On High-Vibrational Reality, Judgement and Spiritual Alchemy

You will never find where to stand in life by focusing through the separating mind – only the high-vibrational reality of the Heart can reveal this to you.

There are a lot of theories and confusion abounding in the world chat-o-sphere at present.
Far from my desire is to add more noise to this cacophony. However, I feel compelled to help transmute this disturbing noise into a symphony of insight.

It is clear people are seeking Truth.
It is clear they are seeking insights on what to do – to bring about positive changes.
Yet where to focus? Which side is right?

What I am about to tell you may be shocking to some – Do Not choose a side! Neither are “Right”.

To choose “sides” in the dense physical, or any of the lower three worlds, is to perpetuate duality. Left and Right are both low-vibrational reality – they are two ends of a horizontal dipole. Do not get sucked in!

One must focus on their vertical axis – and connect to high-vibrational reality – into the realms of causality, and from there work to bring positive change – above-down!
Yes, the wise choose to work from “causality” – not shoving around “effects”.

Getting caught into the judgement duality of right and wrong (as it is sold to us) – causes us to perpetuate low-level dualistic thinking, thereby effectively empowering the problems of separatism and division, which are the bedrock of all evil and malevolence in the world.

Answers will not be found at “this” level, because the same collection of symptoms (effects) can be the manifestation of many different causes. Therefore true sight can never be found at this level – you must awaken to a higher perception.

People Are Not Their Behaviours

We are one people, only one humanity. There are no “good people” or “evil people”, there are just people – all doing the best they can with the collection of patterns within them, and with the quotient of Love and Light they have access to. People are not evil – but their actions can be. Therefore we must Never fall into such low-level consciousness as making the greatest limitations within a person “that which they are”!!
We must never label people as their behaviours – people are people behaving, people are not behaviours.
How those patterns manifest into behaviours, has many different possibilities, because people have many different patterns within them. As an example – a person is Not a Narcissist – they may behave Narcissistically, but this is only one of many patterns, or many possibilities within them.
People can change or rearrange their expression in a myriad of ways at any time – depending on the “environment” that person finds themselves in – namely what the rest of us project at them. How we consider or hold them in our minds. The judgements of them we choose to empower!

Important Note: When you project the judgement “You are a Narcissist”, you are also unconsciously radiating, by way of that judgement, “I am a Victim, come victimise me”! When we empower people as Perpetrators, we simultaneously disempower ourselves into Victims for that Perpetrator. When we define a Person as evil (instead of their behaviours), we are setting into creative motion in our life, the Sponsoring Thought that they have power over us. You get back what you give out – you label someone as a villain, and you will be villainised!

Because our thoughts have tremendous power! And this power is channelled with focus in our words – written, spoken or thought.
So… Are you actively empowering the lowest or highest patterns within people – especially people of prominence and influence? What role are you casting them as in your life story?
What do your thoughts and words reveal?

Action is Necessary!

Yes, we must take action to support and empower Love and Light in the world – but we must be very wise about how we choose to do this. Lest we empower the very problem we feel motivated to help solve. Lest we become a part of the problem!

The best way to take action is by actively affirming what we Love.
We do not hate violence – that is absurdity to the utmost!
We love Love. We love Peace. We praise Benevolence, Nonviolence, and Harmlessness. We celebrate the depth of our interconnectedness.
If we give our energies to these positive qualities within people, we expand and empower their underlying patterns. This is the correct way to act in the horizontal!

Revealing the Power of Our Interconnected Focus

Do you not remember when you did something great and how others acknowledged, praised and celebrated you – and your inherent natural tendency was to do more of this?
Do you remember how much easier it was to be even more of that great person?
Perhaps you did not realise that your Heart Based Behaviours were being positively reinforced and therefore energised?

Remember how we thrive and become our Best Selves when nurtured?
When despite making bad choices, we are loved unconditionally?
When someone chooses to “only focus on” and acknowledge the good in us?
When they actively forgive our failures by not giving them undue attention; instead realising we are judging ourselves enough – and they can best help us, through positively reinforcing the good in us?

And conversely when your mistakes were focused on over and over, how hard it was to stop repeating them? How much more difficult it was to be other than the projection of others, of who and what they told you, you were? Can you see how much influence we have on each other? When others keep our attention focused on our limitations, rather than our inner beauty – how this just causes us to perpetuate our lesser selves! Do you remember all the studies that have shown how children are so strongly influenced to become exactly what teachers and family members repeatedly think and say they are?

