Gem – Forced Awakenings are Dangerous!

We must do The Work to Awaken Safely

High Vibration is a side effect of doing The Work.
Expanded Perception is a side effect of doing The Work.
Enlightenment is a side effect of doing The Work.

The Work is how we walk The Path – it is The Path.
Awakening happens as we walk, it is not what Allows us to do so.
Choose and take the Higher Path, and the means will appear naturally.

Consciously walk with measured pace. Do not run. Do not rush. Make Haste, Slowly.
Awakening is the Side Effect, not the Goal.

The Work is:

  • Transmuting all elements of the lower nature into their higher correspondences or forms
  • Mastering the entire Personality Self
  • Embodying dispassionate compassion
  • Living harmlessness at all levels
  • Wakening Love
  • Benevolent service

There are no shortcuts, The Work must be done – and done consciously.

All of the multidimensional, expanded perception states, or psychic abilities, are consequences or side effects of the journey of Self-Mastery, Enlightenment and Service – they are side effects of walking The Path. They are not things to be desired or sort after in and of themselves, to do so is to distract yourself from The Path and The Work.

The Path is embodying Love, is Heart Based Living, and is striving to create Universal Heart Based Culture – this is where our focus needs to be anchored, and solidly.

Only The Work on The Path correctly prepares the vehicle to receive the greater energies contacted through expansive awakening, and eventual enlightened consciousness.

The Dangers are Real, and Consequences can last Lifetimes!

All substances and methods that force or accelerate development and awakening of abilities, are extremely dangerous, and are most certainly antithetical to the cultivation of Enlightened Consciousness.
The desire for such perception and skills is a truly self-focused one, built on the foundation of seeking “instant gratification” – the great laziness and desire for a “quick fix”, of the modern world.
This is the opposite direction to the collective-focus and Wisdom of the Heart.

Without an Awakened Heart, the attempts of expansion into deeper perceptions takes the seeker into dark realms that mirror their lazy self-focus (specifically the lower levels of the astral plane), and nowhere near the high-vibrational realities where Enlightened Beings dwell and Love emanates! Despite how well these low level denizens can imitate brilliant light with astral substance.

Focus on the goal of Enlightened Benevolent Service, the Way of the Heart – and both the means and expanded perception will arise naturally.

You think you know better than the Divine?

Can the finite advise the infinite? Divine Love is far more skilled, creative and wise than any human unit, so do not limit its possibilities through trying force a particular way or particular timing. “Let go and let God”, as some say.

Verily realise… Shortcuts are never safe!
Do The Work. Walk The Path. And thus prepare your Vehicle correctly – with patience.

This is the Way of Balance and Wisdom that is Divine Love in Action.

Centred Awakening
Azure Seer

For more on this subject, see my Article: Natural Verses Forced Awakening

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