Natural Verses Forced Awakening

Darkness can Corrupt True Spiritual Practice

Ideas of spirituality abound in the modern world – they are everywhere. They are being explored in all areas of life and living. But not all ideas, concepts or approaches are steeped in Wisdom, and therefore, are lacking Capital L Love.

There are practices that are downright Malevolent and Dark; there are various levels of Benevolent and Light teachings, all veiled to greater or lesser degree; but the vast majority of teachings available, fall into the space between these low and high vibratory teachings – and these are all distorted with greater or lesser amounts of grey!

The problem is… As some deeper esoteric principles have been released into the public sphere:

  • These veiled part-of-the-big-picture truths have been believed to be the full truth.
  • They have been perceived by untrained minds, which naturally filter them to more or less degree, depending on the esoteric training of the individual.
  • They are always viewed through the Aura of the individual, and so are coloured accordingly.
  • Co-measurement is not used skilfully, if at all.
  • Some people believe “the older a teaching is, the more value it has”, but forget that evolution always continues, and what was White Practice centuries or millennia ago, will now be Grey or Black when compared to the consciousness of the people.
    (This does not mean all older practices are useless! Like with all things we must take the best of the old and blend it with the best of the new, to create the right path in the Now.)
  • Humanity has awakened Mentally at a far faster rate than they have awakened Lovingly – and the ugliness extant in the world today is the result.
    Due to this, some erroneously believe “Mind” is the problem – try saying that to the Divine Mind! Nay. The problem is that Mind must ever be held in check with Love. Divine Mind and Divine Love work as a unity – and so it should be within us as well!
  • The unawakened always project their beliefs onto Higher Reality, and then believe what they are then seeing is the Truth. In fact even those who believe themselves “woke” are often as guilty or more so, of this behaviour. It is part of the Human Condition.

Now let us explore one Esoteric Principle that will shine profound light on the topic of Unnatural Awakening…

Forced Awakening in the Modern World

Before we dive in, let me start by reminding you that there is no judgement here. Everything contains some degree of Truth within it, and we all find teachings that mirror the various levels of Dark, Grey and Light within us. That is to say, we always find teachings appropriate to our level of spiritual age.
As we transmute our Dark to Grey and Grey to Light, and our Light therefore becomes our Greater Measure, so too shall we draw in teachings that are right for our next level of growth and evolution.

I’d also like to acknowledge that, it is my belief and understanding that other than those who are consciously Malevolent and Dark in mindset, holding very dubious values indeed, the majority are all well-intentioned people, striving with genuine desire to help others and make the world a better place.
However good intention doesn’t magically free you from causing harm or perpetuating suffering. Even the most highly-intentioned people can only ever do the best they can with what they’ve got. And unless we are a Fully Enlightened Being, we will be imperfect in our perceptions and their application.
There is nothing needing forgiving – for the human condition is not a sin or grievous evil.

All humans are as yet imperfect, and so an imperfect world is the result – our path consists of awakening “Greater Love”, of taking whatever is the next step for each of us – that is all we could ever wish for another. To expect someone to run before they can walk is actually a great harm engendering mindset. It lacks Heart Wisdom.

Which brings me nicely to the Esoteric Principle I wish to unpack and explore… Natural Awakening – or Awakening our Heart and Mind and Energies in a balanced way.

From where do we work?

Beings of the White Dharma work predominantly from Above-Down.
Beings of the Black Dharma work predominantly from Below-Up.

Why is this so?

Below is synonymous with the Past. Therefore if we work predominantly by projecting Past-to-Now, it is the same as saying: projecting our limitations into the Future. This creates a slow stagnant path.

Above is synonymous with the Future. Hence if we work predominantly by projecting Future-to-Now, it is the same as saying: colouring the Now with our greatest possibilities. This creates an open and expansive path.

I know which makes my heart sing!

How does Above-Down work in practice?

It means we do not focus on shifting or manipulating physical plane patterns or effects – instead, we always work from the realm of causality. There is no point shoving effects this way or that. If you want to change an effect, you change the causality.

As there is a lag time between mental causality and physical appearance, all physical phenomena present now are manifestations of past causalities – they are mere effects of the past.

Really pause and take this in.

Therefore to put our focus upon them means to put our attention into the Past. To focus in this manner means we are shifting our creation skills to Below-Up – as things slow down into manifestation. They start in subtle mental matter, slow to astral matter, and then finally appear in dense physical matter.

Understand, the Past is all of the effects of even earlier causalities, they already are. They’re done, from the perspective of creation. If we focus from Below-Up, we are therefore trying to create Past-to-Now! Or using that which we have grown beyond as the patterns underlying our new creation.

To create therefore from Above-Down, or Future-to-Now, means we seek Intuitive Vision of what could be, and we work within the Now, consciously taking the causal steps to bring it into being. We include the best of the Past that is within us – it’s already here and elements of it will have value, so there is no point denying or ignoring it.

Sometimes we will discover old effects or causal patterns still running that are counter to our new direction, and so these will need to be healed or released respectively – before success will be fully possible. As they are present in the Now, we can safely focus on clearing them now, without recreating the Past into the Present.

Any focus on the physical phenomena that are present now, is focus in the Past! For as evolution and growth never stops, by the time a thing appears in the Present, we will already be channelling our joy into our next step and creation. Lag time means our conscious focus is always one step ahead of manifestation – at least for those consciously creating their life experience!

Therefore a true Alchemist consciously “lives” in the future!

What value is there, for a conscious creator to dwell at length in their past creations?
Take a moment sure, but remember, evolution never stops. If you pause too long, it is the same as going backwards, as evolution and growth continues all around you!

