Question – The Depth of your Source

Q: How deep is my source?

This question is one that points us within. And is also one that requires us to release the intellect and directly inquire, with a truly open mind and heart.

Firstly it sets our focus to seeking our inner Source – because for many, they do not yet have a conscious relationship to it. But secondly, the question is about the depth of this Source… so it presupposes that we are in fact already consciously connected to our Source.

So in sitting with this question, it creates a perfect space and great conditions, for this connection to form!
And possibly even more useful in our modern world, so polarised within the lower concrete mind – the question cannot be answered intellectually, so it opens the way to our abstract, or higher mind.

Through investigating, we quickly realise that to find anything resembling an answer, we have to explore our Source – going deeper and deeper, to see if we can indeed find an end to its depth – this is a Great Exercise! Mmmm

To Your Depth

Azure Seer

Like all true power questions, this question is expansive in nature, through directing you inwards rather than outwards. It is a question that liberates.

And… this question, like all good questions, is one to sit with. It guides your consciousness into a space of direct experience. It is not intended to be answered intellectually. Keep asking it. Keep seeking that which it focuses your awareness into. Enjoy.

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