On Dimensions and Time

Confusion and Faulty Dimensional Perception

There exists in the world, a lot of misinformation-based confusion, brought about through erroneous perception, inaccurate deduction, and flawed comprehension – underlying much of what is taught about the Higher Frequency Realms that spiritual folk call “Dimensions”. It is an understandable confusion, as a single word is being used for two different concepts or meanings – which are not interchangeable.

This is problem of language more than anything. However, it is also due to a lack of esoteric scientific knowledge about the cosmology of the “inner realms”, or non-physical reality.

Measurements are routinely confused for Vibratory States

What are commonly called “dimensions” are simply human-defined measurements within the single Dimension we call the Physical Plane. These being: width, depth, and height; based on the three axes that define physical reality. We know them to be part of our dense Dimension, as they are all easily perceivable with our physical eyes. Hence, they all vibrate at the same rate. Height is not a faster frequency than depth or width!

What about the 4th Dimension?

It is said the 4th Dimension is “time”, and here again, we are considering another measurement of the physical plane.
Why do we know this to be so?
Because “time does not exist on the inner realms”. Yes, even at the astral level, the next Dimension above the physical level, we experience “timelessness.” That is, when consciously present there, we do not experience the passage of time as we do in the dense world. Hence, time is a physical plane construct or measurement. Simply another dimension of the physical Dimension.

You may now wonder… With what physical mechanism do we measure time?
The answer is the same as with spatial dimensions. We directly observe, and in this case, measure time in terms of the physical spinning of the earth on its axis and its movement around the sun – both of which are definitely dense-physical-based determinants!

The Other Meaning of “Dimensions”

Aside from physical measurements, the other meaning commonly given to “dimensions” are various concepts of “Alternative Realities” – but here too, much misinformation and confusion abounds – and like with so many spiritual topics, many folks are unaware they are working with inaccurate information. This is because they lack the esoteric knowledge or Ageless Wisdom with which to co-measure antiquated, theoretical spatial science, or New Age teachings – and as such, lack the ability to determine Truth from Illusion.

In general, the term “Alternative Reality” is a non-descript title given to anything beyond or not perceivable or measurable by the five senses – non-physical reality. And hence, this title actually refers to the “Inner Realms”, the Planes of Perception beyond the lower three subplanes of the physical plane – beyond, solid, liquid, and gas.

At other times the term is used interchangeably with “Parallel Realities,” which is a part of the “Multiverse concept”, linked also to the hip term of “Different Timelines” – which is the idea of projecting outwards into futures based on all possible choices in any moment in time. I am not going to dive into this rabbit hole, as most folks appear to struggle with Being Present in the Now of this Universe and Time. So, contemplating other selves making other choices, ends up being a perfect Avoidance Strategy – divesting oneself of responsibility, accountability, and authentic presence right here – the very opposite direction to the genuine Spiritual Path.

Tools for Transformation

Leaving aside “Parallel Realities”, when folk speak about “Alternative Dimensions”, a lot of what they are considering are distorted ideas about the Planes of Perception. Each Plane, in fact, each Subplane within each Plane, has its own distinct vibration or frequency. And as such, each can be considered an Alternative Dimension or Reality. Certainly, the nature of existence within each Plane is different, or alternative, to life in the Dense World.

If you truly wish to know more about the Inner Realms, that which most Dimension ideas are based upon, I offer the following resources…

  • To experience a journey through the Subplanes beyond what we commonly call the Physical, I suggest the book: “A Soul’s Journey” by Peter Richelieu.
  • If you are interested in accessing the Higher Vibrational Planes, you can read my Article: On Achieving Integrated High Vibration. It offers many grounded suggestions on how to wisely raise your vibration.

Cheers and Light
Azure Seer

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