On the Art of Seeking Questions

What is your current question?

Or actually I should ask: What is your current Impeccable Question?

If you do not have this question at the forefront of your mind, chances are, and in fact most likely, you are stuck in a self-repeating loop of inner narrative! Where any true changes and moving forward you experience, are just “dumb luck.”
If you want powerful positive change and growth in your life, you need an impeccable question or two.

Your current impeccable question is your rudder. It is that which you use to consciously steer your ship towards expansive positive change. Without such a rudder, you are adrift and can be tossed this way and that by the tumultuous weather of your greatest limiting patterns! And here is the first greatest insight about our current impeccable question.

For me, whenever I do any deep inner exploration work, and I arrive at questions… The answers Always appear – within days. Always!
It has been proven to me again and again that questions are indeed the answers to self-mastery.
The clearer, more raw, authentic, and daring the questions; the more precise, truth filled, and boldly empowering the answers.

And, in action, the more we pull down our barriers and allow ourselves to be truly seen in our unknowing; the more genuine and radically vulnerable we show up in the world – quite simply – the more the Universe honours this, honours us, and showers us in Its Truth and Clear Sight!!

But why seek Questions, rather than Answers?

If you have, like most in the modern world, a lot on your plate and consequently a limited amount of free time for self-work – you really want to get the greatest results from your time investment. You therefore also want to get the greatest output from the least input. Meaning you want to be efficient and do whatever will “move the needle of positive change the most!” This means Seeking Questions.
The very act of seeking opens your mind – so half the challenge to growth is already overcome. Read that again if you need to.

Q: Where should I focus my questions?

Two approaches that are most useful for this:
1. Look at what is limiting you the most, look at your line-of-least-resistance into your lower nature expression and habits etc. Consider transmutation therein – therefore lifting your lowest vibration and all above it, up.

2. Look thoroughly over your menu of possibility and do not simply satisfy yourself with tasty questions from the entree section – juicy and delicate but common and small – like for example: “What else is possible?” (This question is great when you are stuck and need a quick mental adjustment, or to open you back up when you are shut down with statement narrative and judgment consciousness.)

What you really want to do is dive into the main dishes – the impeccable questions. For these will sustain you on the path of possibility and personal growth.

Like always, the concept of impeccability brings forth its own questions:
What is an impeccable question?
How do I create one?
How will I know if my questions are truly impeccable?

Let’s start by looking at their opposite – vague and general questions:
These will give you vague and general answers.
If you want to know, to truly know something, so that conscious change can be made, then you need precise answers, and therefore, precise questions.

The process of shifting your consciousness, from one of vague generalisation to knowing precisely what you need to ask, and how the question needs to be structured, takes you into deeper and deeper levels of clarity. You follow these levels down until you are left with a profoundly precise clear question, with absolutely no unquestioned supposition or sponsoring thoughts present in its makeup.
Then and only then will the question be truly impeccable. And to this clear precision, the Universe will respond with clear precise (and therefore truly useful) answers!

However, what one usually finds is that as we drill down to a precise clear question – many layers of answers appear – simply through the choice and action to shift our awareness from barely engaged, vague generalisation, to full conscious engagement!
And further, we quite often discover that it wasn’t the answers we were truly needing, but usually just our full consciousness present – bringing illumination through that consciousness, to where it is needed most!

Therefore, once we have arrived at the impeccable question, with all its clarity, we then need to explore if we are still seeking its precise answers. To ask if this question is still the rudder of our current situation? I.e. to ask, “Do I still have this question?”

If it feels resolved within, then we would ask, “What is it I am now seeking, what now is my current question? And repeat the journey of deepening to precise clarity again.

If, however, the now impeccable question burns or illumines as exactly what we most want to know – that this knowledge would indeed “move the needle the most” – then we need to take action to empower our question.

Change Requires Focus

This means we need to keep it at the forefront of our consciousness until it is answered or replaced by an even clearer question. We need to brood over it, feed it with feeling – entertain what it would be like, feel like, if we had the answer now.
We need to feel gratitude for it having been answered, to signal to the Universe a genuine interest in the answer – and this we must truly keep at, until we get our answer, or it is superseded by better questions from greater clarity. We must keep the impeccable question alive with our energy.

