New Age Practices co-measured against Esoteric History

The Vaster Picture helps us Clearly See, where the World is At!

Nowadays within the New Age, there are on offer, many sensationalised methods to “Achieve Awakening”. Specifically I mean sensation-based and exaggerated. And these generally have little to do with True Awakening. They are fanciful and illusion based, and represent children-leading-children – spiritually speaking!

To realise why this is so, we need to understand the evolution of humanity through time. We need to comprehend the history of how our collective awareness has grown through several of the primary chakras, as our “seat of consciousness”. And we especially need to have a clear understanding of the Root Races, and practices that came into being within them; as well as an accurate working knowledge of the Forces of Darkness and the Law of Karma!

All of this is necessary to safely navigate the deluge of thoughts and perspectives that our modern technology and mental connectedness has afforded us.

Exploring the Root Races

During each of the Great Root Races; Lemurian, Atlantean, and currently Aryan – humanity as a species, awakened and seated its consciousness within a particular chakra. The inherent qualities of that chakra was the “High Point” of human development at that stage in our evolution.

Let’s look at where consciousness was seated throughout each of the root races, and what that meant for the humans of that time.

During Lemurian times, it was seated in the Base and Sacral Centres as a combination – and so we were dominated by our Instincts, and had direct connection to the Etheric parts of the Physical Plane.

In Atlantean times, it was within the Solar Plexus Centre – and so we were anchored into and dominated by our Emotions and Desire. We had not yet awakened the mind, and so the “reasoning faculties” we take for granted, Atlanteans did not have. They did however have clear conscious connection to the Astral Plane – the illusory plane of the emotions, and place most consider the “afterlife”– regardless how they name it.

And now in the Aryan Root Race, we have awakened and seated our consciousness in the Throat Centre, the seat of the concrete mind, and higher correspondence of the Sacral Centre. So the fires of the Mental Plane have become available to us, and thoughtforms are everywhere! Currently we are demonstrating the power of the concrete mind but will eventually awaken the Abstract Mind and therefore have far greater access to Soul level perception.

In the coming root race, still thousands of years away, we as a species will awaken and become fully seated within the Heart Centre – and hence balance the mind and emotions with Wisdom and Love. We will shift our focal point to the Buddhic Plane (the next plane of perception above the Mental Plane) and be collectively anchored into our Intuitions.

We Must Not Judge the Mind

What this means for now, is that as we awaken the full powers of the mind, just as Atlanteans did with awakening the full power of emotions and desire; we are still exploring the possibilities and have not yet developed full comprehension and Wisdom mentally – not yet!

There is nothing inherently wrong with mind or mental development, it’s just that we are like teenagers – lacking maturity as to its right, balanced use. Because thought is creative, it means we have access to far more “raw power” than did the Atlanteans; and like them, without awakening an equal or greater measure of the Heart and Love; our minds, and our emotions (now empowered by our minds), have been running rampant – the world over!

Root Races and Sub-races

Let’s take a step back and look at all of this from a vast expansive perspective.

A planet (globe) is the incarnate body of manifestation of a Great Being, a Planetary Logos. And like us, they need to work through their long journey of awakening each of their chakras and the qualities and awareness that comes from within them – just on an entirely different level. And all of this development is the mirror of us growing from Darkness to Light, from non-sacred to Sacred.

There are 7 primary chakras, and so a globe has 7 root races – each with 7 sub-races. The appearance and flourishing of each of these root races is the manifest form of the particular chakra awakening within the body of the Planetary Logos. The Earth is presently in the 5th sub-race of the 5th root race. So it is the time in its growth where unchecked mind is the most dominant it will ever be – hence the condition we find ourselves in.

However we are also in the cusp of the 6th sub-race, and this, along with the incoming energies of the Age of Aquarius, are what is causing the awakening of a higher degree of Love.
The 6th root race will be when humanity fully embodies the Heart, as its seat of power. But due to the 6th sub-race being a numeric harmonic of this root race, combined with the incoming Aquarian energy of Universality, we are seeing the Heart begin to stretch forth its energies of Love-Wisdom, with growing influence.

Evolution of Practice Is Essential

Another element worthy of exploration, and much needing of clarity and correcting, is our relationship to the practices that came into being within each root race.

