Gem – Heartfulness Matters

Does Matter rule and control you? Are you a victim of the Great Illusion, or liberated from it? Does your Heart and Soul guide you?

Just because we can do a thing, doesn’t mean we should! All our actions must be co-measured in the Heart – using Harmlessness, Goodwill, and Lovingkindness as our standards.

Any time we choose to ignore the vastness of Reality in favour of a limited perspective, we are heading towards a precipice. This is especially true when it comes to materialistic science, medicine, and technology. Or any field that favours Matter over, and at the cost of, Spirit!

We are living in a time where our technological prowess, our skill to manipulate Matter, has grown beyond our Humanity – our Abilities beyond our Hearts. It is essential that we stop charging even further into this darkness, that we turn within and seek the Light and Silent Voice of the Soul – through the Heart – that we seek Lovingkindness, always.

It is past time we see Separatism, Greed, Hate, Cruelty, and Mass Acquisition for the Evils that they are! Instead, seeking Heartfulness as the measure for all our choices and actions.

To Live as Love in Action

It is time for the Heart’s Love-Wisdom to guide the Head – rather than the Head dominating the Heart!
Time for the Higher Intuition to be King.
Time to turn our consciousness away from excessive focus on Matter, but also beyond the etheric, astral, and concrete mental levels. It is time to reach for the Soul – individually and collectively.

The Soul’s keynote is Inclusive Universality, or Group Love. It reflects the Higher Reality, via our consciousness, down into the dense illusional realm. It, and the entire Kingdom of Souls, is focused on The Greatest Good For All, and achieving Right (Heart Based) Human Relations.

Q: Are you aligned to your Soul?

Q: How do your choices and actions measure up to Heartfulness?

Q: Are you striving for the Good of All, or only for you and your family?

Q: Do you consider the long-term price and consequences of your actions – seven generations from now – or is your awareness small and self-focused?

Q: Are there any victims from your choices – truth, lives, the environment, or your Soul?

Open to the keynote of Universal Heartfulness, open to Love, and embody it as much as you are able – NOW is the time!!

From My Heart to Yours

Azure Seer

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