Gem – “This resonates with me” – which part of you exactly?

Do you have perception of the various parts of your subtle inner makeup?

Love is NOT an Emotion!
If you think that it is, you do not know Love.
If you do not know Love, you most certainly do not have a clear and conscious relationship with your Heart. Therefore when you say “This resonates with me”, it is most definitely Not Your Heart or Love it is resonating with. It is but your limited emotions!

Considering the ever-changing fluid nature of the emotions, and all of the deep emotional wounds most people carry around within them – are you sure you want to choose something that resonates and harmonises with this part of you!?

The emotions are embodied within, and emanate from, the Solar Plexus.
Love is embodied within, and emanates from, the Heart.
The Solar Plexus lies beneath the diaphragm, the location of the non-sacred centres.
The Heart lies above the diaphragm, the region of the sacred centres.

You can see therefore that while we may feel both love and emotions, they are vibrational orders of reality apart!

So again I ask… Do you truly want to choose things based on them resonating with your lower nature? Or do you want to now refine your awareness, learn the true distinction between Love and Emotion, and therefore choose those things which resonate with your Heart?

Contemplate deeply and wisely my friends.

Further Reading

For much more information on the difference between Love and Emotion, see my Article: On Love, Emotions and Initiation

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