truly need to sustain our forms, and nothing more. Let us choose kindness over creating fear and becoming filled with fear that leads to greater violence and cruelty in the world.

Let us cultivate the wisdom to see evil when it hides itself with Light. Let us see clearer than ever before, all the practices that open us to manipulation and control. And let us seek a different way, one more aligned to the Heart.

Let us grow beyond unquestioning faith religions and mature into truly Spiritual Beings – let us be knowers instead of blind followers. And then, if the religion still serves you as an empowered knower, help to transform it into a living and vital source of spiritual empowerment once more.

Let us recognise our interdependent interconnectedness and learn to navigate our shared world through virtues instead of vices, kindness instead of cruelty, acceptance instead of hate, by Truth instead of Deception, and by questioning everything – but seeking answers within the still silent centre of the Heart.

Let us all fortify our earthly vehicles with robust authenticity, seeking Greater or Higher Truth, coming together in communities of Love, and working towards a Global Heart-Based Culture.

And most importantly…….
Let us close the door where evil dwells, externally, but also, especially, within our own lower selves! So that we stop perpetuating darkness and ignorance on earth.

To a year of transformative love in manifestation!
Azure Seer

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