Gem – Conscious Collaboration with The Divine

The Masters and Great Ones seek beings with whom they can consciously collaborate

Devotion to them, or to Heart Based Values, is beautiful to be sure; but this alone is not enough to bring about positive changes – and in fact can make the work much more difficult. To truly wrought change, requires fully conscious engagement, and objective detachment.

Any form of strong emotion, including devotion, forms a thick cloud of astral substance around the devotee. This cloud, depending on the quality of it, diminishes or blocks to lesser or greater degree, all high-vibrational connections, intuition and the light of Clear Mind.

The caveat to this is that if devotional energies are lifted from the Solar Plexus into the Heart Centre, and are transmuted therein – that is, fused with Clear Mind into Wisdom – then the devotional waters have served their true purpose.

The same is true of Faith. If it be blind, so too is the person; if it is fused with “straight knowledge” the person has the opportunity to be of profound service to those Great Ones who guide Humanity.

“Followers” are never as useful to Divine Beings of Love, as are those who can consciously collaborate with them, to unfold the Great Divine Plan.

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