Note: In exploring how we are deeply interconnected, and the impacts our thoughts and words can have upon each other… I am in no way suggesting we are fully and completely victims of the thoughts of others! On the contrary, I am seeking to further expand the realisation of the creative power our thoughts hold – in limiting or empowering both ourselves and all others – due to the fact we are all expressions of the One Great Spiritual Beingness.
Therefore a genuinely Heart Based Person recognises, there is no true liberation without striving to liberate all others!

Yes, our thoughts and words have tremendous power.

How Much More so, When Collectively Aligned?

Now imagine the impact on world leaders and people of prominence, of all of our collectively held and directed thoughts! While we cannot take responsibility for the thoughts projected by others – we most certainly must take definite responsibility for our own.

Q: Are we projecting thoughts of “wise and benevolent leadership”, or are we condemning truly influential people to be stuck within their lowest nature? Are we focusing on and talking about “what we want” from these leaders, or are we continually focusing on what we don’t want from them!? Even world leaders and corporate CEOs have Buddha Nature, are Divine Beings in form – can you see this within them; even if they cannot see it themselves? Even if they repeatedly choose from their most limiting patterns?

It is said in Democratic Nations that Politicians are elected by the people – that they “represent the people” – a lot may contest this. But can you see now, how this is even more true than any dared to acknowledge?
Can you see that people in these positions become targets of the collective, creatively powerful thoughts of humanity? That they are moulded by the projected thought environment of the people incessantly focused upon them – creating either nurture of their Best Selves, or empowerment of their Lowest Selves.
What is your contribution? Are you nurturing Positive Possibilities by focusing on their Higher Nature, or creating Condemnation for them, and trapping them in their lower nature by focusing on their behaviours in need of forgiveness?!
Are you actively striving to see their Buddha Nature – the Divine Beings that they are?

And yes I recognise how difficult this is when a person repeatedly makes poor and unloving choices – but then we need to focus on what we want, and on their Best Self even more so!!

The Way Forward

To now consciously utilise our immense creative powers, let us explore some applications.

If we want Peace, we must focus on creating Peace. We do this through fostering inclusivity – not by denouncing violence, or opposing hostility. Adding a negative judgement to a negative behaviour, or “opposing the negative”, only serves to perpetuate it. Opposition perpetuates duality – what we resist persists! And two negatives do not make a positive! You simply cannot create what you want, by focusing all your attention on what you don’t want! What utter stupidity is this… sending such confusing signals into the Universe and expecting a “desirous outcome”.

Reference the negative if needs be, we don’t want to foolishly pretend it does not exist. But pour your focus and creative energies into creating what you love, into creating what you seek to experience in life! If it is peace that you want, take action to Create Peace – actively foster inclusivity right where you are, in your family, in your neighbourhood, in your city and your country. Take Action on What you want!

But be aware, you cannot make positive change by focusing only in the horizontal, in the dualistic ideas of love versus hate, or good versus bad – these versions of love or goodness are trite emotional opposites to two so-called negative states – hate and badness. No meaningful change will ever come from flipping from one end of a dipole to another. No!
You must rise above it.

Do Not Make Illusions into Reality!

You must realise that unlike your focus, which reinforces things into relative reality – Hate, Evil, and Darkness do not actually exist!! Not unless you create them as Real in your mind, your emotions, and your behaviours.
All of those states are simply the result of a Lack of Love, and lack of Light. They are not principles, they are effects! As soon as you add Light to darkness, it vanishes – because it is not real. Love is Real. Light is Real. Therefore let us Love – deeply and indiscriminately – like the Sun radiates upon all people – equally.

What we called darkness is just a collection of low-vibrational limiting patterns within a person, that have not yet been mastered – that is, not yet illuminated by the Light of Love.

They are only “real” when we are stuck within the lower-consciousness world of duality – where we believe that for every Right there is a Wrong, for every Light, a Shadow. This is only true when our consciousness is limited and un-awakened.

