On the Heart, Love, and Relationships

What is the Nature of the Heart?

The Heart is always Group Focused – not self, nor couples focused, but group focused – its nature is Universality.
It is interested in Group Thriving, in the reduction of suffering for All Life.
It is not interested in sensory stimulation, or satiation.
It thinks not in terms of itself, nor one’s partner, alone… it thinks in terms of Group Evolution, in terms of Harmlessness and ending suffering for all.
The Heart is the Gateway for Love – that is – Clear Cold Reason!
The Heart manifests in Dispassionate Compassion, and most definitely in Nonattachment.
While attachment and uncontrolled passion are present, the Heart is not truly active!

The Heart concerns itself with the wellbeing of others – but with wisdom.
It does not focus all of its energies onto another singular person, nor even a family of people – all of this yes, but not as a blockage or narrowing of expression of its dispassionate caring, but as one small part of its great expression of Love. For the Heart Loves All.
If a Heart were to limit itself to one or even a few, it would close up and wither.

Is it really “Love” you are feeling?

Love is Vast. Love is Cosmic.
For Love, to be Love, it cannot be limited. If we limit Love in life, it is just love-flavoured living, not Living in Love, as Love, in Action. Nay. Love is limitless and connects all people, All Life!

So, when awakened folk say we seek Heart-Based Relationships – notice here the ‘s’ – we are seeking to be In Love with all. And most certainly we are not seeking to be in emotion with anyone.

Love. We say we are In Love, but do we really mean it – can we?
If we are attached – we are not.
If we are lost in our partner – we are not.
If our service is diminished – We Are Not!

Love, being In Love, should allow us to serve more, give more, to make the world a better place.
And I don’t mean a nicer place where everyone is happy and feeling good all the time – I mean, better, where we are better equipped to reduce suffering, where we are less individualistic or separative and more collective and unified in our consciousness, our caring and our expression.
I mean better, where the greatest most beautiful livingness we seek for ourselves, we seek for all people and all life!

Harmlessness and Nonviolence is a language of the Heart – but even this is Vast and Abstract.
The Heart does not smother and take away essential learning opportunities, the Heart cares not for inconvenience or discomfort – this is not suffering.
The Heart dwells in the timeless vast ocean that is Love.
So how can our sads and little hurts even be seen through such oceanic vastness?

When you say you are “in love,” when you believe you feel love, considering the true nature of the Heart (now revealed) – are you sure it is truly Love you are feeling, and not just some sweet attachment and mutual sensory stimulation?!

How is your Love in Action?

Does one plus one equal four (or more)?
For the Heart amplifies. It brings that magical extra something, that makes “the whole greater than the sum of its parts”!

Q: What do you do, with those you love?

Does your time together help awaken each other’s Higher Awareness and better fit you for Selfless Benevolence? When together, do you feel the growing energies of Clear Cold Reason?

Or do you just give each other permission to indulge your senses, indulge your emotions, and indulge your minds? Yes, indulge your minds… As the common saying goes: “Small minds speak about people. Average minds speak about events. Great minds speak about ideas.”
Do you sacrifice your Greatness for Smallness?
How much of your conversation is about yourselves as people, is on the things or events that happen in your day-to-day lives, and how much is truly about Ideas?

Of course, we all need personal debriefing space – to be held, to be heard, and to practice active listening and the offering of nurture. Yes, we all need Connection. But do you take this too far and obsess over yourselves? Do you indulge your small and average mind at the expense of the Greatness within you – or do you bring out the Greatness in each other?!

You have control of this!
You have the ability to choose what it is you speak about when you interact with each other, and therefore you have the ability to help open each other (and all those you interact with) to the Greatness that dwells deep within them – if you choose this.

What is the child of your union?

Then beyond opening to your Greatness, this question arises:
Do all of your activities and conversations pave the way to Awakening – not just for yourselves (for the Heart cannot abide spiritual selfishness), but awakening to Dispassionate Compassion in Action, to Selflessness in service to all life?

What are you creating with another, with others, with your group – in the world?
How much of what you offer the world is gossip, stories about people and events, random occurrences that contribute little to nothing, in their initial happening, nor in their retelling?!
Compare this to how much of your conversation is about Ideas, how much about the Beauty present in the world, how much about Compassion and Harmlessness and how to Inspire and Awaken these qualities within the masses of Humanity? Really investigate this.

What do you and those you love, offer the world through your spoken and written words, through your actions, and through your inactions?

Tools for Transformation

In the end it comes down to this:

Do you consciously draw your emotions up into your Heart to fuel its Fires, thereby simultaneously work on transmuting your Lower Nature?

Do you look for opportunities for Shared Purpose with those you “love”?

Does the time you spend interacting with those you care about and for, fuel your Heart Fires?
And do these Fires burn even brighter due to your relationships?

What actions are you taking to share this Increased Light?

Is your Heart a blazing inferno of vast cold fires – awakened to and serving the greater whole?

Or is your Heart but a small, tepid candle flame that can be extinguished with ease?!

Ponder on this…

In Blazing Love and Light – expressed.
Azure Seer

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