Gem – The Present Moment is Not The Now

What you think is Present is really Past, what you think is Future is the True Now.

Humans, as far as their conscious awareness goes, live in the Past – unless they awaken to a Greater and Clearer perception of Reality!

The Present Moment is all that is manifested or manifesting around you – namely all of the Effects of past Causalities. As Effects are always preceded by Causes, where the act of creation happens is Not the “present moment” – it happens within that which we label The Future. After the act of creation, the patterns that are sent forth take time to appear in dense form. This is the “lag time” I have written about in other posts.

But the Future is not the Future as most people consider it! It is not ahead of us in time, it is above us in vibratory frequency. We do not see the Reality, as we have limited our consciousness to horizontal awareness – expanding through space, rather than frequency.

We initiate a degree of causality at the level of the mind, because thought is a creative spiritual force. Then if energised and sustained correctly, the thoughts slow down into manifestation or materialisation – from the relatively high level of the mind, through the desire body, and down into the dense physical.

But a greater level of Causality is truly the level of the Soul (as far as most humans are concerned), which vibrates at a far higher (that is faster) frequency than where our consciousness dwells. It is higher in the vertical sense, and so essentially dwells in our Future, is our Future – despite the paradox of it being the force in our Past that brought this current vehicle of expression into being!

The Soul can wield such force as to manifest or call into being, a Personality Vehicle within which to incarnate its own consciousness! And it does this repeatedly through a sense of time so vast, it is beyond our ability to fully experience – unless we can master our vehicle and fuse it with our Soul-ar Consciousness. If we can achieve this, then we, like the Great Masters of Wisdom, will “Live in the Future” that is really the True Now!

Blessings of Insight

Azure Seer

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