On The Esoteric Full Moon

Why the “Aquarian” Full Moon?

With each year as we travel deeper and deeper into the Age of Aquarius, the yearly sign of Aquarius (20 Jan – 19 Feb) takes on both greater significance and greater potency.

The Full Moon during this sign, called by lay folk and exoteric astrologers “The Leo Full Moon”, is the time when Aquarian energies are pouring into the planet most strongly.

Let me explain a little about why in Esoteric Astrology we consider the full moon during the solar sign of Aquarius, “The Aquarian Full Moon”.

The Moon is a Dead World

It is not life sustaining, capable of generating light, nor of truly influencing life – any more than a rock does. For this is what it is, a big dead rock. Its mass and orbit around the earth is the only reason it has influence on the waters of the world at all. It is a previous world in decomposition – all its own energies are in decay, not radiatory potency. All other Luna influences are due to its relationship with the Sun.

When the Moon is full, it is not its light we are seeing, it is Sunlight bouncing off its rocky lifeless surface… and the qualities of that light, are those of the Sign which the Sun is traversing at that time. For the Sun is massively magnetic, unlike the tiny pulling power of the Moon. Think how far out Pluto is, and yet still held in orbit around the Sun.

The Sun draws forth energies from the Sign it is in, and when in alignment at the time we call the Full Moon, it pours those energies onto and into the earth – from both sides.
To visualise the current alignment: Aquarius, Sun, Earth, Moon – in this order.

During the 7 day New Moon period, 2 weeks prior; all the energetic pathways of exactly where those energies will go into and around the earth, are set up. The preparations are laid for the full energisation during the 5 day Full Moon period.

We will still feel some Leonine energies during this period, as there is an alignment in place, with the Sign of Leo at the far end, beyond the Moon. However there will never be as much Leonine energy present, as the Moon cannot pull in anywhere near as much energy as the Sun!

Esoteric verses Exoteric

For some, this esoteric explanation could be clashing within you, conflicting with your exoteric beliefs about astrology and the Moon. If this is happening, ask yourself this…

Q: At what time during any Starsign is the peak moment for the energies of that sign to pour down into the earth?

Of course there will be month-long, incoming, background energies, qualified by the Sign the Sun is traversing… but what of the energisation? What other time during a Celestial Month is the point of potency… if not the Full Moon?

It’s Truly an Energetic Dipole

One could say we are dealing with a duality of energies – Aquarius and Leo – as both are in alignment with the Sun, from our perspective on Earth. This touches then on the very heart of Astrology – in that we are always looking at the stars, from the Earth, and not from the Sun, which is at the centre of our Solar System.
So from the perspective of the Earth, the Sun is drawing in Aquarian energies the entire time it is travelling through the sign of Aquarius – including the time of the Full Moon.
This understanding is why it is called the “Sign of Aquarius” during this time period of the year, and not Leo!

It is also this intense down-pouring of qualified Solar Light that makes people go a little bonkers, and get called Luna-tics, during the Full Moon – for this is the time of greatest energisation during each Astrological Sign.

Now let us consider why the Full Moon during Aquarius is growing in importance

To look into this we need to understand the “Precession of the Equinoxes” – namely the Great Ages through which our Solar System travels, or is in alignment with.

From the perspective of Earth, we travel through the Great Wheel in reverse order. And we are in each sign for approximately 2500 years.

Moses appeared at the end of the Age of Taurus, and there was plenty of symbolism that represented the reverence for and then cessation of worship of the Great Bull – as the next Astrological Age came in.

After Taurus came the Age of Pisces, the fish, and with it the great empowerment of Faith and Devotion, key qualities of the Sixth Ray, of the Astral Plane, and of Piscean consciousness therefore. Demonstrated by the one who came to be called Christ Jesus.

And now we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. Empowered by the Seventh Ray of Ritual and Ceremonial Order through its exoteric ruling planet of Uranus. The Seventh Ray also governs the Physical Plane, and is the reflection into matter of the First Ray – that energy representing the Divine Father. So we have the chance during this period to see the Divine Will manifested on earth!

These Aquarian energies really started to be publicly noticeable in the 1970’s with a resurgence of profound, sweeping, and growing interest in Magic – in all its various forms. We saw a renewed interest in Shamanism and Psychedelic Drug-based Experiences, along with a substantial fascination with and adoption by many of Wicca. We saw the appearance of an intrigue and love of otherworldly realms, of elves, gnomes, and many other magical creatures. Movies, games, and books galore started to appear everywhere, as the consciousness of humanity was once again being stimulated with the Seventh Ray.

The Esoteric Ruler of Aquarius is Jupiter

Jupiter is our Solar source of the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. So with this energy also getting stronger, it led at the same time to a stronger desire for Love, Peace, and Freedom – embodied in those we called Hippies.

Also worthy of note is that during the vast period of time known esoterically as the Atlantean Root Race, cultures were essentially Matriarchal. With the next vast epoch, called the Aryan Root Race, this changed over to Patriarchal rulership. But we are now heading towards a time where neither of these systems are any longer suitable, as we have become a much more global civilisation. And so a new more balanced system of Governance is needed – one which is truly Universal.

So we have dawning, a major cycle of the physical manifestation of Love! Truly a New Age.

Another most important quality to consider is that Aquarius is an Air Sign. Air esoterically represents the Intuition… so this means a great empowerment of the Intuition – which is the Voice of the Spiritual Self, heard through the Heart.

So we are expecting a time of great re-balancing. Of Love-Wisdom manifesting Divine Will far more definitely on earth, over the next 2500 year cycle. It will be a time when the genderless, sexless, Spiritual Selves that we are, have the chance to put right all that is not truly aligned to the Heart and to Love on our world. What will appear as a Golden Age on Earth. To “put right” will of course mean the destruction and decomposition of the various systems built on corruption and abuse, and so the putting right may still be unsettling for a time. Despite this, the obvious manifesting of Greater Love will be Heartening!

And so each year as we deepen into this Aquarian Age, the Full Moon during Aquarius will become more and more, a most sacred time of Divine Potency – just as was Pisces and Taurus, and all their associated spiritual festivals in the previous cycles.

So….. To work with these energies in the now, let’s look at some tools.

Tools for Transformation

One of the main qualities of Aquarius, and this incoming great age, is Universality. Another is Service.
So it is a really good time to stop and ask yourself…

Q: How am I serving the all?
What am I doing to make the world a better place?
Where else can I be and radiate even more authentically my True Self?

Let’s illuminate the world with our pure brilliance, lighting the way to Golden Balance.

Love in Manifestation
Azure Seer

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