Gem – Are you Consciously Choosing your Creation?

You don’t have to be all things to all people!

In fact, one person does not have the capacity to meet the needs of every other person, solve every problem in the world, or create every single thing they imagine or dream up. Therefore we must use wisdom to choose where and upon what we will pour our attention, energies and resources. And of course it is best we don’t pour creative energy into that which we Do Not Want! So, we must be mindful of our attention and thoughts – for these are truly creative.

When you see something in the world that troubles you…
Decide firstly if there is anything you could possibly do to change it, or help change it.
Then decide if it is right for you to do so.
If No to both, put it completely from your mind, make no connections to it – Do Not Think about it!
For upon what you focus is where your energies will flow – but if there are no creative solutions in your focus, you just add energy to the problem!

Do this also with every concept or idea that you consider creating.

Is this something I am skilled to explore and create?
Is this something I wish to become skilled in?
Is this something I really want to put energy into?

You can also apply this principle in a preemptive manner. That is, to reflect upon what things you are already skilled in, and desirous of achieving or offering in the world and your life.
What things am I already skilled to create, or work on in the world?
Where in the world would my genuine nature and predisposition most thrive, and be of greatest benefit?
What things do I truly want to put energy into, create or offer the world?

Are you working towards the right target?

Consider also whether what you are striving for, is what you truly wish to achieve or receive!
Reflect deeply, and Ask:
Is this task or idea the goal itself, or is it a means of achieving a different more specific goal?

Consider these examples:
“Writing” is not a goal, it is a means to achieve a goal. The goal is not “to be a writer” – this is a way to offer something to the world, via writing. The goal may be to inspire people to create Heart Based Culture. But of course there are many different ways to achieve this – writing is but one.
Creating a self-reliant property may be a means to create a sense of security and a base of power, but there are multiple ways to achieve these experiences also.
Do Not mistake the means for the goal!

Our Values are another guide.

Consider what you wish to offer the world, from the perspective of your values:
If you are driven by, or celebrate, the value of Benevolence… Ask yourself: In what ways do I want to express this, in my life and in the world?

If you value Creativity and are creatively blessed… Ask yourself: In what ways do I truly wish to use these skills in life?

If you see value in the principle of Harmlessness… Ask yourself: In how many more aspects of my life and livingness, could I embody and share this?

In Conclusion

Choose Consciously where and upon what you wish to pour your creative energies.
Be certain you are focused on the goal and not the means.
Ensure that you have the skills and genuine interest to work on, or towards something, and are not just getting swept into it due to the collective consciousness of Humanity focusing this way!

Be a Conscious Creator!

In Wisdom

Azure Seer

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