On Achieving Integrated High Vibration

Many who seek High-vibrational Consciousness repeatedly make choices that guarantees they will never achieve it!

Are you one of the many who talks about Raising your Vibration?
If so, are you taking the basic steps, before getting all caught up in the fanciful thoughts of more advanced possibilities – ie are you authentic, integrated and grounded in your aspiration to “higher vibration”?!

Let us consider your lifestyle, and what you consume physically, emotionally and mentally. As well as all the habits you indulge. I previously mistyped habits as “havits”, and this is really interesting. As it is most people’s desire to “have” things and “have” sensations (sensory gratification) that keeps them solidly anchored in Chaotic Low Vibration!

The foundation you must have is to be genuinely Heart Based; that is, integrated within the Heart at all levels of your Personality. Hence your day-to-day choices need to be aligned to Love, Harmlessness, Benevolence, Aspiration and Wisdom – the qualities of the Heart. One cannot build into the realms of higher consciousness upon a dodgy foundation! This means one cannot achieve high-vibrational consciousness if they are living low-vibrational habits in daily life.

We must take Right Action

With the task of embodying higher consciousness, it is easier for most to build from below-up. Because all low-vibrational habits block higher perceptions. Therefore we must start with organising the chaos within us by aligning all aspects of our physical life to Harmlessness, Kindness, and Love.

Then the same with the emotions – we must stop seeking the emotional high caused by sensory gratification. The emotions are like a pendulum, so if you swing out to a high, you will swing back to a low. We must seek balanced poise – not highs or lows, as both are destructive to higher consciousness!

And we must especially consider one’s mental diet. If we harbour thoughts of judgment, and entertain beliefs and values not aligned to higher universal truth, we will never achieve and maintain the high-vibrational conscious awareness we pursue.

Thought is powerfully creative, it is a Divine Principle. Therefore it is our clear abstract mind that we must forge a working relationship with. If the concrete mind is not your true ally on the path, if it is filled with limiting patterns and conflicting beliefs and programs, you will never realise and embody the heights you seek – Never!

You cannot embody two opposing vibrations at the same time!

So, if you are one of the hopeful deluded, believing you can live a chaotic low-vibrational life and achieve integrated high-vibrational consciousness – this is your wakeup call! You cannot be both chaotic and integrated, or high and low-vibrational simultaneously. That is like saying you can murder and love at the same time – ludicrous! At best this is cognitive dissonance, at worse a type of psychosis – neither of which will open the way to the higher planes of perception.

With patience and steadfast striving you can build a solid foundation, created with the qualities of the Heart, for this is what will support you to find and embody your higher goal.

Tools for Transformation

This is a task that is both simple and not.
There are many habits at all levels of life that lower our vibration – in fact, far too many to list here. Here are some suggestions for each level of our Personality life.

Physically: you want to focus on eating an alkaline-forming diet – this can easily be achieved by choosing mostly raw, plant-based wholefoods. And by avoiding or heavily reducing all things that cause acid build up inside the body – all animal products, coffee, black tea, alcohol, smokes and drugs, as well as refined sugars and highly processed, denatured foods.

You want to include enough exercise, quiet time in nature, some gentle sun frequently, refined music (nothing coarse, aggressive or woeful lyrically or musically), and plenty of clean chemical-free water.

You want to consider Colour – avoid all dark murky shades that represent sickness and depression, despite how popular they have become. Things like greys, grey-greens, boggy earth tones, black and anything that is heavy – especially that greatest of all abominations – Beige!
Instead you want to embrace bright, vibrant and clear colours – for these will lift your energies just by seeing them.

You want to keep the spaces you dwell and work in as clean and tidy as possible – the world outside is a reflection of the world within. So be sure what you are mirroring back into yourself is embodying of beauty and peace!

When you interact with others, try to do so from the Heart. Embody honesty, respect, and make the best effort you can towards clear communication. Speak what you mean, and listen deeply.
When getting involved with someone intimately, strive to connect from Heart to Heart, and never treat people like objects for your own pleasure. In the end the adage that is the best guide here is: Treat all others how you wish to be treated! This includes people, animals, plants, the earth, and so-called inanimate objects. You will get back what you give out – in this life or the next, so choose to be kind and considerate at all times.

Emotionally: you want to avoid dark morose emotional states like depression, boredom, apathy, and listlessness. Also violent emotions like anger, rage, hatred, loathing, jealousy, guilt, greed, avarice, strong grasping desire, and resistance or aversion. As well as the disempowering states that come under the umbrella term of victim consciousness, shame, embarrassment, pessimism, doubt, and fear.
Sadly, you also want to avoid overstimulation, as emotional highs are just as destructive as the lows!
So, things like strong passions, overexcitement, hyper-enthusiasm, bubbly happiness, zealotry, boisterous rowdiness, and raucous laughter.

At all times we seek the golden middle way, neither supressing nor over-expressing the emotions. Embodying as much as possible the place of harmonious balance, stillness, gentle peace and dispassionate compassion. We can do this by being very conscious of How we speak and the energies behind our words. These beauteous states are very conducive to creating the right foundation upon which we can expand into high-vibrational consciousness.

Mentally: you want to be really conscious of what you allow into your mind, as not all that is in our world is for your good. So you must cultivate wise discernment. You want to avoid gossip and coarse unrefined language. And most certainly you want to steer well clear of things like cruelty, criticism, judgment (of self and others), pride, vanity, violence, and stress caused by mental overstimulation.
Instead you want to cultivate an open mind, embracive of diversity and the perspectives of others, not so much their random opinions. You want to spend time thinking about Higher Principles like Love, Peace, Harmony, Collective Kinship, The Greatest Good For All, Genuine Beauty, Lovingkindness, Dispassionate Compassion, Benevolent Service, and Gratitude.

All of these suggestions will allow a great shift in your vibration. Embrace one or many, the choice is yours. Just do not delude yourself into thinking you can live a low-vibrational life and achieve high-vibrational consciousness.

In Reality

Azure Seer

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