No Such Thing as Twin Flames

Evolving Illusions

There are no such things as Twin Flames. This is a concept birthed out of Duality and built upon Separatism, and these domains are the powerbase of the Dark Beings (DB) – this is where they wield great creative force. Therefore, it is an idea created and sold by DB to confuse and distract genuine seekers.

The Twin Flame concept arose because the idea of Soul Mates was, rightfully, realised to be false – when interpreted as we as Souls each have a single Soul Mate or ideal partner. The idea of Soul Mates arose from the view that we were incomplete without another, and that we must find our other half.

In truth, all of these concepts are reactions by spiritually oriented people against the religious doctrine of marriage as offered by the Church – limited human thoughts projected onto the Divine. A way to make the core principle of marriage more palatable – the lie that we are not whole.

The glamoured concepts of Twin Flames, Soul Mates, or Other Halves are empowered by humans identifying with and as their dense bodies – within which we experience a relative separation from all others and a distinct duality. However, our Souls have no sex, no gender, and experience no separation, hence, these ideas of needing another to be complete are a consequence of physical identification – a desire for wholeness by those trapped within the consciousness of their limited separated selves.

In all cases these concepts are built upon the experience of being “an individual”, which itself is given energy by the ideas that we are either male or female, yin or yang, masculine or feminine, and therefore, “need our match or counterpoint to be in balance” – the very foundations of Separatism and Duality.

Like all dualities, Duality Consciousness must be balanced within the Trinity that is One.

Some Clear Soul Truths
  • A Soul has masculine, feminine, and androgynous energies contained within itself, it does not need another to be complete.
  • A Soul is whole, it is not fractured or fragmented, nor needing healing in any way – these are human projections from our experience as flawed limited beings.
  • A Soul is not conditioned by the insipid sentimental emotions many ascribe to it – it is not pining for its “mate” or “twin” or “other half”!
  • A Soul is fiery, and therefore, potent beyond measure, embodying within itself a great magnitude of Divine Light, and Love, and Power, compared to its incarnate human vessel, which only embodies lower reflections of these.
  • As a Soul dwells in and is composed of abstract mental matter, its fires are vaster than those of the concrete human mind. It holds the knowledge, love, and power drawn from its many incarnations in dense matter – therefore, it is vaster than the human mind can conceive. This is true, because the higher always contains the lower, but the lower cannot contain the higher, being but its reflection. Certainly, the Soul is far beyond the trite sappy concepts of romantic love many project upon it!
  • Souls are formed or created in groups, or Soul Ashrams – mandalas coloured and united by a Ray and Subray. The Souls within these groups could be considered Soul Families who incarnate together in various relationships over aeons. The shared incarnations are for the purpose of personal growth in the early stages, and then, in the latter stages nearing enlightenment, for shared service work within the major Ray Purpose they are coloured by. Every Soul in this group could be considered Mates.
Soul Fusion Into Oneness

The truth is that the Kingdom of Souls is One, and functions as one. At the Soul-ar level we experience no separation, not like we do in our fleshy bodies. When we achieve Soul Fusion at the 3rd Initiation, we experience what is called Mystic Union or Christ Consciousness – oneness with all that is – which is only little A all, and not Capital A All. Within this vast oneness are still the Seven Ray Departments, the diversity within the whole, like the seven chakras within the whole we call our human form.

The Soul Fusion, or Divine Marriage between incarnate vessel and Soul, is another likely source of the myth of Twin Flames, as is shared Karma. When people encounter those with whom they have shared many incarnations, there is Always a lot of past Karma, both good and bad. There is also shared Ray Purpose, so it is understandable that people feel potent resonance and attraction with such people.

However, the concepts of having a singular Soul Mate or Twin Flame are nothing more than a projection from duality, supported by a lack of clear knowledge of the Kingdom of Souls, Reincarnation, the Rays, Purpose, and Karma.

To Shattering Illusions
Azure Seer

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2 thoughts on “No Such Thing as Twin Flames”

  1. Thank you for this sobering explanation of a concept which has gotten very out of hand based on internet posts being shared amongst ill-informed people. I appreciate your work to clear up this and other misconceptions about spiritual topics.

    1. Hello Rob, and thank you for your comment! I always appreciate hearing from folks who receive some value from my posts.
      And yes, this topic has gotten way out of control in the New Age Movement. It seems even the so-called spiritual masses are still very easily led astray by glamour.

      If only more people would read posts such as mine or other’s who see with greater clarity.

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