Gem – Focus Determines Vibration and Energy

Our Focus Determines the Quality of Our Awareness

Our Focus will determine not just the size of our Minds, but also the quality of our Awareness and Level of Vibration and Energy!

We have all heard the expression:
“Small minds speak about People,
Average minds speak about Events,
Great minds speak about Ideas.”

But did you realise that:
Small mindedness creates Low Vibration,
Average mindedness creates Average Vibration,
Great mindedness creates High Vibration.

This is so, because “People” are mostly polarised within their emotions or concrete minds, if not their physical form entirely, and all of their “Events” or happenings are localised into Dense, Low-Vibratory reality. Whereas “Ideas” are manifestations of the Abstract Mind or Above, and hence, are of Open, High-Vibratory Reality.

With each level of vibration, we have access to different levels of awareness. The higher the vibration the more expansive and vaster will be that which we contact, and therefore, the more beneficial towards our growth and evolution.

The Power of Ideas

When we spend time focused on Ideas, we are linking to Luminous High-Frequency energies (though this is somewhat dependant on the nature of the idea), and this can energise us and open the way to limitless possibility. However, when we focus on People and Events, unless we do so with the utmost care and conscious awareness, we will be linking to Darkened Low-Frequency energies, and we ourselves will become drained of energy and held within the most limited part of our Being!

If we study the Ageless Wisdom or any other Abstract or Advanced Field, Seek Questions, and practice Insight Guidance Meditation, we can keep ourselves polarised towards these higher levels of awareness.

Insight Guidance Meditation is a form of Engaged Esoteric Meditation, which allows us to forge connection with our Souls and access the Masters of Wisdom or their High Initiates (as opposed to the usual Astral Entities and disincarnate, unevolved, Humans commonly called “Guides”), and thereby receive clear, accurate guidance – or as clear as one can before achieving the first level of Enlightenment – which takes the form of the Personality being at-oned or fused with the Soul. In Esoteric Science this is called the 3rd Initiation and gives one inner access to all of the High-Vibrational Great Minds within reach of the person.

Seeking, contemplating, and striving to embody Heart Based Ideas, is a blessed way to consciously aligning your focus and energies to Divine Light and Love and Power.

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