Gem – Would you like some Joy with that?

Perhaps your thoughts are blocking your joy!

Is your life filled with Joy?
If the answer is No, realise this…

Our “Life” is just a string of moments. It is the sum-total of all of them. So if it is a Joyful life you wish to have, you need joyful moments.

Q: How do we ensure the majority of our moments are joyful?
A: By ensuring our Thoughts are joy-full!

Thoughts are our tool of creation, they are the means we use to direct our emotions and our actions, and thus create our life. No emotion arises, nor action happen, without first thinking about it.

I would be remiss if I did not clarify at this stage, that some of our thought life is conscious, but a great deal wells up from the subconscious – from all the patterns and programs within us.
Even so, fortunately for us, our constitution is such that the subconscious can indeed be Re-Programmed!
We do so by consciously engaging our thought life.

A simple tool I use for this is outlined below

I have an intention to Be Present with my thoughts, both those at the forefront of my mind, and those ruminating in the background.
Whenever I become aware that I am not feeling great, or that I am taking actions that do not support the person I wish to be, or stuck in inaction… I stop, seek what I’m thinking, and then ask these 2 questions, to disrupt the program from running:

Does thinking like this bring me joy? Does entertaining these thoughts bring me joy?

If not, I tell myself: “Stop, don’t think them!”
I remind myself of this affirmation: “I can be what I will to be.”
And then I simply choose to think something else!! 😀

So I say this to you now…
Whenever you’re not feeling great – turn within.
Stop. Come back to the stillness. Focus on what You Love, what fills you with joy.
Focus on these things until the feeling changes!

For me, it is good to meditate in the stillness a while, then pick up a pen and write – this is sure to bring me back to the Silent Stillness of Love! <3

What about you?

Q: What thoughts always awaken Instantaneous Joy for you?
Q: What simple tasks are certain to reset you back into the Beauteous Light within you?

Joyous Love

Azure Seer

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