The “shadow” is not Real, it is an illusion created when something low-vibrational is placed before high-vibrational Light! As soon as the object itself is transmuted into its higher nature, that is, as soon as we cease judging it and open to the learning it was created to provide for us, Light passes straight through it and no shadow is then cast. Because darkness is not real. It is not a principle of the universe. It has the appearance of reality only, and only at dense levels! The lower the vibration, the more dense the object, therefore the darker the shadows appear. However, a darker shadow is no more real than a light one. It is as simple (and as complex) as this.

Therefore, Do Not waste your time trying to fight an illusion! That is more spiritual stupidity!
We must not sit idly by – yes we need to take action – but wise, insightful, Heart Based Action.
Any time we take action in the horizontal, it must first be visioned from our higher vertical consciousness. And we must be certain we are striving to create positively, not oppose the negative – as this is a waste of energy.

Let us create world peace.
Let us create true equality for all.
Let us foster and nurture kindness and generosity.

It’s not possible to be violent whilst creating genuine kindness!
It’s not possible to be selfish whilst embodying true generosity!
It’s not possible to exclude whilst exemplifying universal inclusivity!
It’s not possible to judge and hate whilst demonstrating authentic Compassion and Love!

Yes, we must reach upwards-within and draw down high-vibrational Light and Love, and thereby illuminate all the Dark Places within humanity. This is the Art of Spiritual Alchemy – we use the Right tools, at the Right time, in the Right way, and illuminate with Love and embodied Heart Based Values, the darkened voids within our Brethren – and thus (and only thus) will they have any chance of changing their behaviours. Why?

We Are Always Guided and Supported

The older must always care for the younger. The wiser for the ignorant. Those that have travelled further down the path of awakening, inherit with that awakening, the great responsibility of nurturing their unawakened kin, through sharing in service the greater energies with which they now have access – though with great wisdom. It has always been thus, that the Greater amongst us have made the way forward possible, for those yet to walk the Higher Path – even when we as younglings are completely unaware of this great support!

Sometimes we hear the unaware say – “This great change was brought about through us taking a stand and fighting this great evil.” What they fail to see due to their dualistic, judgement-based, limited, horizontal focus, is all the energetic Light Work being done by others, creating Love and Light within that “evil” person or organisation – all that made the tangible change an energetic possibility!

These people get busy congratulating themselves for their “victory”, demonstrating both ignorance and pride; through not seeing the tireless efforts of the energetic benevolent servers working in the background – working causally, above-down, to change the very fabric of experienced reality. Despite being unacknowledged, these world servers simply and quietly move on to bringing more Love and Light into another darkened place that needs it.

Certainly, the horizontal “action” is needed, but there is no point trying to force something that is simply not an energetic possibility – until it is. In all things, the right leverage, applied in the right way, at the right time! And the “right time” in the horizontal outer world is Always after the vertical inner world work has been done. The outer must precede the inner.

Yes, those that still live with their consciousness anchored in the horizontal, experiencing duality, and those who believe they are operating vertically – but have been fooled by greyed-out astral beings who are masterful at imitating Clear Light – neither of these types of folk ever “see”, what is truly going on in the realms of causality. They are too hypnotised by horizontal reality or by illusions of Higher Reality – yes, the dense and the delusional patterns have the majority well in their grip. This is a great sadness.

An Invitation…

However the sadness is not complete. If you happen to find yourself reading these words – there is hope.
If this blessed opportunity is coupled with a deep and profound openness within you, to un-learn all the narratives built on and perpetuating limitation; if you have it within you to cultivate sufficient nonattachment to your beliefs; if you are also fuelled with a genuine desire for humble awakening to Capital R Reality – and finally, if you are truly prepared to listen and hear – you too may be ready to consciously serve via vertical reality, and thereby embrace The Lightning Path of Spiritual Alchemy.
To learn the Art of Transmuting Darkness to Light. To consciously create from within to without, aligned to Natural Law. To therefore work in the causal realms; unnoticed, unappreciated, and unrecognised – yet nevertheless making the greatest of changes possible in our world!

Perhaps, just perhaps, your Higher Self has directed you to your spiritual family, to answer the call to serve in this way.

Therefore – if you have felt energised and inspired by the writings on my website; this post has left you feeling animated with possibilities; if you are Truly Open to Change – I would invite you to get in touch and let us see if this is indeed the Right Path and the Right time for you.

Like all True Paths of Transmutation, this Path takes everything – for no part of you or your life will be left untouched by the energies and disciplines required to walk it!

In Scintillating Light

Azure Seer

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