Spirituality May Not Be What You Think!

Materiality is not Spirituality

The Spiritual Path is Not about helping you make more money. It is Not about giving you better health, a fitter body, or helping you become a better lover. In its essence, the spiritual path is about Spirit – all material concerns are about Matter. To live Spiritually is to live Spirit-focused, to live Matter-focused is to live as a Materialist. The former is the life of one whose gaze is anchored “upwards-within”; the latter is the life of one focused “downwards-without”.

The deeper down we focus, the more we experience separation – and hence, pave the way to Cruelty and Evil. The deeper within we focus, the more we experience oneness – and hence, pave the way for Lovingkindness.

Do Not mistake occurrences or powers within the realms of the Personality, as those of the Soul or Spirit!

Many folks within the global culture unconsciously identify themselves as dense material beings, distinct and separate from everyone and everything else. As they learn about their ability to consciously create their experience of reality, they often confuse these rudimentary mental-emotional skills as “Spirituality”. The same error is at work regarding inner plane experiences within the concrete mental, astral, or etheric levels of the physical plane. None of these, while beyond the usual realms of awareness of a materially focused person, are truly or technically “spiritual” experiences! All these Planes of Perception are the realms wherein our Personalities dwell and are not those of the Soul or Spirit above!

Hence, anyone in the world using methods such as Strong Breathwork, focus on Kundalini, Drugs (natural or chemical), intense devotion, or other dense-level practices that force or crack open their chakras, as all of these methods do; are mistakenly believing they are having “spiritual” experiences, when in fact, they are simply forcefully and unwisely opening their awareness to the low-level non-material Planes of Perception – far below that of their Spirit!

Spirituality Requires Selflessness

The Soul is fully Group Conscious, or group identified. This means it thinks not of itself, as a singular being – but always in terms of the greater whole. It recognises that all it might do is part of a great interconnected and interdependent mosaic of doing – expressed from a great ocean of being, of which it is simply one small drop.

The Heart, as the Voice of the Soul, is also fully Group Conscious. Therefore, where a person is focused solely on their own wealth and well-being, and not including the care of humanity, animals, and the natural world; there we find a home and powerbase for the Dark Ones! Separation, Selfishness, and desire for excessive Material Comforts, regardless of any harm caused to the world, others, or even themselves, are ever their hallmarks.
Where we find Inclusiveness, Selfless Benevolence, Simple Living, and a striving towards genuine Harmlessness, is where we will also find a home and powerbase of those beings who are genuine embodiments of Love and Light.

Those with vast Material Wealth are rarely also Heart Based or truly Spiritual Beings!

Tools for Transformation

What we learn from all of this is that our focus, intentions, and motives are key.
Therefore, we can and should regularly, sit and check in with these within us.
These questions will help with that…

Q: Am I focused towards the greater good, or only that of myself, my family, my group, my religion, my nation, my species, etc?

Q: Do I include the wellbeing of the planet, animals, and all people in my decision-making focus?

Q: Do I co-measure my intentions against the qualities of the Heart – those being: Harmlessness, Dispassionate Compassion, Love-Wisdom, True Balance, Lovingkindness, Simplicity, Beauty, and Greatest Good For All, etc?

Q: Do I see and use Money as an embodied energy to bring Love and Beauty into the world – or am I selfishly grasping at or hoarding it?

Q: Am I holding myself accountable to Authenticity? I am genuine and transparent in all my dealings with others?

Q: Am I mistakenly labelling non-physical experiences, within the Personality Planes, as spiritual experiences?

Q: Is all my spiritual focus actually a material one – in that I am only seeking to use or master the tools of conscious creation to achieve purely material goals?

Q: If I do consider my myself “spiritual”, am I working to free myself from being enthralled by maya, glamour, and illusion – and thereby, awakening to the Higher Group Consciousness as embodied within the Kingdom of Souls?

Q: In the final analysis, is my self-assessment of being a “Spiritually Focused Being” genuine and true?

To Your Clear Reflections
Azure Seer

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    1. Hello Sally. I am thrilled to hear this article has spoken to you, and especially that it has given you reason to stop and reflect! 🙂

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