Gem – Relationship, Growth, and Vibrational Alignment

Relationships Require Similar Growth Rates

For any relationship to work, both partners need to have enough common ground to create an environment of synergy within which they can meet as equals. We need compatible values and ethics, and an equal measure of self-awareness and self-growth to enable a true meeting in consciousness! If these things are not present, it is not impossible, but one partner will be required to sacrifice more of who they are, to compensate for the difference, and hence, allow the partners to meet in something like common space.

Imagine if life was represented as a skyscraper: We are born at the ground floor, and we ascend the floors one per year of growth. Those closest to us, we can still see and hear, but the greater the distance, the harder it is to connect. Through aspiration the younger one reaches up, through compassion the older stretches a hand down, and for a while connection and meeting is still possible; but after a time, the distance becomes too great! We can simply no longer hear each other.

I believe this analogy is true for many types of difference-based distance – be they difference in age, the values or ethics of a conscious selfless person versus those of a self-focused person, how committed or not we are to living harmlessly, whether we are materially or spiritually focused, or in shear life experience in general. This distance problem will also be true if one of the partners is actively engaging their self-growth and self-mastery and the other is languishing, either through fear, or love of comfort, etc.

What about our Relationship with God?

Most certainly there is a genuine communication issue regards one’s relationship with so-called God or the Divine, and this affects both the Religious and the Spiritual alike – for seemingly different reasons, but which are the same at their core.

For the Religionist, Distance between themselves and God is considered vast, afterall, people dwell in buildings and “God” is considered to dwell in the heavens, and is so vast as to have created the entire Universe, and is therefore beyond the reach of most. Within many religions, it is deemed absolute pride that we could have a personal relationship with God – they believe we need a skilled intermediary.

For the Spiritualist who considers God is within us all, the real issue is Vibration – the differing vibrations of the differing levels of consciousness. Yes, we are all made of the same divine substance, we are God Made Manifest. However, most appear to ignore the fact that we are incarnate in, and mostly identified with, these dull fleshy bodies, and God the Being, is Divine. Most forget that we dwell in the lowest-vibrational state of matter, whereas God is the vast highest-vibrational consciousness that is All Life and also beyond it – dense and transcendent alike – could there be a greater distance and mismatch in vibration? The difference between the Vibration of God, verses that of the everyday person is indeed colossal!

The true distance between Divine Consciousness and that of Human Beings makes genuine relationship and communication near impossible with God the Father, when we have not even forged a conscious relationship with our own Soul – which is already at-one with God. Much spiritual evolution is required to bridge the gap between self and Self, and then God. Until the time when we move from the Human Kingdom and become a fully conscious member of the Spiritual or Divine Kingdom, we can communicate with those on floors of the skyscraper of life a little ahead of or above us, and those within reach beneath us. We can work with those Heart-Based Masters and their Disciples, who have already grown beyond our own stage or floor of life and are reaching a compassionate hand down to us.

In Conclusion…

If inequality or vast vibrational differences are present, at any level, I believe a relationship will struggle to even be forged, let alone find equilibrium! And as Nature or The Universe, is aligned to equilibrium, its very forces will be rallied against us.

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Azure Seer

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