How Mindful Are You?

When not sitting still “practising” Mindfulness, how mindful are you?

Is your awareness present in what your body is doing?
Is your awareness present in your task or activity?

Are you consciously and mindfully creating your activity?
Are you aware of the likely effects of the actions you are taking? Both how your current actions will affect and make more easy or difficult the next step; and also the flow on consequences for other people, animals and the environment in general.
Being mindfully present is a first step in self-mastery, True Awakening however, requires a much expanded awareness, beyond the present moment.

In terms of our subject of Mindfulness, let us limit our reflections to the immediate impact of our actions upon the next step and the people who will be directly impacted – by the abundance or lack of mindfulness we bring to bear in the moment. Thus for now, putting aside a detailed exploration of the karmic consequences our actions and inactions will bring to us in the future.

Let us also remember that if we are mindfully aware in the “present moment” – we are actually anchored in The Past, not in the True Now.
The mindful awareness of the Spiritual Alchemist or Conscious Creator dwells in what we call “The Future”, the True Now. Because it is only when one is fully present at a Causal Level that one is truly Mindfully Present – as far as conscious creation goes!

What does this mean in terms of Mindful Functionality?

It means that our awareness is present ahead of our actions (as it is in Truth anyway) but now consciously and mindfully so.
It means we are aware of the next step or steps, and we are creating in the present, in smooth and efficient alignment with these next steps. i.e. We don’t plant a garden right where we will shortly be building a house. That is the mindfulness of the fool!

It is like holding our awareness ahead of the prow of the ship, consciously and mindfully navigating. All the while the actions of the engines are behind us, creating wake – or physical manifestations that are even further behind us. However, simultaneously with this, we are aware of the actual and possible impacts of our wake – the future implications of it, so our navigating consciousness factors this in as well.

In this analogy…
Our activities or actions are the wake, our body is the engine, and most importantly, our mindful presence is the navigator – with eyes firmly set upon the goal and horizon, assessing the incoming, ever-changing conditions; and at the same time aware of the future consequences of our wake – personally and collectively.

So the True Now of the Conscious Creator or Awakened Navigator extends both directly before or ahead of them, and at the same time, outwards in all directions – or upwards into the collective causal field.

Mindfulness and True Awakening

To be mindfully present means we are present in the True Now, not just the present moment of the activity we are engaged in. It means we are aware of several steps, effects, or consequences ahead, and are choosing our actions in harmony with them. For the Highly Awakened person, they would also be aware of and factoring in the aspects of the Divine Plan they are conscious of, to ensure alignment with them as well.

In essence the Truly Awakened are conscious multidimensional beings – insomuch as humans having various bodies each existing at different rates or planes of vibration, and due to us simultaneously dwelling in several places in time. So unless your awareness of the present moment includes all of these, you are still choosing to identify as a limited being – or a limited part of your being!

Bringing this down into Conscious Daily Living…

A Detailed Example of Mindful Activity:

Whilst Washing the Dishes and placing them in the dish rack, have you considered:

  • If the rack is full of dry dishes – removing them Before adding more wet dishes – thereby not condemning the dry ones to keeping the rack full, longer than necessary?
  • Rinsing off the bulk of the grime from the pots and pans, Before filling the sink?
  • All of the dishes you will have in this load, and the best way to fit them in together – utilising cup hooks, cutlery holders and plate stands, for cups cutlery and plates respectively – whilst placing awkward objects to the side?
  • Washing glasses and clear objects first, so no streaks or oily marks will be left? Following with lightly dirty dishes, and ending with pots and pans? And keeping an eye on the cleanliness of your washing water, ensuring it is not too filthy to really clean the dishes.
  • Washing every part of the object, even the backs of the plates and the handles of the cutlery?
  • That you are sure you have not missed any part of the object – checking visually and with your fingers that all food remains and grease has in fact been removed?
  • That you are using plenty of clean water to rinse All detergent suds from the items, so you won’t be eating them later?
  • Gently shaking the objects before placing them in the rack, so they will not need as long therein?
  • Whether the positions you are placing them in will allow the remaining water to run from them, and the air to move fully around them with ease – in order to dry them quickly – or at all?
  • Putting the same sorts of items together, so they are easier to put away when you empty the dish rack?
  • Stacking consciously, so you leave space for other people to add to the rack, if possible?
  • Placing sharp objects into the rack in a safe But also so as not to blunt them!?

I will stop here as this is not intended to be a lesson on washing dishes – though I’m sure there is need for this in many households. 😀

Awareness is Art!

The point is, you must be simultaneously aware of the actions your body is taking, the consequences of those actions, and therefore conscious of the future unfolding ahead – as a navigator in the True Now. And this in all parts and at all times of your life.

On top of this, a fully conscious being is also aware of the thought patternings they are inhabiting – that which precedes their actions – so as to grow and improve themselves.

Being aware, as best one can, of the causative thought patternings, the likely consequences or flow on effects of their actions, and being able to consciously choose or course correct while in that flow, is the way of the Awakened Navigator, living Future-to-Now.

This is an Art Form to be sure – it is the Way of the Artist of Livingness.
To be fully conscious to this degree is definitely not the awareness of those who stumble around unconscious or semiconscious. They are not Artists of Life. There is no finesse in bumbling.
To be an Artist of Livingness requires full mindfulness, attention to details, and grace in motion and flow.
The True Spiritual Alchemist is an Artist of Life and Living!

Tools for Transformation

Mindfulness is not just a practice, but a way of Conscious Living. It is not something we do, it is a way of being – at least that is an ideal we can aspire to.

So yes, sit and practice mindfulness meditation – but let it be a foundation upon which to build a mindful life. Pay attention to what you are doing. Reflect on the consequences. And not just for yourself, but for those immediately around you, your community, the world, and especially into the future.

Therefore choose your actions with due consideration, Lovingkindness, and with the Spirit of Generosity.
Choose from Love, as Love, in Action!

Become a True Artist of Living – and Thrive thusly. Guiding the way for those less aware.


Azure Seer

For a deep dive into the difference between the Present Moment and the True Now, see my Article: Liberation Beyond The Now

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