Question – On Inspiration

Q: What precisely is going on, when I am my most inspired?

Really sit with this question. It may take some time. You are seeking the qualities, conditions and energies that are present when you feel most expansively inspired.

This question is much like the simple question: “What am I grateful for?” The actual answers are not as important as actively looking for them!  In order to find the answer to either question, we need to fully and deeply recall being truly inspired, or deeply grateful… and this means we are actively engendering these states within us.

In the end it does not matter if we find any answers to “what precisely is going on”, it matters that we sit and seek. The very act of doing so changes who we are. It anchors our consciousness deeply into states we truly want to experience – and this is of tremendous value for those who wish to live as conscious creators!

Like all true power questions, this question is expansive in nature, through directing you inwards rather than outwards. It is a question that liberates.

And… this question, like all good questions, is one to sit with. It guides your consciousness into a space of direct experience. It is not intended to be answered intellectually. Keep asking it. Keep seeking that which it focuses your awareness into. Enjoy.

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