The Art of Mantras – A Greater Invocation

Part One

What is an Invocation?

Invocation: a form of prayer, mantra or petitioning – calling upon God, a deity, a muse, or some greater power(s), for aid, guidance, energy, protection, inspiration or the like; supplication.
The act of calling upon a spirit by incantation.
An invocation is usually in the form of a rhythmic verse, like a mantra.
To invoke is to call in, from outside oneself.

By contrast, Evocation: to evoke is to call out, or call forth from within oneself. E.g.: to evoke courage or clarity of mind. Affirmations are usually in the form of evocation, as the person is seeking to affirm and call forward what already lies within them.

To elucidate this further, here is an esoteric definition of Mantra:
“A sacred verse or word of power. Mantrams can be seen as the incantations uttered by the religious to bring about specific objectives. They are forms of Words or sacred syllables rhyth­mically expressed so that when sounded produce certain effects. They are used in all forms of magical and meditative practices and are given their potency according to the quality of the devic lives they attract, and which embody the related sound pattern­ings. This is done according to the esoteric knowledge, directed will, and psychic purity of the person or group sending forth the Sound.”¹

Mantras can take the form of either Invocation or Evocation.

Conscious Wise Change is Essential for Growth and Evolution

As we awaken greater mind and mental ability as a species (the goal of the Aryan Root Race); as we come more and more under the influence of the Aquarian Age; our understanding and ability to utilise Ritual and therefore Mantras of invocation and evocation is also increasing.

The science of focused intention combined with language and clear thought has finally been revealed to the people. Yet still the old safe forms that barely rouse any power persist in society. Changes take time to ripple down from the heights of the abstract and into the daily practice of humans.

Also commonly known is the adage: “Life is Change” – and so it is. That which does not change apace with the ever-changing energies of evolution, stagnates, and becomes useless at best, dark at worst. As human minds and cultures evolve, so too must our practices. This is essential – but with wisdom!

Why change the Established Mantras?

Generally speaking, most folk would never consider changing a mantra, especially one that has been given by a Master of Wisdom, globally distributed, and practised for decades. However most folk are also prone to getting stuck in habit patterns, and are resistant to change – even when it is needed. This is the basis of dogma and that which stymies dynamic growth.

On top of this, judging by the numerous mantras I have seen over the years, many do not consider the nature and power of words, thoughtforms, and the impact upon both by the ever-changing cultures and times we dwell in! And if they do, often not deeply enough.

There are many elements of spiritual science behind the power and effectiveness of mantras, which appear to be little known or understood. Therefore, it is wise that most folk do not play with mantras. Changes can make something more effective and powerful, completely ineffective and a waste of time, or sometimes even downright harmful!
So yes, not all changes are good. Truly insightful wisdom is necessary to ensure we are not replacing something great with something lesser or dangerous.

Let us explore some of the Principles underlying effective mantras…

Language is affected by our Culture

I am not fluent in Sanskrit, nor did I grow up in a culture where it was present, so I am not qualified to speak about Sanskrit mantras. I will therefore limit this article to mantras in English. That said, regardless of the language, many points that follow will be equally true for All mantras.

Words are expressions of thoughts, which are expressions of concepts and abstract ideas.
Words often have multiple meanings or layers of meaning. All of those layers and meanings are attached to each word in the collective consciousness. And the meanings of words can differ from culture to culture, but also change through time.

In the beginning, when a word is coined, it may have a singular specific meaning, linked to a singular clear thoughtform, and so it was fresh and new, vital and clear.
But over time, through the evolutionary changes within society, or the word becoming adopted by a different culture altogether, it can take on additional or completely new meanings, and so come to represent several different concepts. When one then uses such a word, all the collective thoughtforms attached to the word are then drawn in and become activated and energised – except in the case of a being perfectly skilled at the control of mental matter, a being who has achieved the 3rd Initiation or above.

Of course this is not a revelation – language is ever evolving. And yet we must use some sort of language in our mantras. The words must therefore be chosen with due care and must be allowed to evolve with society and the thought-o-sphere (the mental portion of the collective consciousness of humanity), to keep the mantra clear and true to intent, as well as avoid the crystallisation that causes stagnation.

An Example for Clarity:

A great example to consider would be the word “Soul”.
For some, it is synonymous with Higher Self or Spirit. For others, it is a distinct inner body, separate from both the Personality and the Spirit. Some see it as immortal, others as having a long duration but still in essence temporary. For others still, the word has no relation to our constitution – but is about consciousness, depth of feeling, or even just a type of music!

