Gem – Principles of Manifestation – creations “slow down” to materialise

To understand Manifestation, you need to comprehend Vibrational Time!

Thoughts are fleeting, and change at lightning speed – most of the time.
Emotions, emotional feelings, are a stepdown in vibrational level, and so are slower and more lingering.
Physical plane reality is slower still, and has a sense of persistence to it.
Things therefore “slow down to materialise” – they slow down into manifestation.

This is why there is always a lag time, between when we put our conscious thought on something and when it finally appears in physical reality. And thank goodness for this! For without this lag time if we thought of an elephant one would appear, and potentially crush us – yikes!

A clear example of things slowing down into manifestation is what we see with water, H2O.
It moves from Gas to Water to Ice, and with each step it decreases in vibration, it slows down.
And if we understand this principle, we can utilise it within the three vibratory levels of our Personality Self – Mind to Emotion to Form (body). Each one is denser and slower than the previous one.

If therefore, there is something you are seeking to appear in physical reality, if there is something you are thinking you would like to experience; then once you have this clearly in mind, in thought, you need to transfer it to your emotions. Once you get a feel for it, your emotions must mirror the feeling state of it “already being present” – you’ve got to feel it as real. And then you need to ostensibly “brood” in the feeling – i.e. give the feeling existence through time – like a reflection of the persistent physical level.

As the nature of our emotions is simply to mirror our thoughts, to create a sense of persistence at the emotional level, we need to use certain tools – else our emotions will change almost as quickly as our lightning speed thoughts – and they change up to 70,000 times a day. Therefore our emotional energies will not stay focused long enough or strong enough, in order to create manifestation.

We need to have and hold our thoughts, and then our feelings – focused steadfastly on our chosen reality.
To do this we need to build a “practice” that keeps our emotions lingering in the right feeling state. And once we have achieved this, then of course, we must take consistent action – aligned to the direction of the mental-emotional focus we are holding.

Useful Tip: The best practice for manifestation, is to get support. And the best support we can get is our Subconscious Mind.
To do this… We drop into in an Alpha State, take hold of our thoughts, and visually program them to exactly the reality we wish to experience. This way the programming will transfer to the subconscious mind – whose nature is “ruminating power”. This also has the on-flowing effect of amplifying our “brooding” and bringing greater ease and flow to our necessary actions.

Happy Manifesting

Azure Seer

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