You are Not a Man! You are Not a Woman!

Your Identity can limit you greatly!

When you identify as any of the attributes of your physical self, such as the sex of your body (for example, as a woman or a man), when you choose a label based on this aspect of yourself, you do yourself great harm! When you relate to others in the same manner, you extend that harm to them. Why?
Because we are not our bodies. This is the lowest vibratory aspect of who we are, or more accurately, the densest part of our expression.

We are spirit encased in flesh

When we identify ourselves by this lowest expression of our spirits, we diminish who we are and limit the greatness we have access to.
The resources of a man or woman are minuscule compared to the resources of a Soul. And so, like trying to climb a ladder with both arms tied behind your back, we drastically reduce what we as a species are capable of when we identify in this way. And therefore, we also severely dim the light in the world. For our Souls are luminous and brilliant, and when we link our identities to our flesh, we bind ourselves into darkness. Dimmer light means greater darkness – a simple equation.
While it is terrible enough that we bind and limit ourselves, to limit other’s potential by identifying them in the same manner, is a crime against humanity!

Yes, our Souls chose these particular forms for a reason, and so we should most certainly respect and honour them… but remember, at the end of this life, they will be discarded like a dirty frock at the end of the day. Our bodies are truly small and impermanent. Do not limit yourself by identifying as your dirty frock!
Instead of embracing such limitation by identifying as our flesh, let us raise our consciousness and identify as Souls.

Let us aspire upwards and open ourselves to the vast resources of our Higher Selves. Recognising that we have been male, female, intersex and other, throughout our many lifetimes.
Let us remember we are one – and draw on this great wealth – to illumine the world… releasing such limiting monikers as labels of flesh!

Let us consciously, Spirit Be!

Azure Seer

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