If we were to use the word “Soul” in a mantra, the effectiveness of the original intent of the mantra would be directly linked to what meaning each person applied to the word in the first instance; and secondly their power and ability to create a thoughtform of it without inadvertently drawing structure from all other meanings and associations attached to the word at the level of thought.

In order to keep your thoughtform anchored to the singular meaning you intend, you would need to have awareness that much more is attached to the word in the first place, and not just presume the word means what you think. The depth of your understanding defines the limit to the power the word contains or accesses – for you.

Words are only as powerful as the clarity of Thoughtform they represent!

Aside from multiple and changing meanings, we also have the issue of knowing. Unless you know, and deeply as a living truth, the meaning of a word, there is No Point using it in a mantra. Without deep knowing you cannot connect the outer word to its inner living form. Therefore, no true power will be invoked or evoked and the mantra will be all but useless – merely lip service.

This same principle applies to words in other languages. Even if you use a language translator, this will provide only a literal or surface-level meaning, because it is being interpreted outside of the nuances of cultural context and deeper meaning, even more of which gets lost through time.
Therefore, there are layers of knowing in order to embody clarity.

In fact, it is exactly these principles that keep powerful mantras safe for common folk to see and read – for without knowing the deeper meaning of the words they cannot call in the fullest potency, thus keeping themselves and others safe from harm.

In Summary…
Working from the inner to the outer form: Firstly, you must comprehend the abstract concept or idea the thoughtform will become a manifestation of. Next, you must be able to perceive and isolate the specific thoughtform within the fiery substance of the mental plane. And finally, you need to choose the best word to embody that thoughtform, know all of its meanings, and hold focus on a singular one – if possible, including the cultural nuances attached to that meaning. To the degree you can achieve this in clarity, is the degree of power you will be able to access and wield.

Understanding Time is Essential

When considering the potency or effectiveness of a mantra we must consider its relationship to Time. In this context, we can rank mantras as average or great.

“Average” mantras focus on the intention or desired outcome but occurring at some future time. Because of this and the desire based “Wanting Loop”, sadly, most folk will never experience the fulfilment of their intentions.

Let us look at an example, a common desire in the world, to be free of fear. If you say: “I will release my fear”, the outcome is focused in the future. This is the language of a clever procrastination tactic, and really means “I’ll do it later”, or “I’m gonna let go of my fear” – it will never happen with such a weak statement!

In comparison, “Great” mantras focus on the desired outcome as True Now – as already manifest or existing in this moment in time.

If you language your mantra in such a way that it is focused anywhere in time other than “Here Now”, the very act of using the mantra will place your desire even further out of reach. The reason for this is held in the nature of Desire itself.
To desire something is to want for it. The very fact you want it implies you do not have it, else you would not be taking action to get it. Therefore, your action is reinforcing the truth “I do not have it” – which means wanting only creates wanting, and you get firmly stuck within the self-perpetuating “Wanting Loop”! Of course, it is not quite as simple as this.

To circumvent the “Wanting Loop” we must use time or tense to our advantage – rather than disadvantage. The simple yet radical solution is to word mantras like the only affirmations that work: language them as True Now. Following our example around fear, you might say: “I have released all fear”.

Striving to Clear an Obstacle or Limitation

Now let us consider Focused Intent.
Aside from Time, we must also be very careful not to affirm what we don’t want! The Devas of the mental and astral planes, like our subconscious, do not hear qualifiers like “I do not want”, they only hear the subject and bring or empower more of it. Thus, we must never focus strong energy on “what we Don’t Want”, only on what we Do Want!

Sometimes this is difficult, especially when considering how limited the English language is when it comes to positive words, and how abundant it is in negative ones. Nevertheless, we must circumvent this language limitation.

Before we consider our choice of words, we must first ensure we are not going to create or empower the terrible experience of inner conflict and resistance. To avoid this when considering clearing an obstacle, we must name and acknowledge the negative, and then meditate to discover what its positive opposite is. Or what will be present after the obstacle is cleared.

For clarity, let’s look at our previous example. We would never affirm: “I have released my fear”, or beg for the fear to be removed “Please God, take my fear”, despite how good these statements may seem! Instead, we would focus only on its positive opposite, or what would be present after the fear was gone – the true outcome. Therefore, we might say something like: “Let courage guide my actions”.

Even small words can be powerfully affective!

Another nuance which is frequently overlooked is the inherent meaning in small and beautiful words.
As it appears in many mantras I have seen over the years, let’s consider the small word “Let”.