To do this, all one need do is remember to ask several times a day: “What is my current question?” And feel whether the current question is still The question and feel gratitude for its answer. Simple.

In my experience, the very act of seeking your current impeccable question is in itself an action of liberation. It is the combination of full consciousness with aspirational openness – and there are not many states of focus more inherently powerful and liberating than this combination.

So now I ask again: What is your Current Impeccable Question?

Shared Liberation
Azure Seer

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2 thoughts on “On the Art of Seeking Questions”

  1. Hi Jocah, I’ve been reading and thinking about some of your older posts. I’m reading On The Art Of Seeking Questions 7 January 2020, which is just what I need at the moment. “If you do not have this question at the forefront of your mind, chances are, and in fact most likely, you are stuck in a self-repeating loop of inner narrative! Where any true changes and moving forward you experience, are just “dumb luck.”
    If you want powerful positive change and growth in your life, you need an impeccable question or two.”

    I think that might sum me up quite nicely! You wrote about looking thoroughly over the menu of possibility. I was searching for a link to this to get me started. Couldn’t find it. Is there a link to that which I’ve missed? Hope all is well with you. Sally

    1. Greetings Sally.
      Sorry it has taken me a little while to reply, I am not on here very often at present.

      The words “menu of possibility” are italicised because they are being used to represent a concept, rather than an actual menu I have created. ( I did a minor edit to make that more clear.)

      I outlined the process you would use in the rest of the article.
      In brief, if you have a specific area where you feel stuck, I would start by asking yourself: What precisely do I want to know about this situation?
      This questions is intended to release you from what you currently think and believe about your situation, and to free some space within you, from the story you hold, consciously or unconsciously, about it.
      Allow the first question to start a conversation with yourself.
      I would write it down, and be specific, even naming the situation.

      In my current journey, I am going through a deep level of change on a magnitude I have never before experienced – which is why I am not uploading any new content here at them moment. So, if I was wanting to create an impeccable quesiton about this, I might start with something like:
      What precisely do I want to know about this current change cycle?
      And then allow the questions to unfold naturally…
      Is there anything I am not seeing that would help me navigate this current change cyle?
      If there is anything I am not seeing in my current change cycle, is there something in the way, which I can consciously address?
      Is there a person, a book, or some inner guidance that would help me in my current change cycle?
      What insights can help me to work through my current change cycle with the greatest flow and ease?

      With these sorts of questions, I am being specific, and always including the focus. In the example, “my current change cycle,” to ensure each question stays linked to the point of focus. And you can see that this puts my whole being into a state of “Focused Openness.” I have made space for precise answers now.
      Perhaps one question jumps out or lights up more, if so, I would hold this in my awareness whenever I think about my situation.

      If an Answer appears, I would then use it to re-focus my question.

      Even right now, now that I have written these questions, I realise I can be more precise, as the phrase “my current change cycle” is still very open, a bit vague, and perhaps can be clarified further. As, if I reflect upon my current journey, I do have some insights already.
      I would then go back to the question that seemed potent, and modify it.
      And I also ‘liked’ parts of different questions, so I might blend them.

      “Is there anything I am not seeing that would help me navigate the shift from my old limited self to my new unlimited self with greater flow and ease?”
      Or another tweak might be…
      “Is there anything I am not seeing that would help me navigate the shift, from my limited self to my vast unlimited self, with greater flow and ease?”
      Or even now, a simplification:
      “How can I best navigate the shift from my limited self to my vast unlimited self?”
      “What direct actions can I take, to leap with ease, into the embodiment of my vast unlimited self?”

      With each change I am tightening the focus with more precision. And with each opening, I find my intuition guides my awareness to formulate the new question in a way I couldn’t have conceived of when I began. Seeking Questions IS an action in itself!
      And this last question I am finding potent indeed! My chest has expanded, I am breathing more deeply, and I feel inspiration instead of the weight and discomfort of my current change process. I feel empowered Within the process!

      Does this help? Does it make more sense, and open the way to seeking an impeccable question?
      Cheers and Light

      Haha, looks like I added another article to my article. LOL

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