On The ‘Power’ of Glamour

Spiritual Glamour is a Roadblock to Awakening and Genuine Service

As we know, Glamour is: distorted or coloured perception at the emotional level, as Illusion is the same at the mental level. Glamour is the glass darkly through which we see, or the rose-coloured glasses, that tint our perception from the real to the desired. Glamour most certainly blocks one from genuine Heart-Based Perception – we lose sight of the authentic truth, in favour of our coloured, emotional version of truth.

When we succumb to Glamour, we are in fact giving preference to an appearance, rather than reality. As such, we become unable to see reality as it is. And this is why Glamour is one of the greatest blocks on the Spiritual Path. To be free from Glamour, we must achieve and maintain Desirelessness and Nonattachment, built upon the bedrock of Nonjudgment.

Glamour expresses within us, as the stories or narratives we tell about ourselves, others, and life itself. Any time we colour, distort, or hide the Truth, or when we allow our mental emotions to fill us with the fear of being seen as we truly are – warts and wonderful – we are lost to the Mists of Glamour.

Glamour is built upon Judgment. It is our judgments that something, anything, ourselves, are “not enough,” exactly as they are, that fuels the Glamour-producing tendency. We tell stories, we cover and hide the truth with facades, lies and stimulating excitement – anything to make us Feel Better about the situation, thing, or ourselves that we have negatively judged.

Glamour Relies on Attachment and Fear

Whenever we are invested in a particular idea, concept, occurrence, or outcome – we are then predestined to see that which we desire, instead of the Truth. We will actively dress up the less exciting, or tear down the truly beautiful, anything to force reality to align with our desirous attachments.

Glamour is that which keeps us circling in the astral consciousness of the un-real and illusory. It is False Evidence Appearing Real – for FEAR and Glamour are inextricably linked in a loop of perpetual mutual creation. We must project what we think others want to see – for we believe if we are truly seen, or seen truly, we will be Judged and Rejected – just as certainly as we judge and reject all that does not fit within our Desired World or Worldview! Fear powerfully drives Glamour, and Glamour empowers Fear.

Glamour is Beguiling and Loud

Glamour is a beguiling force. Many are those who seek emotional stimulation, addicted to either feeling high or low, and often firmly stuck on the swinging pendulum of both! These excited emotions agitate one’s aura, and our perceptions are then akin to looking through disturbed waters – completely distorted. As Fear of not being good enough, fear of rejection, and self-judgment are at the core of these addictive choices and behaviours, we deplete ourselves energetically – forcing our vibration into very low states – and therefore far from our high-vibrational consciousness.

Because many are caught in the cycles of seeking emotional and sensory stimulation, instead of seeking the true feelings of Love and Intuition, this over-stimulated state becomes a barometer through which all life is gauged and interpreted. Loud Agitation becomes the Norm for these folk, such that if they do manage to have a moment of truly Heart-Based Perception, they do not recognise its significance, and dismiss it as irrelevant. They would say “this doesn’t resonate with me,” because the me they are most identified with is their Personality, and not their Higher Self, trying to reach them through their quiet inner voice.

Vast in number are those who have lost touch with their Hearts. Lost and wandering within the Glamour Mists. Devitalised and blocked from clear connection to their Higher Selves, and all the wisdom contained therein. However, if they do by some good fortune, recognise and choose to seek their Heart-Based Perceptions, the agitation, addictive emotional stimulation, and Glamour itself, will lose its appeal.

However, many have been so emotionally stimulated for so long (both highs and lows), that they have lost touch with the still quiet voice of Love within themselves.
They cannot see with Eyes of Love.
They cannot hear with Ears of Love.
They cannot feel the difference between their highly charged emotions and actual Love.

Add to this the extreme emotional stimulation that modern life affords us, with its “If I want it, I can have it” attitude; the perceived need to always look a certain way or risk rejection by one’s peers; the instant gratification available through the internet; and the sheer abundance of our capitalist society – and we have in essence not just become adrenaline addicts, but also emotional stimulation junkies! Sadly, both of these patterns are very low-vibrational. They keep one trapped within the limits of the Personality Self and its mundane and temporary existence.

We Serve because it is Right, rather than, because it feels good!

The necessary tasks we most need to do on the Spiritual Path do not stimulate the emotions at all, and in fact are more abstracted, and very often judged and denounced as “mundane.” This is because they lack in Glamour, in perceived prestige, or the power to draw adulation – they are therefore seen as dull and boring. “When there’s no emotional connection, the usual reaction is boredom and disinterest.”¹

Many get swept away from the Heart Path, and shift their focus off what needs doing, and onto what stimulates their desires and satiates their narrative – the very opposite direction of Spiritual Awakening. Emotional control is essential for achieving Enlightenment and this is a great challenge and problem for those who live by their emotions!

