Gem – Humans Have Become Locusts!

Here’s a Heart Based Wake Up Call!

It seems that humans often do not seriously embrace change until frightened with death… so here is a death knell to hopefully wake you from your apathetic slumber!

Humans have become like a proverbial locust plague: unconsciously breeding, spreading, consuming, destroying; breeding more, spreading more, consuming more, destroying more… and ever More!

When is this virus-like behaviour going to be reined in? When will it end?
When are we going to seriously start co-measuring our choices and behaviours against Heart Based Values, and true sustainability, and making the needed changes?
When indeed?
When are we going to consider Personal Cause and Effect at a Global level?

This may seem like a rather gloomy Gem, and for this I am truly sorry.
But there is great value in considering such shocking questions, as there are limits to the resources within a closed system, and the biosphere of earth is most certainly closed – despite the efforts by the wealthy elite to send humans to other planets.

So we need to be shaken awake. We need to consider the bigger implications of every choice we make – awakening expects nothing less! Awakening is the process of becoming Fully Aware – and this means a true comprehension and seeing of Cause and Effect in action. And then co-measuring our thoughts, choices and actions against the better part of our nature – the voice of our Spirit in our Heart.

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