Question – Guidance for Your Next Step

Q: What book or words of another, will best empower my awakening to the next level of my Enlightened Self?

Frequently in life, we find ourselves dancing with the desire for positive change.
Some people leave it as a wishful thought.
Others trust the synchronicity of life to “bring them what they need”.
But for those of us walking the path of life with consciousness, when we recognise the desire for change, we grab hold of it.

We do this because we recognise that the universe responds to “what we put out”, it resonates with us, and it mirrors the patterns we dwell in. Therefore, rather than risking our limiting patterns being our universal calling card – we work consciously – to draw to us the most useful and appropriate guidance possible.
This we do with Conscious Questions.

The question in this post is a powerful response and action we can choose, when we become aware of any of the following within ourselves…

That we:

  • Find ourselves “looking for a book”
  • Recognise we’re a bit stuck and need help
  • Are seeking questions
  • Are desiring inspiration
  • Find we are consciously open to guidance for growth

But like I said… For a conscious person, we seek consciously, and with clear intent. Therefore if we are going to seek words of wisdom, why not intention that they be exactly the ones we need for our next step, AND in alignment with our unfolding enlightenment?
Why waste an opportunity to aim for our highest good?

We could also reword the question a couple of other ways, depending on what sits best with our particular spiritual journey…

Q: What book or words of another, will best empower my awakening to, and embodiment of, my Higher Self?

Q: What book or words of another, will best empower my next step on the path of Awakening and Enlightenment?

Happy Reading (when you find your book or website) 🙂

Azure Seer

Like all true power questions, this question is expansive in nature, through directing you inwards rather than outwards. It is a question that liberates.

And… this question, like all good questions, is one to sit with. It guides your consciousness into a space of direct experience. It is not intended to be answered intellectually. Keep asking it. Keep seeking that which it focuses your awareness into. Enjoy.

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