Gem – Material verses Spiritual Focus

Your Focus truly does reveal your reality!

Materialism is the exaltation of matter.
Spiritualism is the exaltation of spirit.

To be spiritual, is to seek spirit, or the consciousness of the Spirit – the highest point of the Spiritual Triad.
The materialist however, is anyone who exalts Matter, who identifies with it, or who desires or seeks matter-based experiences – especially at the cost of, or over, Spirit and spiritual experiences.

However we live in the lower 3 worlds (all of which are illusional from the Cosmic perspective), and as such we need to focus an aspect of our Livingness and our Service in these realms – for this is the sum-total and limit to many people’s consciousness.

Even if they hold the idea they are more than their body, emotions and mind, they oft have both no accurate knowledge of their higher nature, or any conscious connection with it. And so we need to function here in the horizontal, so we are able to assist these folk to evolve.

While this is true… Most importantly we Must build and maintain our Vertical connections – to ‘Spirit’, or more accurately, to high spiritual perception. Lest we lose ourselves in the Horizontal of the material world – we lose ourselves to Material-ism!!

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