How to Engage with this Blog

This Blog is not for everyone!
But it may be for you…

What follows are seven points outlining the most useful mindset and conscious focus to cultivate, in order to get the greatest value out of your time here:

1〉 Please commence by remembering it is your choice to be here, and to read any of my posts. No one is forcing you – so while some of my content is, well, fiery – it is your choice to read it.

2〉 I would like to state clearly and categorically: I have nothing here to sell!
I am not trying to convince you of anything, nor disprove or debate any of your beliefs. You are totally free to believe or not, any of what I share. I am simply offering My thoughts, My reflections, My truth.
You are just as free as when you came to my blog – to think, believe and choose however you like.
You are as entitled to your thoughts, as I am to mine.

I would add one caveat to this – and that is, when what you do with your thoughts creates, incites or causes harm. I cannot and will not sit idly by – I will speak out from the Heart, in opposition.

3〉 This blog came about because I have been asked by many people over many years to make my reflections on life, the universe, and everything; available. This blog is me responding to those requests.
All my words are offered freely; arising from my intention to help to make the world a better place. Specifically “To create a Beautiful Space that inspires people spiritually”. I would ask that you keep this intention in mind.

4〉 Please also remember you are a sovereign being – no one can force you to think or believe anything – this is your human birthright.
While this means you have tremendous Creative Power, it also means you are responsible for the content and quality of your thought life, and therefore actions and reactions. No one can make you feel anything – what you think will determine the nature of what you feel. You alone have this power – unless you run victim narratives and give your sovereign power away!

5〉 Please consider that I have invested a lot of my time and energy into creating both this platform and all of my content. In exchange for this, I would prefer your respect – even if you disagree with my point of view.

6〉 If you find my thoughts challenge your beliefs, opinions or worldview – there are three paths open to you that I fully support…

a. Simply decide we are not in alignment and move along – being grateful that you now have a clearer idea of what you do believe. 🙂

b. If you’re experiencing “reaction” in response to my contemplations, and therefore the thoughts you’re generating and now entertaining have upset your equilibrium, great. You’re in the perfect place to see what lies deeper within you. Really!
Utilise this disturbance of your daily life comfort bubble to really look at why you believe what you do, and question how those thoughts are working out for you. When our “business as usual” pattern experiences disruption, while uncomfortable, it truly is a wonderful opportunity to see beneath the surface – at least if we choose to frame it in this positive manner.
I would therefore encourage you to utilise the questions and contemplations in my content, to see yourself more objectively and openly. Viva la clarity!

c. If you are “in reaction” and feel you must comment beneath the post, I would ask that you take a day, then come back and re-read the post – before you take to your keyboard and start commenting. This will give you valuable reflection time, and give greater chance of us having a more meaningful and clear interaction. There is nothing like time and a good sleep to allow our brains to process information we find challenging.

7〉 My final point is this:

I have a Comment Policy to guide all those who do choose to interact with my offering to the world. I expect you will all show me the courtesy of reading and following it.

Or putting all of the above in a humorous manner:
I don’t visit your house and judge your choice to have beige curtains (even though I consider beige one of the greatest of all abominations lol) – so please don’t come to my space and disrespect my choice to express myself authentically! Together we can choose to chuckle at human diversity, and laugh off any tensions.

Love Love
Azure Seer

PS: I highly recommend reading my Purpose page, before diving into all my content, as context is ever important.

“Let the Clear Cold Reason of the Heart Prevail!”

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2 thoughts on “How to Engage with this Blog”

  1. HAAAAAA!!! Love your Site/Page/Blog as well as your thoroughly thoughtful ‘guidelines and requests’! I’m the Mission Partner of Paul Allen Wisler, my Ashke, Sirian-StarMAN, who sent me to your site, as he noticed a ‘similarity’ of sensibilities, between you and I. May the LoveLIGHT of The One Creator be with You. Namaste (Jeffrey~)

    1. Hello Jeffrey, thanks so much for having a look at my work. I am thrilled you Love what I am offering.
      And also thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Cheers and Light

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