Seven Seed Thoughts on Clear Perception

True Perception Requires Clear Truth

There are many factors to acquiring clear perceptions that enable the accurate seeing of Truth. There are also many factors that distort or outright block such perception.

What follows are seven essential seed thoughts exploring these topics.

It is my hope that these thoughts will help you clear away some of what is stopping you from True Seeing – even if you do not yet realise just how little of actual Reality and Clear Truth you currently perceive!

1. Perceiving through a Peephole

“Many stimuli surround us at any given moment. Perception acts as a filter that allows us to exist within and interpret the world without becoming overwhelmed by this abundance of stimuli.”1

We know that due to “selective filtering” or “sensory gating”, while our brain can process up to 11 million bits of data per second, the conscious mind can handle only 40 to 50 bits per second2 (others say up to 120 bits3) – some of the extra data is filed for later use, most is simply rejected4. And this doesn’t even factor in how much of the electromagnetic (light), sound, and scent spectrums our senses are not equipped to even detect. We only see 0.0035% of the Electromagnetic Spectrum!5 “All electromagnetic radiation is light, but we can only see a small portion of this radiation—the portion we call Visible Light.”6 

Therefore, we only perceive a tiny segment of what is right in front of us! As we evolve and achieve greater self-mastery, true selflessness, and eventually grow through Soul Fusion to Monadic at-one-ment, we do cultivate greater and greater perception.

2. Emotions Distort Perception

If we have anything but still emotions, our aura, an extension of our emotions that fully surrounds us, is agitated; and like a pool of water, when agitated, we can no longer see through it clearly – everything is distorted.

Strong emotional currents also stir up any mud or sludge (emotion-based limiting beliefs and traumas) buried deep within us, dirtying the waters and our aura, and thereby, further limiting and sullying our perceptions.

3. Emotional Control

This is why all True Teachers have taught the essential need for emotional control. Not suppression, nor over-expression, but controlled balanced expression. To achieve this, we need to use clear mind. We must always master something by using a greater force or higher source than the one being worked upon. And in the case of the emotions, emanating from the non-sacred chakras beneath the diaphragm centre, we master them with our higher or abstract mind, transmuting them via the heart centre.
Where uncontrolled desire is present, so too, is emotional illusion, or what we call glamour.

4. We Need a Quiet Mind

These same principles apply to the lower mind and the mental aura, or sphere of mental matter emanating from, and fully surrounding us. A busy, chatty mind for example, is very full and loud, which leaves little to no space to even receive high-vibrational, clear pristine thought from our Higher Self or Enlightened Beings, let alone space for those thoughts to arrive within the brain without distortion or degradation.

And like with the emotions, we master the mind by using a higher source. In this case, we master the lower mind with the higher or abstract mind, and then to master the complete mind, we must forge a clear connection to our Soul – for its all-inclusive Love is the only thing that can fully master a human mind.

5. Desirelessness is Essential

Unless we have mastered our emotions, we will “see what we want to see”. Whether conscious or unconscious, the desire for an experience will bring a version of it, or its opposite, into manifestation in our world.

However, whenever personal desire is present, it will qualify the incoming energies to align to our expectations or intentions, conscious or unconscious, thus empowering “confirmation bias” within us. Our personal desires will change our experience of reality to match our core beliefs – thus barring us from clear and true perception, or perception of Clear Truth!

If the emotional desire is strong, the glamoured experience (emotional illusion) may even be a profoundly convincing one – though illusory it will be. Desiring visions and then seeing those visions does not mean the content of the visions is Truth – it only means you are skilled with creating in astral matter!

Therefore, to see or hear true, we cannot be subject to strong personal desire – we must still the waters within and surrounding us. Only detached desirelessness opens the way to true, clear, and accurate perception.

6. The Power of Devotion

Strong focused devotion can create apparitions in astral matter – which can also appear as if “physical” to the desirous one. When a person has a strong emotional polarization and they are in a heightened state, astral energies may appear tangible to them, because their awareness is anchored within the same substrate of reality.

These luminous astral forms can be inhabited by dull astral entities, who can then pose as Great Teachers and spin us stories, usually laced with some truth, but certainly distorted.

Our energies of creation reflect those of the Divine, they are mighty indeed. Therefore, focused devotion can and does manifest what we desire. But to experience our own creations is not the same as perceiving Truth.

Emotional control and embodied desirelessness are essential if one wants to experience Truth beyond Illusion!

7. Accuracy Comes Through Heart Based Groups

The Great Masters seek active, soul-aligned conscious collaborators, not passive, personality-based psychic followers, waiting for Divine Visions to inspire them. They seek not, unconscious tools to work through, but dedicated, heart based, selfless servers, and conscious collaborators. Great Beings work with, not through others!

They also essentially ignore “individuals” in preference to working with “groups”, as individuals are ever prone to separatism and pride – and thus, are susceptible to manipulation by Dark and Low-Level Beings. To best avoid this, or at least be aware of and deal with it, requires an Awakened Heart. The Heart Chakra reflects and is the doorway to the Soul and Kingdom of Souls, and as such, only fully awakens when we embody, live, and work within Higher Group Consciousness – when we consciously work as part of a Heart Based Group. The Kingdom of Souls functions as an all-inclusive synthetic oneness – we must too!

Within such a group we have greater access to co-measurement, which affords better ability to see glamour, illusions, dark manipulations, and distortions in an individual’s inner guidance. The whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts, and this magical extra something, an individual working alone, distinctly lacks.

When one does “receive inner guidance” it is common practice to attribute it to some external source or being – this too must be carefully assessed. By attributing what we speak, write, or share to non-physical beings outside ourselves, whether guides, spirits, off-worlders, or even God or Source itself, we effectively divest ourselves of all responsibility. This is the way of the neophyte, not the advanced disciple who has evolved to the point of willingly and consciously bearing the karma and full personal responsibility for all they bring into the world.

Advanced disciples working consciously within a group creates the means of expressing the greatest accuracy, and so, it is with such people the Great Ones seek to work.

To Clear Perception
Azure Seer

Sources for Brain Statistics (accessed 17-09-22):


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2 thoughts on “Seven Seed Thoughts on Clear Perception”

  1. Thank you for your contributions on this site and in this article.

    In your section on desirelessness, it occurs to me that the concept of will and desire are heavily co-mingled. To many people there is no clear difference.

    Would you suggest will is purely a mental construction while desire is astral?

    People will confuse desirelessness with not wanting to do anything, like many young people today who are confused and overwhelmed by the world, so they avoid engaging with it. Their energy is squandered which is the opposite of the desire to take actions to create a productive life.

    It would be great if you could clarify these concepts. Thanks for all your efforts.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Rob, I really appreciate it. And you raise good points for folks to consider. 🙂

      Yes, will of mind, and emotional desire are two different drivers within people. In that section I was limiting my focus exclusively to Desire, and hence, to the emotions. That said, there are a classification of emotions called “mental emotions”, and these do carry an energy which likely matches the co-mingled state of desire and lower will.

      If we were to explore Human Drivers, what causes or stimulates action, we would need to include sensory data, instinct, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, love, intuition, karmic and past life patternings carried over to the current incarnation, Soul impetus (for older Souls), and likely many others.
      Therefore, if we remove desire from the equation, there are still plenty of causations to action, coursing through an individual. But this is a much vaster topic than the scope of this short article on Clear Perception.

      Cheers and Light

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