Should We Always Illumine The Darkness?

An exploration of the responsibilities of all spiritually aware, Heart Based Beings.

Especially of the “Lumineers”; those esoterically trained in “Divine Alchemy – wielding light in service of all beings”.

What should we do when we witness Evil or Darkness?
Is it ever correct to Not remove or clear the Malevolent or Dark Energies?
Is it ever right to leave someone suffering when we are capable of helping?

It is always correct to err on the side of compassion! To strive to relieve suffering – and all in Darkness are suffering. So, we must endeavour to “Bring Light where there is Darkness, and Love unto the Love-less” – as states the Archangel Uriel’s Vow to Humanity, and a key ethic that Divine Alchemists live by.

What about Karma?

Karma will attend to itself!
If a thing has a course it must run, it will; despite any Love or Light one can offer. However, the given Love and Light will make enduring the Karma a little easier; will make the load a little lighter.

It is the role of all Beings of Love, to give Love – no matter what. No matter the circumstances, no matter the person. We should Never withhold Love or Divine Light. Yes, we must be wise in its dispensing and application, but withhold it – Never! To withhold Love is another rapid path to Darkness! To withhold Love is an embodiment of Cold Indifference – no matter how it is dressed up!

The caveat to this injunction to “Always Give”, is that all energies a person receives will follow, and therefore empower, their line-of-least-resistance. Sometimes it is the Role of Love to remove or withdraw energies – like in conditions that would be classified as inflammatory. A wise person never adds fuel to a fire, thus, causing greater suffering!

But, even in this scenario, if one lacks the awakened development to know for sure whether to withdraw or give energies (or one and then the other), it is far better to take actions of Lovingkindness, than to stand by and do little to nothing – the Karma of Inaction is a terrible impediment to endure when it returns!

If you cannot yet see, you can still take action!

For those spiritually focused people who cannot truly see, and are not yet knowers, those still upon the Mystic Path of the Devotee, not yet Occultists; it is better to Beseech Divine Support on behalf of those suffering. At least then, permission has been given to the Divine and its initiated workers to take the needed actions. To directly assist in giving people their best chance to make Free choices.

What about Non-Interference and Freewill?

Those who have Dark Energies within them, on any level, draw to themselves Dark or Low-Level Beings through the Law of Like Attracting Like, and are then adversely affected by these Beings. In clearing the Dark Energies or Beings, we are actually restoring a greater degree of Autonomy and Freewill to the person.

Of course, one could ask: What about their “Free Choice to align with Darkness?”

Firstly, let us state with certitude that those who consciously and of their own Free Informed Will, seek to align with and therefore become Dark, are Rare Indeed!
Then note that, the degree of Heartless Will required for this accomplishment will make the person impervious to the work of all but the most skilled and experienced of Alchemists. And those who are capable of this level of Divine Work are also extremely knowledgeable about the finer aspects of Freewill, Interference, and Manipulation – and therefore, never attempt what should never be done.

Secondly, for all the rest, the answer is very simple – anyone with Dark Energies within them, which are all who are not yet fully enlightened, is being manipulated. Subtly or overtly – their Freewill is already compromised – is not truly “their own”! The mischievous, desperate, or malevolent interference (from Entities, Disincarnate Humans, or Dark Beings respectively) is given entrance through our own ignorance or suffering – side effects of still requiring physical incarnations towards enlightenment, and the result of learning through trial and error, as we all do. Hence, our “Freewill” is a relative one – we are not truly Free, until we have achieved mastery over our Personality Vehicle, and have fused it with our Soul; what is, in the Ageless Wisdom Tradition, termed the 3rd Initiation.

The Role of Benevolent Service

For an Initiated Occultist aligned to the Path of Divine Love and Light, and particularly to those trained in Spiritual Alchemy – the Transmutation of Darkness to Light – the call of Benevolent Selfless Service takes the form keeping the Dark Ones in check, as much as the Law of Karma and the Right of Free Choice permits. It must be re-noted here that as incarnate human beings, we already have the right to draw down to earth as much Love and Light and Power as we are capable of invoking. If one has evolved to the degree of understanding their own Divine Birthright, then this conscious action is part of our duty. The Awakened Heart will settle for nothing less. The older must always help the younger, as parents do their children.

Know therefore, that clearing the Dark Energies and influences temporarily restores a person to their natural condition, thus, enabling decision-making that is far “Freer” than they had before the Loving Luminous Support. It is Heart Based Love in Action, not “interference”. And it is a great and kind service to offer others on the Path, or in fact, all folk.

This said, if we perpetually and only clear Darkness, this work will fill our days for eternity. We must also offer meditations and teachings to guide all folk to live Heart Based Lifestyles; so they stop Attracting and opening the Doors to Darkness, and instead, start opening to and Attracting Love and Light. This is how we Change the World!

Harm to Any is Harm to All!

In the final analysis, if you are not yet aligned to the Principle of “Conscious Love in Action”, let me ask you this:
If your foot was hurt, would your brain not tell you to try and soothe and heal it, despite it not being part of the brain itself?
If you are a parent of children, pets, or plants, and something or someone was causing them harm, would you sit by and just allow them to suffer?
If you have an Awakened Heart and feel a connection with humans or animal kind, the world over; do you not feel called to work for Human or Animal Rights, for Freedom and Self-Determination?

The truth is, we are all one, One Sphere of Life, whether you know this as Truth yet or not. All harm caused, is harm to Life – and we are all expressions of Life – therefore, we must take action to honour and protect it from harm!

Tools for Transformation

Hopefully my words have stirred the Love within you, and you can now feel the Higher Desire to take Heart Based Action in life and the world. In small ways to help alleviate the obvious harm and suffering being caused; and, it is my hope, some of you will feel the pull to step up and learn the Art of Divine Alchemy within the Ageless Wisdom Tradition; and therefore, help in large, unobvious, and essentially invisible ways.

If the former is what you are currently comfortable with, this is perfectly fine. Listen to the call of your Heart and pick an avenue of society or the world where harm and suffering are present. Firstly, look to see what you can do to reduce your own contribution to it – and clear this from within you. Then, secondly, find an avenue of action you can take, in Selfless Service, within this greater field – and give it your very best.
Preference should be given to finding or creating a group focused on this needed work. This is important, as the Heart is a collective organ and as such can only fully awaken in the context of a Heart Based Group. Individuals are prone to continue embodying aspects of separateness, and as such, remain vulnerable to unconscious manipulation by Low-Level or Dark Beings, due to these beings’ great powers of separatism and duality! To best protect ourselves from this likelihood, we must work in groups of three or more, so we can anchor and embody the Divine Trinity.

If you feel the pull of the latter, to work in the subtle energetic realms; perhaps the path of Divine Alchemy is calling you to take the radical step of leaping beyond your comfort bubble, into the vast unknown. If this is the case, then I invite you to reach out to me, and I will do my best to serve your Higher Calling. ♡

In Luminous Love
Azure Seer

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