Liberation Beyond The Now

Exploring Inner Disruption as a Tool of Liberation – how this interfaces with our sense of self, our sense of continuity, our True Self, and the True Now.

At certain times in our life, patterns that support us, can themselves become a limitation – and thus they require an upgrade.

Like with most upgrades, the pattern or whole system needs to be “shut down” to create space for the process to happen. Often the old skill will need to be disrupted, blocked or uninstalled completely, Before the new better version can be added and activated. It is common to experience a sense of despair due to the perceived loss – as often our sense of self is tangled with this ability. Even though this loss is usually temporary, it is difficult for most to remain dispassionately objective and see the bigger picture at play – to see that this loss is actually for our long-term advantage.

Let us look at our “memory” and “sense of self” through this lens…

Exploring Disruption of Patterns

The memory gives a sense of continuity – to the concrete mind.
To disrupt it, is to disrupt its patterns, and therefore a degree of the grip of the concrete mind over the vehicle. When the mind’s narrative-writing function is strong within a person, to disrupt it, is to create space and fertile soil – within which new perceptions can grow.
Expanded space and new perceptions can help clear the path to Liberation.

Once disrupted and expanded, we must then transmute the self-reinforcing, self-perpetuating, sense of self – thus creating the perfect conditions for the True Self to appear within the vehicle. This takes much time.

Our sense of self or Identity Entity is very attached to its own existence, and as such, it has many self-defence patterns. Each must be isolated and released. Stripped away – if success is to be achieved.
[I will not go into all of the various methods to do this, as this would divert us from our key theme.]

Some people’s sense of self is strong because of self-confidence, for others it is because of the opposite! The sense of self can be assertive and radiant, or it can be passive and woeful. Each form requires great skills to transmute! Yes, the sense of self is Tenacious! So much so that it can narrate a story about its change, without actually changing – thus reasserting its existence through a clever and deceptive reinvention!

Of course, there are many forms the “disruption of stagnant patterns” can take, the interference with memory and our linear sense of continuity is but one.

Exploring the True Now

There are two types or levels of our “sense of continuity”.
The type that the majority experience is based in the memory function of the concrete mind, and in the measurements between objects or events we call “time” – it is an illusory, horizontal, linear continuity.
The higher form is at the level of the Soul. Its sense of continuity feels to us more like a permanent persistence, rather than a linear flow of events. Continuity at this level is vast and stretches out over aeons, hence the appearance of expansive persistence, and, from the perspective of the Personality mind, the sense of eternity the Soul has. But this permanence is only relatively true due to our place of viewing, and therefore a product of projection by the lower self. As we experience a distinctly limited lifespan, the Soul feels eternal by comparison – but even the Soul eventually disincarnates at its level – so in truth its permanent persistence is an illusion.

That said… the persistent vastness of the Soul is fully and completely present in the moment, but Not the “present moment” which is materialised all around you – this is already the Past! The moment, as in the “Living Moment of Dynamic Creation”. The place of Causality – not the realm of Effects.
To be “present” in the dense physical, is to dwell in the Past – and Soul Consciousness is blocked to a person focused thusly.

The Soul dwells in what we label as the “Future” – because Cause always precedes Effect. The Now where it dwells, is ahead of our sense of self which is built from a narrative of what it experiences – namely, effects already manifested or manifesting. When I say “ahead” I do not mean “ahead in time”, but above in vibration! However as the higher up we go, the faster the vibratory frequency, and the lower down we go, the slower the frequency – we are indeed talking about time, but vertical time, not horizontal time!

The True Now is Ahead, because it is Above!

This is one of the reasons nonattachment is taught. Everything we can attach to are Effects, so to become attached, is to anchor your consciousness firmly in the Past – far from the Scintillating Brilliance that is the Soul!

Either your conscious awareness is anchored in the realm of Effects (cutely called the “present moment”) grasping at these illusions, trying to feel a sense of permanence… Or it is anchored in the True Now, which we inaccurately label as the Future – the place of Scintillating Light where causalities are given life. A causal realm of unending luminous creation and joy.

Beyond the craving and aversion, grasping and resistance of the sense of self scrambling to create a feeling of permanence in the lower realms, lies the Higher Self that is.

It is in the mastering of the sensory impulses of the form, the ever-changing feelings of the emotions, the narrating mind and its endless commentary; that one finds Capital R, Reality. Always just ahead of you, in the True Now – not in the Present Moment within the Realm of Effects.

It is in this “Higher” Reality and beyond that Liberation is to be found.

Greatness lies in the Art of Conscious Causal Creation, not in the rearranging of Effects to form different pretty patterns!

One Final Thought…

It is said, “The Past, Present and Future all exist within the Now”. The reason for this is that all levels of Being exist in the same “space”, just vibrating at differing rates – the higher interpenetrating the lower.

This is not so because of horizontal concepts of the Past, Present and Future being linear illusions – it is because of the fact that Time is both Horizontal and Vertical – the former being illusory (or relative) time, the latter being real time.

So while we are in bodies built of the same illusory substrate, we will experience a sense of time and continuity as we move from one place to another, or one experience to the next. But this Horizontal reality is all illusory, in that it is just the realm of effects – therefore Time at this level is also illusory. True Time is a concept from Vertical Reality – it is a product of vibration!

In Conclusion…

There is a great deal of mind-bending information contained in this short article. So I am going to leave it here, and offer the suggestion you re-read and reflect deeply upon all that has been said. Reflection will be your Tool for Transformation.

See you in the Future

Azure Seer

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