Gem – Do not plan to fail!

“Planning for failure, is planning to fail!”

By creating a “failure strategy”, a Plan B, you are demonstrating a lack of Faith.
If you do not have Complete Faith in the possibility of your Dream, how do you Ever expect it to come into being?

A lack of Faith is the very thing that destroys dreams – it makes so-called miracles impossible. It also means you are Not embodying the unwavering determination (channelled focus) one needs, to bring your dream into being.

You can only achieve what you believe is possible. Without Belief, without Faith, nothing but the product of your unexamined programs, values and limitations will ever be manifest in your life!

Do you just want to be the product of your limited past – or do you want to dare to dream Bigger, to dream of a new and wonderful future? This starts with complete and utter Faith and Belief – no room for the possibility of failure!

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