On Seeking Peace and Inner Stillness

Creating a Powerful Inner Ally – through conscious programming of the subconscious mind

What follows are contemplations about the nature of the chatty conscious mind, and exploring the idea of engaging the subconscious as an ally in the pursuit of quietening this mind.

The processes outlined in the Tools for Transformation section can be applied to any goal or outcome you seek internal support to achieve.

Diving In…
What if we set the subconscious mind the task of silencing the chatter of the conscious mind?
What if it can simply do this task as reliably as it operates our breathing or beating our heart?
What if therefore, we got it to keep the tool that is the conscious mind, in a quiet idle – like when a car sits at the traffic lights?
So instead of it running this or that narrative, it just holds, in readiness. Then, whenever it is needed we simply and consciously engage it – putting our conscious mind into gear and letting it use its brilliance upon our chosen task.

Is your mind so bored it has become your worst enemy?

What if one of the main reasons the conscious mind is ever busy chattering and commenting on everything is because it has kind of gone mad – insane, from boredom?
What if, when a powerful self-aware tool is not “put to work” and utilised at its greatest capacity, it turns in on itself becomes its own worst enemy?
Let us posit therefore that the power our conscious mind wields must be utilised and exercised, consciously and regularly; or just like a dog not taken for regular walks, it instead pours all of its power into behaviours that are not conducive to its (or anyone else’s) overall well-being.

Like with those “elusive” but truly inspiring Flow States; we need to have our conscious mind engaged with tasks that both inspire and challenge it – stretch our capabilities a bit.
If we just repeat the same old tasks over and again, both flow and inner peace will evade us. Because the mind, underutilised, will “create” its own mischievous entertainment – and we know this will be anything but peaceful!

The opposite is therefore also true. If you get busy living your purpose, balancing on the cresting edge of your creation, your mind will be happy to rest in stillness after each deeply engaged flow state workout. It will happily sit quietly in idle until its next workout. Like us as people, the brain is happy to rest after working hard.

Without fully engaged use-to-capacity, the conscious mind will most certainly continuously try to “get your attention”. It will act up and cause havoc, like a creatively blessed child denied expression – bad behaviours follow like clockwork.

So if self-mastery is something you seek – do not fool yourself into thinking it is possible by living a beige and mediocre life! No!
You must draw on and express whatever levels of brilliance you possess. We all have a measure of unique luminous brilliance, and your mind came equipped to share it with the world – and so you must!

As has been said: “Your unique brilliance is deeply needed in the world”.
And I would add: If you do not strive to find and express this to the very best of your ability, not only will the world be a lesser place because of it, but you will also be negatively rewarded by a life of mental and emotional torment. Certainly deep inner peace and stillness will evade you – for there is nothing more powerfully creative than the mind. So be sure yours is well exercised and working for you – rather than against you!

Tools for Transformation

If you are interested in focusing and utilising the tremendous power of your subconscious mind, I have discovered something most useful.

The subconscious is far more open to suggestion and programming in the cusp from sleeping to waking – if we can become lucid or aware within the waking process. This is indeed advantageous to know, because when we are fully awake, there is a defensive barrier, called the critical faculty, that protects the subconscious mind from absorbing every single thought it encounters.

To utilise this knowledge there are several steps:

  • Decide what affirmative message or program you would like the subconscious to create within you and your life. But be careful here. The subconscious does not discriminate between positive and negative subjects, it just reproduces whatever it absorbs! So be certain you are focusing on the positive!
  • Once you have decided, create a simple statement or affirmation – one that you can easily memorise. And be sure it is languaged in “what you want” not “what you don’t want”. This is your “Key Affirmation”.
  • Memorise this affirmative statement so you can recall it fully, at any time.
  • Imagine or Visualise what your life will look like when this new reality has appeared. And don’t spare the detail – make it a “Living Vision” of daily life.
  • Bring in your feelings. Explore what it will feel like when this change is in your life – this is essential.
  • Next, be sure you can easily and simply recall your Key Affirmation, Images and Feelings – fully and completely – in an instant. You want to truly know this new reality.
  • And finally; now you have your new reality clearly in sight and feeling, check that this is indeed what you genuinely desire to have appear for you. There is no point programming an outcome you don’t truly want!
  • Now you have your vision and statement – it’s time to install it into the subconscious powerhouse.
  • When you first become aware you are starting to wake up – this is your moment.
    Begin with your Key Affirmation, and then recall your full vision and feelings.
    Repeat this several times.
    Go into and explore the feelings of the Goal Achieved.
    And keep doing this until you find yourself in full waking consciousness.

You may have several programs you want to install. So just follow from one to another. Going back through them all until you feel your conscious mind kicking into gear.

  • If you are installing several programs, be certain that the outcomes of them actually harmonise as a singular lifestyle, and that you are not creating conflicting visions!
  • I find it much easier to hold and extend this lucid state when there are no outside noises or bright lights. So I sleep with earplugs in, and make sure my blinds and curtains really do a good job of blocking out the morning light.
  • It is important to have clear memory of your Key Affirmation, as it is easy to drift back to sleep and into wafting dream states, and therefore lose your focus. So whenever you feel this happening, go back to this Affirmation and regain clear focus. Think of it as a refreshing reset.
  • It is essential that you do not try to grasp or hang onto this lucid cusp state, as to do so activates your conscious mind, and you will find yourself instantly and fully awake – with the critical faculty blocking access to your subconscious once more. Therefore you need a loose gentle grip.
  • Repeat this activity every morning you are able, until the changes appear in your life.
  • Be aware that time feels very slow in this cusp state, but actually passes very quickly out here!
    What may feel like 15 – 20 minutes focusing, can easily be 1 – 1.5 hours. So factor this in.
  • I have not experimented with an alarm clock, but I suspect it may interfere with this process. Perhaps something Very Quiet and Gentle – either nature sounds, music or light, might work – you will need to experiment for yourself.
  • A single “successful” session can be a game changer! So even if you only have time for this process on a weekend – do try it.
  • Every time I have been successful, I have felt a distinct inner change that whole day.
    For me it feels like a sense of “completedness” or integrated inner alignment. Like “someone’s got my back”. It feels like inner nurture. And most definitely there is a distinct lack of internal conflict – even though I was not really aware of this background-level stress beforehand.

So that’s it. I wish you and your subconscious a long, healthy, and conscious relationship.

To positive change.

Azure Seer

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