On The Current Opportunity

We Are Completely Surrounded by Falsity

One of the happenings in our time is the proliferation of untruths, lies, falsehoods, and evil of many kinds. Of illusions thought real, and the cruel demanding rights, rather than doing the work to embody their radiant loving selves. And by these horrors, we are currently completely surrounded.

We have obsessive focus on things best ignored, gossip, and the voluminous distorted vomiting forth of words and opinions from those who, in truth, do not really think! Words of thoughtless emotional reactions, and reactions to these reactions.

We have fake news, fake photos, and fake videos. We have “deep fakes” (AI-created images of people that never existed), and fake profiles – of people hiding, so full of fear and self-loathing they have not the inner fortitude to stand and be seen, instead spewing forth their hate – safe behind their keyboards and screens.

We have fake people, mere shadows of themselves hiding their true brilliance beneath trauma-created obesity, gym-pumped armour, layers of makeup and fashion, emotional glamours, and mental illusions. We have people with all manner of addictions, the by-product of a severe lack of Self-Love; and many more with beliefs and habits that only serve to support their limited wounded nature.
Authentic embodied people are rare indeed.

We have genuine science, and bought false science, poisons sold as medicines, weather balloon cover ups, redacted documents, high-level secrecy, repression, suppression, de-platforming, censorship, threats, and murder – covert and overt alike!

We have practices of the Dark Arts offered openly under the banner of New Age Spirituality, to gullible but genuine seekers. And everywhere in Religion and Business there is Hate sold as Love and Evil pushed as Progress!

It has gotten to the point where there is almost nothing in the world, that we can look at and simply say, “Yes, This is the Truth, This is Real”.

Why is this all so?

Because it is the expression and consequences of the free will choices of an unthinking emotionally polarised people; of humans carrying and creating from deep un-healed wounds and limited consciousness; and of a Kingdom of Nature who have awakened more Mind and Will than Love.

But more importantly, for those who can really see…
It is The Signpost, to show clearly and absolutely that everything in the lower three worlds is illusory! None of it can be trusted as genuine, or as revealing of Reality. We have advanced to the stage where we can make real that which is unreal, make falsity appear true. Everything here is mutable and illusory, and therefore, utterly unreliable as a compass for life. The dense world cannot guide the liberated spirit. Low-vibrational reality cannot point the way to Reality.

Therefore, Do Not Seek Truth at these levels. Understand that Truth can only be found Within – Above the Concrete Mind. Know, that Truth lies at the levels of Soul and Beyond!

There is Nowhere to Turn – Thankfully!

The current times are the Clarion Call to Seek the Higher Self – Reality. To turn away from maya, glamour and illusion; instead, turning one’s face to the Love and Light of The Kingdom of Souls, to Higher Group Consciousness, to Unity, Inclusivity, the Light of Lovingkindness, Dispassionate Compassion, and Wisdom.

NOW is the time to stop searching the human world for threads of Truth and the occasional signpost to Reality; instead, turn to your Soul or Spirit Directly. Learn to discern the lower alluring Astral Consciousness and machinations of the Concrete Mind; from the higher Abstract Mental levels wherein dwells the Soul, and the rarefied energies of genuine Intuition above even that.

We are now fully surrounded by all the places that Truth is not – we can no longer trust anything in this world, not with absolute certainty.
Hence, our direction and opportunity are laid bare.
We must seek within what we have sought without.
And we must know How to perceive that which lies beyond the Personality and its world.

Tools for Transformation

To perceive Truth, to see Reality beyond illusion, requires purification of the body and its habits; it requires a stilling of all emotions, neither over-expression nor suppression; and a quietening of the mind, releasing mental chatter, and cultivating concentration and focus in the realm of ideas. The entire Personality must be rendered still, silent, and integrated, as only thus can it stop distorting and colouring all Higher Truths as they pass through the layers of itself and into our consciousness.
With concentrated and focused effort, a great clarifying can ensue.

We can then see the simple truth of “One Remaining Pathway”. It is revealed as the gift of our times – it is our Current Opportunity.
To claim it, all we need do is remember We Are Not Our Bodies, not our emotions, not our minds. Our form, our feelings, and our thoughts can only ever betray us if we identify with them – they are all impermanent. They are but a passing moment in the expanse of time. They are not who we are!

Therefore, release this identification; purify, still, and integrate your Personality, yes; but then raise your focus into Reality and the Spiritual Being You Are – rather than identifying as this limited temporary passing form You are wearing.
Anchor your awareness Within and As the Higher Self, and as such, liberate yourself from all illusions! The Pathway is Clear and Now is the Time!

Supporting Your Awakening to Truth
Azure Seer

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