“Let” is literally synonymous with allow. It means you are giving permission for the subject that follows it to happen or occur, sometime in the future, if the conditions are met. It is not a solid or powerfully effective word, for while permission is essential, it is not a word invoking action!

Consider this insightful example:
You say to the Divine, “Let me be filled with Light”. And the Divine looks at you and says, “I hear your permission and allowing, you have My permission as well, for I agree, you can be filled with Light, in fact it is your birthright”.
And you might reply, “Great – let it happen, please fill me with Light”.
The Divine then says, “All you need to do is remove the obstacles and limiting patterns in your nature, then reach upwards-within, and you will become Light filled, my response will then be automatic!”

As you can see giving permission does not directly equate to a call to action!
However, we should note here that the very act of reaching up towards The Divine, will raise your vibration, which will assist in clearing your obstacles and limitations.

If we look at this from the perspective of the Devas that embody Light, that are Light – they do not have Freewill. This means unless they are commanded, they do not act. So, giving Light permission, is not enough – we must speak in the language the Devas will respond to – a clear statement or command of the goal or action.

A Note of Caution re: Karma!

Because of this lack of Freewill, the Devas must embody our commands, therefore, if your command is not Heart Based, you will draw great Karmic Woe upon yourself – right there and then, and/or in a future life.

Following our previous example: You have realised you want to free yourself of fear so you experience courage… And you say: “Let courage guide my actions”. This means courage is allowed to guide your actions, it is not a given.
A far more powerful mantra could be: “Courage guides my every action”, “My actions are courageous”, “I embody courage at all times”, or “I am bold, confident and courageous”.

Can you feel the difference in energy between these and the first attempt: “I will release my fear”?
These four versions are all focused on the positive outcome and are written as True Now – like all Great Mantras!

Part Two

What is The Great Invocation?

The Great Invocation is a mantra given to the world by Master Djwhal Khul (DK), via Alice A Bailey. Originally three separate parts were given, but today only the last part, released in 1945, is widely distributed and used.

It was always intended by DK that this Invocation Mantra would become a worldwide prayer, calling down the Divine, and empowering both humanity and the earth through the qualities of the Divine Trinity – Light and Love and Power.

Original 1945 Version:

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Changing The Great Invocation

Decades on in the year 2000, the Lucis Trust (who hold the copyright for all of Alice Bailey’s works) released an Adapted Version which they believe will create greater universal appeal in the world, and therefore greater use. They have made several changes to update the mantra in alignment with modern sensibilities and language.

On their website are these statements²: “The Great Invocation was always intended by the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul, to be given mass distribution and to become a world prayer. Now, in an increasingly pluralistic and multicultural world, the need is to continue to make the Great Invocation accessible to as many people as possible.”

Also: “Many religions believe in a World Teacher, a “Coming One”, knowing him under such names
as the Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, the Kalki Avatar, the Bodhisattva, and the Messiah. These terms are
sometimes used in versions of the Great Invocation for people of specific faiths.”

Adapted 2000 Version:

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into human minds.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into human hearts.
May the Coming One return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide all little human wills –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the human race
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Do these changes go far enough?

The short answer is No.

It is said in our growing secular society, that an increasing number of people have lost connection with Religion, are leaving The Church, are opposed to Patriarchy, and are looking for a more Universal Spiritual orientation to their lives.

These people are often uncomfortable with the terms God and Christ, finding them all too Christian/Catholic, and the products of Churchianty. They are often also sensitive to the terms Men and Man that they believe do not include women or other sexes and gender identities, despite them being derivatives of our species, Human Beings.

I believe the New Age is filled with people with loving hearts and good intentions, all looking for something more, something deeper, something truly Universal. Some still believe in a Divine Presence or Being “out there”, and still wish to help create a world filled with Love and Light.

To these people some of the language of The Great Invocation, in its Original or Official Adapted Version, would be a barrier to them using it. However, with a little more attention to language, I know The Great Invocation can also have appeal to these peoples.

Through several meditations I was guided to assist in updating this Great Mantra.
The changes we are suggesting are based on the principles that are shared by Lucis Trust regarding their “Adapted Version”, combined with all you have just read, and will read, about the meaning and energies of words and therefore language changing through time. But deeper than this – not just the words themselves, but the thoughtforms behind them, or those that are linked to them!

Language is indeed a living thing, and therefore Mantras using common words, in common language, need to also evolve – or else they get left behind at best, or become dark at worst.
The highpoint of some ancient spiritual paths are indeed dark practices by today’s standards e.g.: the offering of human hearts to the Gods!

