The Opportunity of True Sight

We attract what we most need to see!

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner state. That which we see and judge as negative in others (thereby triggering an emotional reaction), is just a reflection of that which exists within ourselves – and nearly always that which we most need to see and heal.

What we see may not be present within us in the exact same way, nor in equal measure, but through magnetic attraction, like attracting like, and the mirroring nature of reality; if you see something negative in others and it elicits anything other than “oh, that’s interesting”, it is a pattern you should seek and clear within yourself. The stronger the reaction to what you see, the more you really need to look within and do some work on yourself!

Not all we See is a Mirrored Reflection

However, Like Attracts Like is not always literal. Often it is Like Kind Attracts Like Kind. Patterns that are a vibratory match will also draw together. This means that as we are the scriptwriter and casting director of our Play of Life, we draw to us characters to fulfil the roles we have written. This happens in regard to the primary script we are running, the one we give the most energy to.

If we running a perpetrator script, we will attract a person running a victim script, and vice versa – like kinds attract. In this example we are looking at two scripts that represent serious power imbalances – the two opposing ends of a singular vibrational pattern – over-expression and under-expression of power. The error these two characters usually make is that they see the other person demonstrating what they judge as abhorrent behaviour, saying or doing things “I would never do”, then abruptly reject them – all the while absolving themselves of any complicity in the shared scripting! As a result, both people have just lost an opportunity to see themselves in truth, and therefore start to heal the trauma patterns that underlie this particular shared script – they keep their own limiting patterns lost in the darkness of their subconscious. And worse still, because they are now actively judging and rejecting a Like Kind, they are inadvertently Empowering their version of this limiting pattern.

We can consciously engage Reflective Reality

On the flip side of seeing the negative… One of the greatest opportunities in life is that we can use this mirroring principle, actively. If we strive to see the good and beautiful in all others, if we seek their Higher Nature – we thereby empower the higher, beautiful and good within ourselves.
By consciously engaging in this way, we give our energy to what we seek to create or cultivate within ourselves, rather than that which we do not.

Exploring the Nuances of True Sight

One of the greatest confusions about Perception, Attention, and Conscious Creation is the limited notion that “Seeing equals Empowering” as a Carte Blanche principle.

To “see” is not necessarily to add great force to something!

One can discern a problem in the world without adding energy to it. However many people have come to believe that seeing is synonymous with empowering something – they say energy follows focus, or energy follows thought. Both are of course true… but there are subtleties and nuances that are nearly always overlooked.
To explain, let us look at one element of self-mastery.

To clear a limiting pattern, and therefore grow beyond it, one needs to see it. If we cannot see it, we cannot deal with it – it is this simple. To not see these patterns, is to ignore and suppress them, therefore creating the perfect dark conditions for them to fester and grow stronger and darker inside us. We must see the limitations, the trauma, the darkness within ourselves and the world, they must all be brought into the full light of consciousness, Before they can be healed and released. Without this light, they stay in the shadows.

There is a difference between sight that is simple detached observation, and sight that elicits judgemental thoughts, and triggers emotions. It is not just seeing that empowers a thing. It is dwelling upon it, or emotionally reacting to it, this is when we add energy.

However, we do need to dwell upon things to a degree. We must explore the true nature and all elements of the problem. And yes for this short time we do give energy to this thing. But as it becomes empowered thusly, we make it easier to see, it stands revealed!

Once we have seen it fully. We must then shift our focus off the problem and onto what we’re going to do instead of it – not what we’re going to do because of it, as “doing because of” empowers the problem through shifting it to the status of a Sponsoring Thought (that which is implied as true by necessity of the action we are taking). So we must instead pour all our creative energies into developing a Heart Based or New Direction in life. We do this because it is what the Heart and Evolution calls for, not because of a limiting pattern! We do not want to try and create because we have judged something as negative and are therefore in resistance to it, for “What we Resist, Persists”!
In this instance, the act of seeing, informs our conscious choice to do things differently.

To Truly See is to See All!

If we want inner vision or true sight, if we seek to be truly authentic people, we must be genuinely open to seeing it all. The good, the beautiful, the true; and the bad, the ugly, and the lies – all of it! For if we desire to see only that which we deem pleasant or wonderful, what we judge as “positive”, this attitude creates a filter over our sight, and therefore it will be impossible for us to truly see, or see truly. Our choice has occluded our perception, so that we will thereafter see only distortions of reality. Lacking clear sight, we then also lose our ability to discern with clarity. The price we pay for our judgement, and sentimental desire to only see the good, is the Truth Itself! As a result, with unclear perception, we are vulnerable to be being led astray in life, and can find ourselves far from the Path of the Heart!

Tools for Transformation

Whenever you see a quality you “don’t like”, within another person, pause and remind yourself that everyone is only ever “doing the best they can with what they’ve got”, and let go of your judgement thereby. Forgive them their imperfections, and forgive yourself for judging. There is no need to add more suffering on top of our shortcomings.
Next look to see where and in what way that quality exists within yourself. Again, do not judge yourself, but choose to release this quality by cultivating its positive opposite. Thus bringing more Love and Beauty into the world.

If you see a quality you “do like” or truly admire within another person, pause, and know that this quality Must exist within you in some measure, or else you would not see it in others.
Next look to see where and how it exists within yourself, and take action to strengthen it, by giving it, and the products of it, to others – as this is the best way to grow it within ourselves. We must give that which we wish to receive.

To Conclude

Open to seeing the good and the bad – for this is the foundation of True Sight.

Release Judgement and Forgive all for their imperfections, yourself included.
See truly, and thereby gift yourself the best chance at growing into an embodiment of Love.
The world will truly be a more luminous place thereby.

I See You

Azure Seer

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