The Trappings of the Identity Entity!

Some Reflections and Insights on the Path to Soul Fusion

On the way to full Personality Integration and its following Surrender to the Soul, there are many uncomfortable experiences – not the least of which are all the Layers of Identity we have invested in as our “Self”, all of which must be, or will be, stripped away or released. Cherished beliefs, and both beautiful and terrible experiences that have come to define us, all get locked into the lower self, making it all the more weighty. But these too must eventually be de-energised and set free.

In the latter stages of the journey from Personality to Soul, we start to see things that we previously thought were fundamental and perfectly acceptable things to seek, without even realising they themselves were becoming identity narratives that could trap us within the consciousness of our Lower Selves.

The Trap of the Identity Entity

Fitness, Health, Relationship, Income – All of these things are the trappings of the Incarnate Self. The only significance they have is here in the dense realm. There is nothing of Reality or Spirit to Any of them in and of themselves. None of them can go with us when we leave our dense bodies behind. They are reflections of LIFE – illusional fascinations by illusional forms. They are the concepts we are trained to use to judge our worth as Doings, for they carry no measure of our worthiness as Beings!

Several rhetorical questions come to mind when looking at these labels…

Q: Do I need to Let Go of the ideas of Fitness, Health, Relationship, Income??
Q: Is the “me” that desires all of these simply an Identity that I need to release?
Q: Are these concepts all the ways that our consciousness gets anchored into and as our Personality?
Q: Are these things an expression of Desire and Attachment – desire for things we then get invested in and attached to?! Knowing full well that Desire and Attachment are two of the primary sources or causes of Human Suffering.

All four are the labels “People” use to evaluate themselves as “people”. And… how they judge the success and value, or lack thereof, of other people!

For clarity… there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these four things, we must function within the world we have incarnated into. The problem is when we use these as labels to inform our identity and measure our value. None of them are “who we are”, and hence, none are measures of our worth nor open the way to our True Selves.

The Lower and Higher Paths, and Karma

Despite being tools of Judgement, the lack of basic levels of each of these four experiences can seriously hamper our ability to function in the dense world, which is why we need to put some focus upon them: when we are fully identified as our incarnate selves; or when we are treading the preliminary or Lower Spiritual Path. For once we are on the Higher Spiritual Path, balance in these areas is automatic, and mostly beneath the threshold of consciousness. At this higher stage, the appearance of issues or imbalance within these areas is the result of past karma that the Soul has chosen to cleanse.

The Higher Spiritual Path comes into play after one passes the 1st Initiation (physical mastery), the 2nd (emotional mastery), and when one is nearing integration of their Personality and is striving for the complete Soul Fusion that happens at the 3rd (mental mastery) – for the very first time we pass the 3rd Initiation. We can also have issues or imbalances in these lower aspects, requiring attention, during the stages of Recapitulation of the 1st to 3rd in any subsequent life.

I realise this is a little deeply esoteric. If you want to read a little more about the first three Initiations, have a look at the article I have linked at the end.

In Conclusion

Essentially, I am stating that identification with Any aspects of the Lower Self, bars the way to Higher Consciousness – one cannot see the levels Above them while they are looking Down! This is a simple statement of fact, and is true whether one is striving for the level of the Mystic, to Feel All as Self (Heart-centred perception), or one has progressed onto the Occult Path, has already experienced All as Self, and is now striving to Know the All Self (Crown-centred perception). Or put another way… The Mystic comes to embody Divine Love, and the True Occultist adds to that, the embodiment of the Divine Will. But I digress.

Whatever level of Enlightenment one is currently striving towards, neither are possible while one has investment in, or attachment to, any parts of the Incarnate Identity Entity or the Planes of Perception where it dwells – all lower identities and attachments must be surrendered and stripped away – opening the door and clearing the way to the Higher Self – at-oned with All Selves!

In Liberation
Azure Seer

Further Reading

If you wish to know a little more about the first 3 Initiations, please see my Article: On Love, Emotions and Initiation

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