All expressions of spiritual practice must adapt to the times. Or else they run the risk of concretising and losing their life and power – if ever they had such.

On the Meaning of Words

As explored earlier, it is clear to all who focus on conscious creation that we do not wish, ask or beg for the things we want to appear on earth – we must affirm them as if they are already true – thus giving clear instructions to the Devas at all levels of manifestation.

With this in mind, it is clear there are troublesome word choices in The Great Invocation. Words that only mean or represent “possibility”, rather than a definite outcome or occurrence.

The following example is useful to reiterate the problem of the word “Let”: “Let Light descend on Earth”. This literally means Light has permission to descend on Earth – it does not state that Light is present, here now. “Let” is synonymous with Permit, Consent, and Allow – and nothing more.

Another problematic word “May”. Appearing in this line: “May Christ return to Earth”? When you look up synonyms of May, you get Might, Can and Could. Not at all the language of a strong invocation. To demonstrate how weak this is as a statement, let us swap them for the word “May”:
“Might Christ return to Earth”, “Can Christ return to Earth”, or “Could Christ return to Earth”. All just insipid wishful statements!

Two further points of note

One word that definitely adds great power to our revised and updated Great Invocation is the word: Manifest. As in IT IS MANIFEST! In the context it is used, it means powerfully present and fully embodied, right here, right now! It is a statement of FACT – there is no doubt, no vague possibility, IT IS! And this is what a Mantra of Power needs in its words!

The second point worthy of consideration is Simplicity, Rhythm and Repetition. There was definite room to anchor the mantra even more in this way – without any compromise of its core meaning and intent.
The less words the more concise the mantra, the broader the appeal, and the less opportunity for misinterpretation.
With rhythm we can draw the attention of the Gandharvas – the celestial angelic musicians of ancient India, the Devas of music and sound – great allies for bringing forth the intent of the intoned words.

With all of these considerations in mind, I was guided over the last two years to rework The Great Invocation. With each change, both subtle and distinct, the mantra became more potent. Let’s now look at each Stanza and explore the changes made and the reasoning underlying them.

Exploring each Stanza of The Great Invocation
First Stanza:

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

For the broadest appeal we only have the problematic words “God” and “men”, so we can easily swap these out. “Mind of God” can be changed to “Divine Mind”, and “minds of men” the Lucis Trust already adapted to “human minds” – both of which easily create appeal to non-religious folk, and those of us who see issues with Patriarchy.
Then with the last line, it starts with “Let”, and as we have determined, this is a weak word that does not fully achieve what we truly want – Light upon the Earth. This needs the language of true, now.

Second Stanza:

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

Here we simply swap out “Heart of God” with “Divine Heart”, and change “hearts of men” to “human hearts”.
With this stanza we need to also swap out “Let” – and “Love streams forth”, does this perfectly.
And then with the last line: A consideration we made was to not adopt “the Coming One” in place of “Christ” as suggested in the Adapted Version. Our reasoning for this is simple. The Coming One is not a title anchored necessarily to the Divine. The Antichrist is considered by many to be Coming… and therefore the term Coming One could just as easily be attributed to this One!!

As an alternative, we contemplated replacing “Christ” with “World Teacher”, which is in keeping with the quality of the Sacred Coming Ones in many of the world’s religions. This title is also esoterically accurate, as the position of Christ, is that of the World Teacher. However, World Teacher is also not specific enough – as Hitler probably thought of himself as a World Teacher, and certain of the world’s current Billionaires likely think this of themselves! The obvious choice therefore became “Divine Teacher” which aligns to Love with far more certainty.

In the end however, it became obvious that to focus on the Christ or Divine Teacher specifically was focusing on the How, and not focusing on the Outcome. A common understanding in the awareness of conscious creators is, it is best to focus on the Goal or Outcome and allow the Universe or the Divine to work out How – which is most wise considering how much vaster is the Divine Mind!

The purpose or goal of the Christ or Divine Teacher is to bring the teachings necessary to ground Divine Love on Earth, clearly this is a method or way – this is a How.
While Christ is the embodiment of Love, it is Love being present on earth that is of greatest importance, not so much the being who brings the teachings. He is just a vessel in service to the Plan, and like all truly Heart Based Beings or Masters, would certainly prefer the focus to be on the teachings, energies and outcomes, rather than He Himself – if “He” will even be appropriate in the next reappearance!
In the process of creation, it is always better to focus on and affirm the goal, not the means. The Christ is the means – the goal is that Love is manifest on Earth, and this Principle is the best focus for this line.

