Gem – Mindfulness… What Next?

Some Reflections on “Advanced” Consciousness

What is the goal of mindfulness?
What is it you hope to achieve?

Let’s say you’ve gotten there… then what?
You’ve sat for 25 minutes, and no thoughts, feelings or sensations have pulled your attention away. You now feel centred and at peace. You open your eyes… Now what? What’s next?

What are you going to strive to do or seek to achieve? What are you going to do with your inner stillness? Where and onto what are you going to use this relative level of Liberated Consciousness?

You open your eyes and………?
Surely you are not just going back to life and business as usual, you’re not just a “Church on Sunday – muggle the rest of the week” type of person!?
Therefore I ask again, you open your eyes and………?

You may respond: “I will know what’s next once I get there”.
A fair response. But my reply would be: “Why wait?”
“Once I have… then I will…” Is the Mantra of Procrastination – a clever self-sabotage stratagem!
All that you truly are, is available now, in this moment – if you simply know how to access it, and are truly open to receiving it.
You can choose to seek direct access to who you are right now, or you can spend all of your life journeying to a place you already are!

Who you are, is who you ARE!

Your Personality, Soul and Higher Self all exist right here within the exact same point of space and time, all at differing rates of vibrational frequency – all interpenetrating each other.

As soon as you shift your point of awareness anywhere above the Concrete Mind – there is stillness, silence and peace – naturally; but without excluding Dynamic Divine Will, Intelligence, Love and Action.

So once you have achieved a sufficient level of held mindfulness, you will open to your Higher Nature and you will ask: “What Service Work would you have me focus on?”
Once you’re clear on this Service, then you will need to ask:
Is the ability to hold a still focus enough?
What type of Higher Inner Connection will I require?
What skills?
You will likely at this point realise that while mindfulness and mindful presence is truly essential, this alone is Not Enough – that is, unless you just plan on teaching mindfulness.

For the Esoteric Disciple and Spiritual Alchemist, this skill is woefully insufficient – Beautiful though it may be. Certainly a quiet or chatter free concrete mind is decidedly useful. But this is only the first step within the service life of the Disciple!

For a Consciously Serving Disciple, the path is this:

Relax The Body, Still the Emotions, Quiet the Concrete Mind – integrate the entire Personality Vehicle. Then within this integrated and harmonious space, anchor your consciousness into the Abstract Mind, and open to the Soul and Spiritual Triad. Once anchored Here clearly – then the “Real” work can begin. For it is only at this stage do we appear or become truly visible to the Great Masters of Wisdom, as a possible Disciple. One caveat to this is when we work in a spiritual, Heart Based Group – younger disciples can gain temporary access to Higher Beings due to the energies anchored by older disciples.

We must demonstrate relative self-mastery in order to show we are capable of being entrusted with service work directly for the Masters of Wisdom.

We must be able to reach out to Them in clarity before they will reach out to us (closing the energetic gulf between their vast consciousness and ours); before the work can be fully conscious; before we can claim the title of “Conscious Serving Disciple” – that which follows mastery of foundational spiritual practices.

In Aspiration

Azure Seer

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