Question – Biggest Current Limitation

Q: What is holding me back the most right now?

This question is a great one to ask when we feel stuck.
No point beating around the bush, let us directly seek that which is most limiting us – and work on clearing it.

Often many “smaller” problems are resting on the foundation offered by a larger one. So to be efficient, let’s go straight to the foundation – if we can. Sometimes we need to work through many layers before the core is revealed. But fortunately this question is general enough to bring our awareness to what we “most” need to address at this time!

Once you can see what is holding you back – choose to take action towards changing this in your life, even if only one small step is possible right now.
Be open to creative solutions and ideas you may never normally consider – because chances are, this limitation has been within you for some time.
This being so, it is wise to remember: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. So you need to be genuinely open to doing things differently!
That is, if you truly want to change and grow.

Here’s to bold pointy questions, and embracing the discomfort of change that liberates us.

Cheers, Light and Insight

Azure Seer

Like all true power questions, this question is expansive in nature, through directing you inwards rather than outwards. It is a question that liberates.

And… this question, like all good questions, is one to sit with. It guides your consciousness into a space of direct experience. It is not intended to be answered intellectually. Keep asking it. Keep seeking that which it focuses your awareness into. Enjoy.

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