On Kinship over Separation

Trigger Warning: This is a particularly Potent Article. If you are not sufficiently awakened to your True Self – that is, if you identify as your body or sex, it could be a little difficult for you. Therefore, I suggest you breathe deeply and slowly, as you read the article in its entirety.

Separativeness Creates Violence!

If you want positive societal change, you cannot empower women, while blaming men for the horrors of violence by one sex upon the other. While you even think this way – you empower the problem to continue!

It is impossible to engender the higher-vibrational state of empowerment, while sitting in deep judgement – the low-vibrational energy underlying blame.

Let’s explore why this is so… from a deep spiritual perspective.

At the Heart of this violent problem is Separation.
We are socialised from birth into thinking we are all different, based on the constitution of the particular flesh suit we are wearing.
It is this very socialisation that is the heart and foundation of the problem.

So by blaming “men” for the violence upon “women”, when you think and speak in such broad generalisations, you are reducing people to the limited reality of their flesh. By doing so, you are in fact further ingraining that men and women are inherently different, by focusing on the most dense part of the person rather than their whole being – and so you are perpetuating the very basis of why the problem exists in the first place – namely limiting separation!

Until we embody the enlightened perspective of Universality, and we socialise “People” from birth, to be “People”, and not this sex or that nationality, etc. Until we see all people as equal – each with a unique expression and gift to bring to the world – this violence will never end!

Whenever we categorise a person based on the monikers of their flesh suit – WE Limit Them – and we are then just as guilty of perpetuating the violence. Our action reinforces difference, rather than fostering commonality. If you see men and women in the world rather than Souls incarnate as humans, you truly are maintaining the causality.

By stating all of this I intend no diminishing of factual statistics at the physical level. Many Souls in male sexed bodies have a lot to answer for! My only intention here is to see the true problem in such a way that it points to the clear solution.

We cannot solve a problem built on difference by further reinforcing that difference!

You cannot work to change a paradigm by working within the limited confines of that paradigm – to do so just preserves it. You need the greater resources of a more expansive reality.

If we want an enlightened love-based society, we must stop defining ourselves and each other by these fleshy suits we wear, and we must instead define ourselves by our Spirits. Enlightened consciousness comes through the Heart – which is the voice of our Spirits – and so it is our Hearts that will guide us to create the society we all truly seek!

Love Based Culture comes from our “kinship” – which currently exists only at the abstract collective level.
This kinship tells us that We Are All Souls incarnate as humans. The Kingdom of Souls is a vast, universal, collective consciousness, but beneath that, at the incarnate human level, there is a great wealth of diversity within our species. If we want a culture of true equality for all – we must put our attention on what we all share equally – and not divert our gaze and attention onto what separates us. And in this way we can create a Culture based on Love.

Generally it is true that anywhere we put our attention – we empower that point of focus.
Therefore, if the very basis of our thinking is founded in “us and them”, our attention will continue to empower the problem. We solve problems by starving them of the energy they need to perpetuate themselves. We do this by making them so Small that they disappear – and this we achieve by bringing Bigger Consciousness!

In this case Big equals Vast. Big equals Universal Kinship. Big equals the Truth of who we are, and not putting our attention on all the tiny, amazing diversities that differentiate us, one from the other.

If we want Universal Love – we must focus Universally.

The tragedy is not men killing womenthe tragedy is humans killing humans! The fact that Any Human believes they have the right to inflict violence on any other – this is the true tragedy. It is far bigger than what one sex does to the other. And it all starts with “Us and Them Consciousness”.

As soon as you “other” any person or group of people, no matter why or how you justify it – you are perpetuating the problem. It is easy to inflict suffering on someone or something you consider different and separate from you! Any problem stemming from Us Versus Them, cannot be solved by any actions whatsoever that maintain that separation!
The only solution that will create any meaningful change, is the abolishment of separation through vigorous empowerment of commonality!

So let us explore Change Making…

One of the most important rules of manifestation is that we must give what we wish to receive.
In the context of our theme therefore, if any person wants empowerment, equality and respect – they must give this. You cannot ask of others that which you yourself do not readily give to all! So let me repeat this… “What you want for yourself you must give to others.”

So when the oppressed focus their attention on creating empowerment, equality and respect for All, so too shall they create this for themselves.

Regardless how the mess we have today was started.
Regardless how it appears to play out in the physical world – the world without.
If we want this new reality, we must first change our current reality in the world within – that is, inside ourselves.
If we want the bounty of inclusive equality – we must seek and cease every personal pattern where we perpetuate limiting separation! We must replace all such patterns with universality.
We must be within, the change we wish to see without.
And if we want this change to happen at a societal level; we must then inspire all others to make the change within themselves as well.


Based on all I have just shared, I believe I can boldly state:
The Universal Human Rights Movement will make more progress in a year, than it has since its inception – when men and women cease to identify as men and women first, and humans second. Reversing this focus would be a great start – but really it is focusing as Spirits first, Humans second, then all other diversities after this, that will bring the greatest change towards Universal Love we have ever seen.
And this goes for every single demographic that is part of the tapestry we call humanity!