Disciples and Seekers on the Path need to cultivate mental fuel, rather than rely upon the ever-changing, illusory emotions to motivate them. We need to let go of “doing it because it feels good,” and instead rely on doing because it is “The Right Thing to do.” We need to see truly, and know what is needed, by letting go of all emotional stimulation and centring in the Heart’s Wisdom – then from there, Choose to Take Action – both big and small.

We must shed any and all concerns about how we will be Seen by Others, and now instead, that we are doing what we must do, because it is aligned to the Divine Plan. And most certainly we must let go of the opinions of others as any sort of influence on our choices and actions!

Sometimes our work will be completed without any notice or acknowledgement – in fact this is common for those on a genuine Path of the Heart. The Heart-Based Person never blows their own horn and would rather be left in peace to do their work, than to have the eyes of the world upon them. It is those caught up in Glamour and their need for validation that make the most noise in life. Meanwhile the Wise, are simply getting on with their work.

Like Stupidity, Glamour Seeks Company

Because the Practice of Glamour is built upon qualities that lack true strength, it needs fortification from an external source. In order to thrive it depends upon the continual validation of others. To receive this, it must stimulate the Herd Instinct within humanity. As a result, Glamoured people are drawn to each other, another case of Like Attracting Like, but much stronger than usual, due to these glamoured states requiring that external strengthening to survive. People with similar patterns flock together and reinforce each other’s ideas – for better or worse. In the case of severely limiting Glamours, the resultant amplification can cause and trigger dangerous delusion-based violence.

The one with Glamour is so cut off from their Heart and true sense of self that if they do manage to see through their Glamour, and therefore their emotions are no longer stimulated, the patterns supporting the Glamour fall back in on themselves and can shatter many other Glamours at the same time. With this sudden shift in their perception, the person may have no idea who they are or no longer feel aligned with the people they use to. A crisis of identity and meaning in life ensues for them, as all that felt alive and brilliant in their world suddenly appears very dull. A deep gnawing loneliness can also envelop them at this point. This is a difficult stage in the journey of liberation – the experience is much like what happens if a heavy coffee drinker suddenly goes cold turkey, or someone with great fame and notoriety unexpectedly falls ill-of-favour and is completely ignored – these people Crash Hard, especially psychologically! Such is what awaits those who do not actively cultivate healthy Heart-Based Awareness and habits in life.

Another side effect from Emotional Stimulation Addiction, is that what is Right and True also appears to the Glamoured person as lifeless and dull – through Rose-Coloured Glasses, subtle beauty is invisible! Living in a state of continual over-stimulation blocks our ability to see all that is refined and authentically beautiful, and also to appreciate the power inherent in stillness. This is a tragedy, as it is only through resting our awareness within our inner stillness that we can even perceive the Right, the True and the Genuinely Beautiful. Without still emotions, we are living in Illusions of the most limiting kind.

Once we let go of Glamour and take the necessary time to anchor our perceptions within our Heart, we can then begin to recognise others who are also Glamour-Free. We can then strive to join with them in the shared consciousness of the Heart – thus healing all sense of isolation and loneliness and creating the best conditions for shared Service in the world.

Tools for Transformation

To clear and release anything within us, we must always work from Above-Down – always with a higher or greater energy than that of the problem or limitation, and clearing Glamour is certainly no exception.

Ultimately the Mists of Glamour must be cleared with the Light of the Soul.
To make this possible, we must free ourselves from identification with our body and emotions and polarise ourselves within the realm of the illumined mind. In order to achieve this, we can use the power of Clear Questions to orient to clear mind, thus aligning higher than our emotions.

Here are some questions you may consider:

Q: In what areas of my life am I concerned about the opinions of others?

Q: Where and how do I censor myself, in order to fit in or receive positive praise from my peers?

Q: Where am I afraid to be seen as I truly am, causing me to keep up appearances?

Q: What tasks do I really need to give my attention to, but am judging as dull and therefore avoiding or doing half-heartedly?

Q: Am I only interested in Service Work that stimulates my excitement or other emotions?

Q: Do I cultivate and hold the state of Always Considering the Genuine Needs of Others?

Q: What and whom do I judge in life?

Q: What Narrative or Story do I constantly tell myself?

Q: What am I truly Attached To?

Q: What do I strongly Desire?

The answers to these questions will reveal areas you can explore to see if you are being truly authentic, or if you are allowing your emotions to colour and control your self-expression and thoughts.

Work to release all Facades, layers of Identity, and any needs you believe you have to be anything other than who you truly are.

In Clear Light

Azure Seer

1. Quote by Lance Kelly

Further Reading

To read more on the Definition of Glamour and its relationship to Sentimentality and the 2nd Initiation, please see my earlier Article: The Challenge of Spiritual Glamour

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