Third Stanza:

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

This line specifically refers to Shamballa – this is the “Centre” of which it speaks. The place where Divine Will is known – the Head Centre of the Planetary Logos. And this line too can be made more powerful and clear.
There is a vast difference between Knowing and Embodying Truth. It is easy enough to Know Truth, but a quite different matter to Embody and Live it! To embody it is far more powerful.
With the second line, of course we removed “Let”, and changed the line to present tense. We also made sure All of humanity was included. And we have decided to remove the word “little” in reference to human will. While it is true that our will is indeed small compared to Divine Will, our will has huge impacts on earth, and we do not want to limit this line in any way by using a qualifier like “little”.

The last line is a useless statement to make – that the Masters know and serve Divine Purpose is at the heart of what makes them Masters. Us affirming that they Serve Divine Purpose is therefore of no value in this mantra. They know they know, we do not need to confirm such a thing!

Fourth Stanza:

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

The “race of men” or “human race” are the embodiment of a particular centre within the body of the Planetary Logos. This is the deeper meaning in this line.
Again we swap out “Let”, and we consider time – affirming “the Plan of Love and Light” as already manifest, so it is concise and clear, and aligned to the desired outcome.

The Plan to seal the door to the dwelling place of evil is an important step, but it is just a step. After that door is sealed, there is still the Huge Task of clearing all the evil already present on earth! And of course, we do not want to seal the door and trap evil on earth, we must be quite specific here!
The earth is getting closer to becoming a Sacred Planet, one where low-level, dark vibrations are unable to manifest – the Plan of Love and Light is indeed working out. It is therefore important to align this line to the outcome of this Plan, to the earth Being Sacred in the Present, as well as the Door Being Sealed with the dark ones and evil energies all Outside the earth – otherwise it is only a half measure!

Current Final Line:

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

All that is needed for this line is to change the tense, as it is already clear and concise.

Beyond this, we have also re-included the final line of the first part of The Great Invocation, offered to the world by DK in 1935. We have changed the tense to true now, and re-written the last section to focus on us standing and taking the needed action.

New Final Line:

So let it be, and help us to do our part.³

The forces invoked by The Great Invocation must be given permission by humanity, for the Great Ones of Shamballa and Hierarchy would never interfere with our Freewill. While permission is implied in words like “Let” or “May”, it is more potent if we state this permission implicitly. This is summed up clearly in the words “So let it be”. However, for maximum effectiveness it now becomes: “So Now It Be” – thus avoiding once again the limitations of the word “Let”.

The second part of the original line is also genuinely useful and deserves to be included.
We must affirm that we are prepared to act in accordance with The Plan, and do our part, which this line achieves perfectly. However, beseeching help is an unnecessary repetition, as the entire mantra is intended to Invoke Divine Support! It is far better if we Stand in the Power we are already endowed with, and from this place, take action. “As we stand and do our part” is far more pro-active! It is a statement of Action – and a far better note to end the mantra with.

And finally, after this, we always choose to end with OM.
We do this simply to re-affirm our alignment to Divine Love – which is what we want at the heart of our every thought, word and deed.

A Greater Invocation

Bringing all these Principles, revisions, and updates together, let me introduce you to A Greater Invocation…

For decades, people all around the world have invoked an allowing of the Divine to appear on Earth – and this has been essential. And now a response. It is time to be bold and daring, time to update the Invocation. We have been giving our permission, Now let us Manifest the Divine Plan – Here on Earth!

A Greater Invocation

From the point of Light within the Divine Mind
Light streams forth into human minds
Light is manifest on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Divine Heart
Love streams forth into human hearts
Love is manifest on Earth.

From the centre that embodies the Divine Will
Purpose now guides all human wills
Purpose is manifest on Earth.

From the centre embodied as the Human Race
The Plan of Love and Light is manifest
Sacrosanct is the Earth!

Light and Love and Power has restored The Plan on Earth.
So Now It Be! As we stand and do our part.

If you would like to hear the Spoken Mantra:


NB: Obviously, if you are using this with a group of people, it is imperative you all have the same understanding of all the concepts that are referenced, for without unity, the power and effectiveness of the mantra will be diminished.


1. The School of Esoteric Sciences – Glossary: Mantra

2. Lucis Trust website:

3. Ponder on This, an Alice A Bailey Compilation, Pg: 175 of the Twelth Printing, 2019

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