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When Darkness Appears, We Must Embody Greater Love!

In this current time of psychological warfare and emotional violence, we must keep our Hearts Ablaze, now more than ever.

When Darkness stretches forth in plain sight, it is easy to get swept up in the destructive waves it creates – either perpetuating the darkness or being crushed under it. Therefore, while we are being doused in the propaganda of evil, we must recognise and acknowledge how difficult it is to stay true to the Lovingkindness and Genuine Beauty of our Souls – our Real Selves – and take the appropriate action.

In seeing the Darkness, we must not allow ourselves to be overcome by it – we must stoke our Heart Fires to equal or greater measure – this is essential!

This means placing and holding our Attention on LOVE. On Kindness. On Inclusivity. We are All Souls, doing the best we can with what we have within us. While at the material level there are wild differences and separations between us, at the level of our True Selves, we are United as One. And this we must hold to!

Affirmative Action

Rather than allowing ourselves to be seduced by the mantras of judgment, cruelty, fear, hate, and separatism, we can instead choose to polarise and re-polarise our consciousness to Love. Every time we notice we have been swept into Psychological Darkness, we must Stop, and Choose Love – Every Time!

These Questions can help:

  • How do I keep my Heart Fires stoked?
  • What am I doing to keep Fear, rational and irrational, at bay?
  • How do I actively foster Equanimity?
  • What conscious actions am I taking to maintain Compassionate Lovingkindness to all – especially those who hold different beliefs to me, or are choosing different directions, those that the mainstream narrative is telling me are “the problem”?
  • How am I protecting my Generosity of Spirit?
  • How am I practicing Kindness?
  • How am I demonstrating Love?

If we cannot answer these questions, we must redouble our efforts, for it means we are not consciously embodying and radiating Love. In fact, it most likely means we are an emissary of the Dark – whether we realise it or not. When we can answer these questions for ourselves, and both embody and share these living actions with all others we are connected to; then Love, Light, and Beauty can once again Shine Forth in our World!

We must, each and every one of us, do our part, by Transmuting the Darkness within ourselves, only thus can we illumine the World.

In Fortified Radiant Lovingkindness
Azure Seer

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