On Questions, Noise, and Knowledge

Without Conscious Questions, Information is Just Noise!

There is little point or value in continuously exposing your mind to more and more thoughts and information, for without prepared space within you, it will either simply pass through you, not sticking at all, or it will lead to overwhelm and confusion.

We need somewhere for the information to plug into. We need clear questions, clear in mind, before anything we hear, read, see, or feel is truly useful to us.

If information is not arriving in response to a consciously held question, while interesting, it will likely be more of a distraction than of true value, and hence, promptly forgotten.

Better to hold a smaller quantity of information and use it extremely well, than to be flooded with random thoughts and ideas that you will never use – thus, filling your mind with Mental Noise. And like with the majority of our mental life, the cacophony of thoughts will also stimulate or trigger our emotions, creating Emotional Noise as well.

Information that is not used does not get transformed into knowledge, and certainly not into wisdom – it just destroys our inner silence – with a terrible price.

Mental-Emotional Noise Drowns Out the Voice of the Soul

Human noise – mental chatter, agitated emotions, and even unbalanced brain chemicals – all destroy one’s inner silence, and as such, make it near-impossible to hear the quiet Voice of the Soul.

Without being able to hear this inner voice we remain limited – our consciousness trapped within the confines of our incarnate Personality Self. We lose the ability to consciously guide our life in alignment with Soul Purpose.

The noise also drowns our ability to navigate via the Love-Wisdom of our Heart – in fact, we lose the ability to even determine what is aligned to the Heart and what is not. Without stillness, silence, and Heart, we can easily be fooled into believing the most heinous evil is good and right – human history is replete with examples of violence being justified by distorted concepts of Love! So sadly, blocked or darkened Love and a Soul-less life become another price for entertaining noise.

Quietude and Meditation

To navigate life with Soul and Love we must cultivate inner quietude, which is why meditation is so important in modern life. A good regular practice will help us become the master of our mind, rather than its slave. The stillness achieved in Mindfulness or Satsang then creates space for Engaged Meditation Practices, such as Seeking Questions, and eventually Seeking Impeccable Questions, thus, allowing us to consciously navigate life with far greater wisdom and skill.

With cultivated inner silence, we create space to allow our subconscious and Soul to be heard – their needs or suggestions respectively. And once heard, we can then seek or formulate clear questions, to open the way to clear answers that can genuinely serve and guide us on the path. Our Conscious Questions then work in three ways to help us.

  1. They attract the information and answers specifically aligned to our questions.
  2. They allow us to quickly filter all the dross of informational noise out – as the clear questions have clear notes which allows resonance to be better used.
  3. They create qualified space, so the information has somewhere to land and be easily utilised.

When we are filled with noise, the inner discord attracts all manner of discordant information to us; we lack the ability to discern and filter what is useful, distracting, or even harmful; and due to not having prepared space within us, the information only adds to our inner cacophony and more deeply embeds us in a life of low-vibrational disharmony, overwhelm, confusion, pain, and suffering.

The practice of Seeking Conscious Clear Questions is our best wingman for navigating the path of life in the “Age of Information.” Without this, we are lost in the sea of human noise, with little to no control of our vessel.

To Clarity and Conscious Navigation
Azure Seer

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