So yes an Alchemist or Divine Creator keeps their consciousness – their tool of creation – focused and held in the future, where it can best work. All creation is really Future-to-Now, but only the truly Awakened even realise this, let alone dwell there consciously! It is all a matter of “from where” you are drawing your guiding patternings.

A Word of Caution

Practitioners of the Dark Arts, those consciously or unconsciously doing so, also practice an element of Above-Down Creation. The qualifier as to whether it is Dark or Light practice, is whether Love is present or not.
Dark Beings create for selfish, greedy and malevolent reasons.
Light Beings create for kind, generous and benevolent reasons.

But be aware, a pure intention is not enough – the road to Darkness is also paved with them!
Ignorance of the Dark implications of a choice does not protect one from Dark consequences, despite the person’s “intention”. Harm caused is Harm caused, and the resultant Karma will return as it must. Of course there is a sizeable difference Karmically, between a choice ignorantly causing harm, and the choices of those who knowingly cause harm!

We must also remember, there is a difference between the inner patterns we are conscious of, and those that control us unconsciously. As a result, there are plenty of people causing Great Harm despite the fact they believe they are choosing with good intentions at heart! So we must remember even here, all of us are only ever doing the best we can with what we’ve got.

That said… Benevolent Ends cannot be achieved through Malevolent Means!

What does Forced Awakening look like?

It is focused in the Past, and tries to manipulate changes by working Below-Up. That is, by focusing upon the physical body – including the etheric layers of the physical, which holds the energetic Chakra system.

My advice to avoid this…?

  • Leave your Breath alone – it will adjust as it needs to – naturally. “Breathwork” speeds up or forces open various chakras, releasing the energies therein – whether you or your energetic system is ready to handle them or not!
  • Leave your Chakras and your Kundalini alone – only the foolish play with fire and forces they have little true comprehension of. Anyone telling you to “open your chakras” or “awaken your Kundalini” most certainly has severe lacks of comprehension of our Energetic Constitution and the dangers of meddling with it! The only safe exception here is the Heart Chakra, and some gentle cleansing or energisation of certain other chakras, if genuinely necessary.
  • Don’t force your Chakras and therefore Awareness open with “Spiritual” Drugs – chemical or plant-based. Your Chakras will awaken naturally as your system is ready to handle the energies they will release – when you have done the necessary self-development work.
  • Leave your Brainwaves alone – do not meddle with and try and force changes here. Simply meditating with the intention to awaken Greater Love and Selfless Service is all you need to do. The relevant Masters and Guardians will make themselves known to you, when you are ready. And your brain will adjust itself according to the demand or needs placed upon it.
There are no shortcuts!

You must do the work of mastering your mind – this automatically creates emotional, and physical mastery along with it. Yes we need to work on our Emotions and our Forms to a degree, we must not ignore the realm of effects, but the real work is the Mind – it is our tool of causal creation.

The best way to master the mind is through awakening Capital L Love. And this high-vibrational energy allows us to see and heal or release, all the low-grade patterns held within our psychology. There are no shortcuts here. It takes time.

Alongside mental mastery – which eventually integrates and harmonises the entire Personality Vehicle, is Meditation Practice – an essential part of the path of Awakening and Enlightenment. For the conscious seeker this means a combination of Passive and Engaged Meditation Practices.

The passive forms are things like Mindfulness or Satsang which bring you into direct experience of the Oceanic Vastness of SELF. The engaged forms are practices of Energetic Hygiene, Energetic Alchemy, and Expanded-Insight Meditations, which allow one to slowly develop the skills True Masters and Adepts have (Conscious Reality Creation and conscious functionality within the subtle realms), along with clear two-way interactions with such Enlightened Beings and their Workers.
The skills to achieve these practices also take time to develop.

For those called to the Lightning Path, there would have been lifetimes of preparation in developing the necessary skills – for they do indeed require lifetimes to master! I say this not to discourage, but to offer Truth. Inflated expectations, as created by the promises of many so-called teachers in the New Age, cause great harm to genuine spiritual seekers.

In essence I am saying…

Do not focus on your material physicality as a pathway to your Higher Self or the Divine!
Focus directly upon your Higher Self, and the Divine will reveal itself in due course. Let these higher-vibrational energies bring about all the needed changes within your form.

A spiritual person focuses Spiritually, not Materially – so leave your Breath and Brain and Chakras alone. Put your focus where it needs to be, and let go of the desire to find a shortcut – which is what underlies all such foolish enterprises.

This foolishness is like a cartoon I once saw:
Before you is a forked path with two signs. One sign says “Doorway to God”, and it is an empty path with no one on it. The other sign says “Workshop to find the Doorway to God”, and it is packed with people all queued up. Craziness!

Tools for Transformation

Sure, everything in reality is Spirit, and Matter is Spirit slowed down in vibration.
But seriously – if you are a conscious spiritual seeker – do yourself a favour and shift your focus to the Higher Vibratory end of the Matter-Spirit spectrum, rather than being fooled into focusing on Matter to get to Spirit. Take the Direct Path. If you’re consciously spiritual, you don’t need to dawdle in matter-based effects in the realm of illusions any longer. Become an Agent of Conscious Causality, and choose the “Doorway to God”!

Once you have entered and become accustomed to being there, seek vision of The Great Plan of Love and Light held within Shambhala – embrace this, and then seek your Future Vision within it. Follow this with your personal Future-to-Now Meditations, and let your physicality take care of itself naturally – without unnatural force or manipulation.

With Patient Loving Light
Azure Seer

For more on this subject, see my Gem Post: Forced Awakenings are Dangerous!

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