Gem – The Power Question

All Action is the Answer of some Question

When a goal is sought after, there are many little questions that, in answering, move you closer to the goal. But ultimately, all the smaller questions lead to one great Power Question – and it is in the answering of this question that great change is manifest! For once this answer is seen, all action changes.

Some call this the Tipping Point.
It is simultaneously an answer – or more accurately, the resulting shift in consciousness from perceiving the question – and an action. All energised changes in consciousness ripple down and manifest as actions and change in the dense world.

It is in seeking the impeccable, or Power Question, at the centre, that is the conscious power of spiritual evolution. For this Power Question is like a dam wall holding back the force which creates profound and transcendental change at all levels.

Perceiving the Power Question Cracks the Dam!

They who seek, let them seek questions.
Let the answers simply reveal deeper questions.
Until the wall is breached and Love – the most wonderful manifestation of transformative power – streams forth, forever altering the world!

The perceiving of the Power Question, and actively holding space for the Answer, IS the change in consciousness that re-patterns reality. But first one must find and perceive the Question.

If, for example, you are striving for a new life, but your reality has not yet radically altered; you have not yet found the Power Question. You may believe you have, and that you are simply seeking the Answer in the wrong place. But, the “wrong place” does not exist, because the Question opens the door to the Answer. Essentially, the perception of the Question IS at one with the Answer. Therefore, if you are not experiencing profound change, it means you have an active barrier between your Awareness and the True Power Question. You have no Answer or great change because some part of you is evading or blocking the seeing of the Question!

If you find yourself asking: “How do I know if I have found the Power Question or not?”
Let me clear… You Will Know, because, like the cracked dam wall, your reality will crumble, in such a way as to bring utter transformation! No one who has found the Power Question would ever ask IF they found it, as it changes you so completely, there is no old you to ask this!

It must also be stated, for clarity, the crack and crumbling I speak of are not to be mistaken for mental emotional chaos due to poor beliefs or choices. This is not the manifestation of transformative power, only limitations still needing mastery.

Into the Centre
Azure Seer

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