Gem – On Religion, Peace and Veganism

It is our Actions that Evidence our Beliefs

“Religion speaks of peace, but it is Veganism that actually practices it. Actions speak louder than words.”  ~ unknown

Of course when someone speaks of “religion”, they are speaking in the broadest of ways. Religions are comprised of individual people, so when considering religion as a whole we are ignoring the grounded embodiment at the individual level. We are instead exploring principles. This is both useful and not.

So if I consider Peace, for me, I understand it must be built upon Freedom, Nonjudgement, and Nonviolence – all expressions of Love. One cannot have Peace without first embodying these Heart Based Qualities.

The converse way of looking at it also shines clarifying light… Love is absent when there is confinement, judgement, and violence.

The real crux of the original quote, for me lies in the concept of “actions”. In the end it does not matter what religion or spiritual principles one says they believe. If their actions express judgement and violence – the person is in that instance, an embodiment of darkness.
And this, despite the presence of religions in the world, is why there is still so much violence and evil – malicious uncaring actions!

Which Beliefs Create Your Experience in Life?

People routinely hold a collection of beliefs, and often conflicting ones. It is our Dominant beliefs that demonstrate in our words and actions!

I have met peaceful religious people and aggressive vegans – because Harmlessness is not always the core reason for someone’s choice for veganism, but it is foundational to some religions.
Likewise the opposite also exists:
Aggressive religious people and truly peaceful vegans – depending on their understanding of and relationship to Love and Peace; and also how they justify Harm.


What do your actions demonstrate?
Are they reflective of the Values you consciously seek to embody?
Or is there a mismatch between what you think you believe and what your behaviours evidence?

If you have sufficient objectivity to see yourself truthfully, and you do indeed witness a mismatch, you owe it to yourself and our shared world to seek out your conflicting beliefs, and resolve them. The Heart calls for nothing less.

This can be difficult if you have been indoctrinated by the Dogma of religion, rather than its True Teachings of Peace and Lovingkindness.


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