Let me start by saying: Older is not necessarily better!
Believing otherwise is to deny the subsequent evolution since the time the practice was developed. In fact, the older a practice, usually the more out of date, less relevant, or useful it is!
We must never forget our pasts, as there is wisdom to be found therein, but for the conscious, our practice should be to take the best of the old and update it with the best of the new – done so with insightful intuitive wisdom.

Let us consider “Shamanism”.
There are various forms that come under this umbrella term; some originated in the latter stage of Lemuria, and others during the Atlantean period. So some practices are related to the Etheric and others to the Astral Plane. In either case, these are archaic practices with minimal value for the Esoteric student. They do not require or call upon the mind per se, as they are essentially astral practices – and hence are dominated by emotional feeling states. They provide one a doorway to the beings in the astral plane, and generally the lower levels therein.

Occasionally an older Soul may be initially drawn to these elementary practices and will have amazing experiences. However this is because of who they are (particularly their spiritual age), what they therefore bring to the table, and not because of the practices themselves.

The Consequences of Misuse

The allure of such visioning practices is totally understandable, considering most humans experience no or negligible inner vision. There is however a reason for this…

During the latter part of the Atlantean Epoch, humanity was overrun by their emotions, by their desirous greed. They abused the Devas of the natural world, especially the Devas of Sound, and brought upon themselves the great cataclysm, due to this abusive avarice!

As a direct result of this, the then Hierarchy of Love – the Masters who embody the Heart Centre of the Planetary Logos – made a decision to “draw down the veil” and essentially cut humanity off from the Deva Kingdom, in effect, removing the majority of their inner vision. This was a choice for the safety of humanity and the Earth.

The veil has remained down for millennia.

There has always been more highly evolved members of humanity, who also have the right karma to see and know and work with the Devas, but they have been the exception throughout history.
However this is changing.

Humanity may finally be ready to “see” again.

Since the 1970’s and the increase in Aquarian energies, more human units have been awakening petals of their Heart chakras; and as a result more Love and Light has been present – to transmute the Darkness.
As a result, more and more Heart Based Values are informing enterprises everywhere.

Due to this greater awakening of Love within humanity, and because of an influx of more highly evolved Souls, it has been deemed necessary and somewhat safe to “lift the veil” – for those prepared and able to do the work and awaken their Hearts. If we are to fully master our minds, Cause and Effect must be seen more clearly, and inner vision can really help with this.

The next step will be conscious collaboration with the Devas once more. But as I said, the veil will not simply be lifted for all of humanity. With our mental development, and therefore both access to, and the ability to control certain Fire Devas, it is only safe to lift the veil for those who are deeply Heart Based and have demonstrated this over an extended duration!

The Devic words of power will not be made available to those who would abuse them and rain down an apocalyptic fire of destruction upon us! No. Heart Based Beings – Masters of Wisdom – would never make power readily available to those who would abuse it.

The New Day Dawning

However, some of humanity are showing signs that they are indeed ready to embrace and embody Selfless Benevolence and Harmlessness – key qualities of the Heart. So pathways are now being opened to offer training to learn the Art of Transmutation that is Spiritual Alchemy.

Alongside the Souls being born who are naturally drawn to this deep inner work; the Beings of Malevolent Intent, who embody the Darkness that needs transmuting, are also busy with their own plans to capture (the focused attention of), and divert these Souls into Dark and Archaic Practices! Thereby reducing the planned numbers within the White Lodge and Warriors of Light.

These Dark Beings have their own skilful emissaries who often appear as Healers and Teachers, promising greatness, wealth and powers. These are the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and they are extremely adept at the art of deception!

An Opening Door

Normally, those of us trained in the work of countering and healing these darkened beings, would stay in the background, working unseen. However the times have changed, and we need to step forward a little, allow ourselves to be more visible, and possibly offer training in these Sacred Arts.
Unlike our Dark Brethren, we offer no riches, greatness or worldly power – but we do offer genuine kinship, Love and a path of True Self-Mastery – never what those who feel disempowered usually seek. These types want the weekend workshop, the quick easy path – but rest assured that approach is the fast track to the Left Hand Path of Darkness!

If you are prepared to serve without glory or recognition. To quietly but powerfully help the world – driven therefore by naught but True Compassion and Benevolence, perhaps you have been “guided” to this site for a reason…

If you feel you have true courage and inner resilience – maybe your future path is here with us?

If not, this too is fine.
It is my hope the information within this Article, and all of my writings on this site, serves you on your journey – wherever it leads you.

In Sight

Azure Seer

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