As challenging as this may sound, if you put any reactions aside and really investigate the root causes I have identified, you will see your reactions are because I am saying You are more than the sex of your body. In fact I am stating You are more than your Body – Period! Your reactions are because You are deeply invested in your limited body-based identity, and so my stance appears radical to you – in the utmost!
If we add to this the fact that generally humans are afraid of the power within their True Self, as noted in this famous quote: “It is not our darkness that we fear, but that we are powerful beyond measure”… it becomes clear we would prefer to remain in our limitations and simply react, than to open a doorway to the Vast Selves that we are!

However if you put your fear, reactions and identity aside, and remember and co-measure my proposition with the fact that you also believe you are a “Spirit in form” (unless you are an Atheist of course) – you have the opportunity to see just how false, and therefore limited, your identity has become.

But what about the concept of the “Heavenly Father” and “Holy Mother”?

Yes… some will fall back to justifying their invested identity through Religious Doctrine.
Let us look a little deeper at Religion therefore, because even here, the problems of Us and Them Separatism are deeply embedded!

Consider this…
We are trained and programmed to separate ourselves from our shared spiritual humanity, into groups based on the particular genetic patterns of our physical bodies. And then we are persecuted by our peers and the thus-programmed masses if we dare to blur the boundaries that define the group we are told we belong to. And perhaps worse still, we project these now Deeply Embedded and limited archetypes onto the Divine.

We justify this behaviour by saying things like: “As above, so below. As below, so above.” Or that “We are modelled in the likeness of the Creator”.
If you believe this to be true, let me ask you this:
Do you believe an ant could possibly comprehend or understand the complexity of human beings – their culture, their lives and their consciousness? We are above them, they are below us – in terms of size and complexity of consciousness…

And so, our conception of the Divine, of God, must certainly be just as limited – unless you consider yourself as great and vast as the Divine!?
If you do, let us put this to the test, let us find out for certain.
The Divine is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent… meaning the Divine’s awareness is present everywhere, and is therefore all knowing – do you, can you know anything that is happening in any place, at any level, in all time – go on check… I’ll wait.
The Divine has all power, even to create life itself – so let’s see if you really are like unto God – hop to it, create a new species of animal, manifest a new type of plant – go on… I’ll wait.

My guess is you (the person you identify as) is not truly a mini God, blessed with the exact same Power as the Divine!
Therefore… it seems clear, when we are identified with and as our flesh, we are more like the ant in relation to God, and it is wise to not project our limited experience of this dense physical reality onto the Spiritual Realms – onto God!

Just as the colour of one’s hair, their skin tone, nationality, their level of able-ness, sight or hearing, cannot tell us the level of awakened Love within that individual; just as these physical things cannot ever tell us how kind, generous or disturbed any person is or is not; they simply do not define who we are as people – unless we form an identity around them of course.

So too, All differentiations we experience in dense matter – all the creatures, plants and minerals in the world, cannot tell us how the Divine truly is – except perhaps that the entire biosphere operates as a unity (despite the way we humans seem to think). Therefore it seems likely unity must be present, in the vaster consciousness of the Divine.

Coming back to the problems of violence – gendered, sexual, religious and so-called racial.

These problems exist because we have been trained to see Us and Them everywhere, and then when sacred texts have been written, this filter has coloured them deeply.

If you doubt my premise – ask yourself why all the Sacred Texts of Christendom, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, etc. were all penned by men? Why all major religions, except Wicca, generally consider God as Father – even though God or the Divine is commonly observed as manifesting in Trinity. (eg: Father, Mother, Child; Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva; Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, Nirmanakaya.)
Why is it, that our human concept of Father, is mostly what is projected as God!?

It is usually expressed that “God” created, that is gave birth to, the Universe?
If we were therefore going to project any of our limited human definitions onto the Divine, it seems we would be better off presuming God was female. Hmmmm

In Conclusion…

So here we are – all tangled up in identities that limit us, cause us to adopt and enforce ugly separations, and allow some to justify violence – one human against another – not to even mention all the violence humans inflict on animals and nature!

Violence and ignorant perpetuation of the root cause is everywhere – even by people genuinely striving to solve this problem.

Tools for Transformation

Q: What can we truly do, to solve this?

We must, as I have suggested, use a vaster perspective to solve one built from limitation. We cannot solve the limitation by working within the confines of this same limitation – we must draw on greater resources.
These we will find in our Hearts. These we will find where our Spirits are truly one.

So into our Hearts and the Vast Collective Ocean of Love, we must journey.
For it is only when saturated with Love, that we will find a love-based solution!

If we want universal equality, we must find this reality within ourselves – and live this!

So your task, if you want to be a part of the true solution, is to find this unity inside yourself, and embody it at all levels of thought, word and deed. Every time you observe anything within you that reinforces limited separations, this you must replace instantly with Universal Love – it is this easy – and this hard.
This is Heart Based Mindfulness in Living.

Together we can achieve this Unity, and through radiant embodiment, we can permission all others to live likewise. Together we can consciously become one with the Great Cosmic Ocean.

In Hope

Azure Seer

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