My Journey – Update of My Path

The Breath Cycle of Life

Hello seekers, I felt drawn to write and share an update of what has been happening for me, as it has been a while since I have posted here.

Diving In…

Unlike the striving of some, to create and perpetuate a constant growth economy – an act of wilful force, the natural world always has cycles of activity or giving out, and of seeming inactivity or drawing in – a cyclic in-breath and out-breath.

The time of in-breath is a space for rest, inner transformation, healing, and integration – a time to plan the next out-breath cycle and gather one’s fortitude and resources. The time of out-breath is for action, giving, and dynamic radiant energies – a time for service, business, bold choices, community-building, and shining forth – it is not a time to be coy, shy, or reserved.

Both parts of this cycle are necessary if we want to live life as a balanced human unit, and I always honour and surrender to each cycle as they appear in my life. I do not try to keep outpouring when inner focus is called for, and, fortunately for me, I am in a place of privilege where I can fully surrender to my in-breath cycle.

This means I can give to others when I’m at my best, and I can focus on and give to myself when truly needed. Hence the lack of posting here.

My In-Breath Cycle

As is now clear, I have been withdrawn within, mostly for the purpose of deep inner change.
To best explain what has been happening, I will draw on an analogy from brain science. Faculties we use regularly, form well-worn neural pathways, and as we know, “those that fire together, wire together,” forming a complex network of habit-formed pathways that constitute a line of least resistance within the brain.

Energy, like water or electricity, always defaults to the easiest, least resistance pathway.
Therefore, if we want to grow beyond our habitual patterns, to overcome the pathways of least resistance, we need to forge new neural pathways. But this is an extremely difficult achievement if we are continually using or energising the common, now comfy, path. Hence, the best course of action is to use an in-breath cycle to fully shut down the faculties and let the pathways atrophy through attrition – before cultivating the new paths, behaviours, faculties, or ways of being!

In my case, as far as I can currently ascertain whilst still being within the process, I needed to have all my inner faculties shut down so new, higher, and clearer perceptions can be awakened. This means I have not had access to my clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience – nor has my truth-measure been totally reliable.

For an occultist working in Divine Alchemy, this would be a dangerous occurrence, were it not for my inner allies. For while I cannot see or communicate with them, I can still feel their radiant love, and especially, their protection!

Along with being all but cut off, I was clearly shown, or challenged, by my Higher Self, to find my way to an inner cliff edge, awaiting me in my future, and jump off. And this was being asked despite me not knowing anything about the other side, or if I’d even make it across! Definitely, what was ahead was a true test of blind faith!

The Leap of Faith

It has taken me the better part of this year to even find the cliff edge. Once there, I noticed I was clinging, unsure “how” to jump, silly though that sounds. It was early November when I discovered I had jumped a few weeks before. This I figured out because I was sort of tumbling or free-falling within. Fortunately, once I realised this, I was quickly able to shift to a smooth glide.

About a week after this, I realised I still could not see the other side of the ravine, and this triggered some questions I needed to consider.

Q: Is there anything I need to start doing, do more, or stop doing, to ensure I make it to the other bank?

Q: Presuming I had sufficient momentum when I leapt, and I manage the gliding stage well enough, how do I ensure I land in the right or chosen place on the other bank?

While these questions felt important, and I sat with them a few times, I didn’t immediately receive any answers. Except the realisation that I was opening to “Leap Physics.” Akin to the idea of “Quest Physics” in the Julia Roberts film “Eat Pray Love.” It became clear to my mind that the usual laws and ways do not apply mid-leap! To start with, there was no solid ground beneath my feet, so my foundation was not even present, as I had previously felt for years!

Realising I knew nothing of Leap Physics, and recognising there may be many differing laws at work in this stage of my path, I added another question to my list: “What are Leap Physics, and how do I best engage with them?”

In consciously recognising these questions, I had created qualified space within me for further insights, and I was not disappointed for long. I received an insight that was truly illuminating, if not a little unsettling. “The self that leaps from the cliff is not the self that lands on the other side! The leap is transmutative!” Wow. Considering I have some understanding of the three symbolic and commonly known methods of transmutation – caterpillar to butterfly, the phoenix journey to ash and fiery rebirth, and coal to diamond; I was left in wonder about what process and dynamic is at work in Leap Physics. Did one or all of the usual methods work, or does an entirely different process apply here?

On a personal note, I can tell you that the rare few glimpses I had of the self on the other shore, were of a person or being so unfamiliar to me, that I wondered if it was a gentle way of showing me my death. Or at least a death of personality and an offering of this vessel to a greater being to use here on earth. Both were somewhat chilling ideas to sit with.

Here and Now

This essentially brings us up to date, as I am still currently gliding, with a wobble and a little resistance now and then, across the ravine. I continue to have flashes of this new self, its awareness, and the world it will be living in. And sometimes, with these flashes come profound and exquisite insights, of orders of clarity, wisdom, and beauty beyond anything I have ever had the privilege to perceive before – it is my hope these are signs of what awaits on the other shore!

During this whole in-breath cycle, while I have not been able to offer Guided Meditations, I have continued to write. I have not been publishing due to uncertainty whether “how I have captured the insights in words” was true or useful. Once, if, my perceptions re-clarify, I will be able to proofread my various articles and hopefully this will mean I have an abundance to share at that time. Until then, I will stay committed to being fully present in the leap.

An Invitation

I have found throughout my whole life, that I am at my best, and can access far greater resources, when I am focused on the needs of others – when I live “in service.” Even when I have a lot to deal with, or I feel less than my true self, a single question from another can assist me to open to the vastness – so I can best help. A question opens the way for us both to receive Divine Blessings.

It is also true that we are an interdependent species, and as such, we are truly and genuinely our greatest selves when we come together in the spirit of inclusive universality and lovingkindness. A fact the Dark Beings know all too well, which is why they foster division and separatism as their primary method to manipulate us.

With humanity’s innate orientation towards belonging and community-building; the efforts of the Dark Ones to tear us apart; the fact that the sun is approaching its 11 year solar maximum and is spitting out more and stronger solar flares to assist in our awakening and change; and that our stage of planetary evolution now requires all darkness to be brought into the full light of consciousness so it can be healed; life on our little blue dot called Earth has been quite challenging of late.

Therefore, it is in the spirit of these truths that I offer the following…
My beautiful readers, please accept my invitation to share anything going on within yourselves, and especially any questions you are sitting with, and I will do my best to access all I am connected to and reply with any insights that should present themselves. I offer no promises, other than I will try to serve you.

You can do this…
On my website: you can reply under this article or use the contact form.

On my Facebook Page: you can reply under this post or send a private message.

If you take up this offer, I look forward to hearing from you.
Let us forge Heart-Based Community through authentic interconnection.

In Love and Service
Azure Seer

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  1. Hello Brother, thanks for your heart-felt offering to the world. Leap physics is an interesting concept indeed. Service being the path away from material world fixations is also a concept more beings need to embrace. Many blessings on your path!

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