Gem – Alcohol Consumption and Veganism

Are Alcohol or Animal Products suitable for one on the Higher Spiritual Path?

Everything we consume, physically and mentally, has impacts on our vibration and therefore, on the consciousness available to us.

When you consume alcohol, you temporarily lower your vibration and dull your consciousness, the very opposite of what a spiritually focused person is trying to achieve.

When you consume animal products you also lower your vibration, back down into harmonic resonance with the Animal Kingdom, that level of being you as a human, have long since evolved beyond. This reinforces your animal nature and instincts and sets your directional compass back towards animal consciousness – the opposite vibratory direction of a spiritually focused person who is striving to awaken to Divine Consciousness, far above that of the Human Kingdom.

On top of this general lowering, you are also consuming and making part of you, the energies of suffering, fear, and death – always present to some degree with all aspects of the meat, egg, and dairy industries. And so, your energies will become coloured with and attuned to these very low-vibrational frequencies. Your Heart simply cannot fully awaken when you repeatedly debase and sully your energies in this manner!

There is however an additional impediment with animal products – you acquire a longer lasting stain, a karmic debt that must be repaid, as your choices led directly to the suffering and death of animals, and most often to unnecessary damage of the environment. This karma will bind you to the wheel of rebirth for a longer period, as you now must reap the suffering you sowed.

Why is it OK to Eat Plants?

Unlike animals and humans, plants do not yet have animal bodies, and as such, through being consumed and digested by our fleshy bodies, this colours or qualifies the energies of the indwelling nature spirits, and draws their vibration upwards towards the higher Kingdoms of Nature.

Animals already have fleshy bodies and so, do not need contact with the digestive systems of our human fleshy bodies. What they have not yet achieved is Individuation, one Soul per body, this is what makes humans unique. Therefore, when it is right timing in their evolution, animals need loving contact with our emotions and lower minds, which draws them closer to the Human Kingdom.

For context, we as humans require contact with the hearts and higher minds of the members of the Spiritual Kingdom, and thus we eventually evolve out of the Human Kingdom altogether.

Each Kingdom of Nature has its specific requirements for evolution, and therefore, subjecting them to the wrong form of interrelationship can retard their growth.

What does your Lowered Vibration open you to?

Coming back to our main theme…
If you drink alcohol regularly, the accumulative effect means the achievement of any higher spiritual aspiration is impossible. Aside from the low-vibration, alcohol consumption makes porous the aura, thus opening you to manipulation and possession by the inner plane Low Level Beings that are drawn to you, due to your loss of full conscious control of your vehicles. The astral plane has an abundance of disincarnate humans, suffering the emotional intensity of alcohol addictions (amongst many other forms of intense desires), and with no way to satisfy them. They are ever waiting for the chance to feel satiation, through another person with an open door for them to enter, thus, hijacking their desires and senses!

The other Beings that are drawn to one who has lost conscious control, are those with either mischievous or malevolent intentions. Due to the auric porosity caused by the low-vibration of alcohol, you are easy fodder for manipulation – and this comes with layers of consequences. Regardless of your inebriated choices and actions being coerced by another being, you are still karmically responsible for any and all harm caused, as it was your choice to surrender to the desire and consume the alcohol.

Of course, all of this is true for all substances that lower our vibration – but particularly those that cause us to lose full conscious control, those that subdue our alertness, and mindful presence.

Therefore, the answer to our initial question is: No, Alcohol and Animal Products are not suitable for one on the Higher Spiritual Path!

To Your Energetic Health
Azure Seer

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